Cancer Woman, Leo Man

  • My birthday: June 25, 1983

    His birthday: August 22, 1984

    I just spent 15 minutes typing out our story but I know I probably wont listen to any advice... Half the time while typing I kept thinking "I believe him" and I know deep down I do. SO I guess what I'm looking for is stories from other cancer/leo couples (successful or not) to help me hash out my problems for myself. One of those helpful little charts I see people making (I think leoscorpio does them?) would be wonderful if possible.

    Long story short: My boyfriend and I are having problems but instead of getting advice I'd like to just see what others' experiences have been.

  • I dated a Leo for 3 months last summer before he broke up with me. I loved how affectionate, kind, and goodhearted he was, but in time I resented how he took control of the relationship and demanded to see me even if I was busy. I think the main problem that comes up again and again in Cancer/Leo couples is that Leo sees Cancer as someone who will be in the background and someone Leo can dominate...but underneath the shell, Cancers can't stand being told what to do and resent their patience being taken advantage of. Leos don't even do this intentionally; most Leos have hearts of gold, but Cancers still feel taken advantage of (with good enough reason)! My ex and I just didn't understand each other, and although I was disappointed at first (most Cancers are at the end of a relationship), I found my heart wasn't crushed at all and I was glad to be free of him. That's just my story, though!

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