Empath reading

  • Hi laithano, forgive me if you are not taking any more requests, we met in the high heels club hehe..

    I know you are very busy...So if you are thats okay:) I just wanted to know if you get anything from me.

    Love,Peace,light and of course laughter

    Hugs Sheila

    Hi notshytobme, I feel your sadness and i wish that i could offer you a mirracle, but what i can give you as you know is a shoulder when ever you need it.

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  • Laithano....

    I have been having problems getting pregnant .. and was hoping you could help me figure out if i can have children... and if i can when???

    this is a question that has been affecting me greatly....... i would appreciate any help i could get with it... thanks!!!!!

  • Laithano,

    I have asked a few questions lately so I understand if others who have not been fortunate to receive your generosity should come first. Do you see if my fiance is cheating on me? Can you tell me anything about the other woman if he is? I am suspicious but have not proof.


  • um hi, i was wondering if you could maybe just give me your overall impressions? im going through alot of changes physically and metaphysically right now, im coming into myself and my abilites, and a few other things.

    could you just sort of give me your impressions on all of that?

    thanks!!! ~larken

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  • Hey laithano, it's good to see your back, hopefully everything is going well for you!!

    I started a relationship with someone new almost a month ago, his DOB 2/2/82 could you tell me what vibes/ possibilities for long run/challenges etc you see in this relationship? mine is 5/19/78

    my initials LC his OR.... thanks so much in advance!!

  • shatz

    what would you like to know. you have a lot of energy and you want to go every were at once but haven't dicidded how to get there yet

    Thats my problem,:)

    laithano, I miss working, i can not work do to my body pain, it dictates my life, can you pick up anything that I could do regarding my finances, i have a 10 year old and guilt comes and goes that i have to make her suffer for my disability.

    but you are so right, i don't know where to put my energy, its the mental energy i can't stop the old brain sometimes,lol

    thanks again because you are very busy...

    i for one appreciate your time like everyone else does.


  • Hi laithano,

    This is very cool and I love the insights you've shared with others. I know I'm in a time of great change in my life right now... I'm just hoping it all has to do with my getting into nursing school, and that my broken heart that I''m recovering from will be completely healed soon (it does feel much, much better just lately, but I can't quite get to not thinking about him and missing some still.) I'd love to hear that he and I will still be friends and important to each other. Do you see anything note-able that I should know right now?

    Thank you...

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  • Dearest Laithano,

    Thank you so much for your reply. I so appreciate it! My intuition tells me you are absolutely right...in all the things you said. I will keep you posted on how things are going, if that's alright with you.

    I hope you are doing well and have a wonderful day!


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  • Hi Laithano, thank you so much for your time..

    I would love some insight on a couple of relationships please..?

    An Ex fling recently called me after almost 8 months since weve seen each other.. I had almost gotten over her, but that one phone call brought all those feelings back.. We met up eventually and had a fun platonic time.. she has a boyfriend (which is why i was puzzled that she called me), but im feeling as if things arent going to last.. she'l be going overseas soon for a month.. i think theres feelings still there.. should i pursue this as more than friends or leave it up to her..? do we have a future together? she is 20/04/86

    i have been dating this girl from my work also and im confused wether to try and pursue that relationship as i am getting both hot and cold from her.. she is 14/08/1990

    blessings =]

  • my i hv a reading plz?

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