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  • Thanks Laithano! That will give them great peace x

  • Hey Laithiano. I lost internet for about a month and I couldn't access this part from my phone. But, I am back now. lol. Anyways, I don't remember if I asked aquestion last time I was here. If I did. And you answered. Plese can you repost it or just tell me and I will go back and look. I hope nall is going well nwith everyone. Brian is missing in action. I'm not sure about Hans yet? Anyway. I am still alive if anyone cared! Except for not having any pain meds til monday. I'm ok. I'm glad I'm not addicted. I'd have pills nd lots of sexw/ all kinds of people lol I'd be feeling good all over! lol Instead, I'm sitting here bit@hing.. I'm completely miserable. Trying to keep my daughter informed on everything I take in case I overdose! I've been taking Aleve, Exedrin back and body, Advil, and Tylenol.And, I havebeen using Activon and Thermacare back wraps! And, I gotta take Benedryl for this lovely poison ivy I got. OOOOOHHHH!! Anyway, ttfn

  • Shatz. I am the exact same way. I am on disability and Thank God I get SSI for my daughter toio. I have 3 AD/HD children. I am gonna try to fing somewhere that will take me as a therapist withoutmasters lol. I can't do 8 years of school. I didn't make it 8 years trhe 1st time lol. But I am super smar and I am medium-istic. (whatever the hell thet means) I have herniated and bulging discs and vertigo and short term memory loss. So nobody will hire me cause even though I have alot of experience, I have too many limitations.I haven't worked for 2 years now! I miss the human interaction. I worked at Wal-Mart for 4 1/2 years. I had my accident just 2 weeks after I started. They held my job for 5 mos. and even excepted the fact that I could only work 16 hours compared to the 40 that I was before.It sucked! When I came back, I can';t lift over 25 lbs, can't do anything elevated' have to have a break every 2 hours regardless on whether I'm standing or sitting. Anyway, I am a mess. I turned 39 last saturday.So I want to change everything to a positive for my last year of my 30's. I guess I'll have to start next week as I'm out of paon meds already. My dog got into my purse and broke thew bottle. there are 20 missing. I know he didn't eat them cause he is not dead! He wasn't even sick or sleeping. But I can't find them anywhere. Anyways, HiHo HiHo

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