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  • @ Laithano Thanks so much for clarifying. The path to find the right one is being somehow difficult for me . I have some issues to deal with . I have a rather difficult relationship with my mother and it 's a barrier for me to be ready to mee the right one..It's important to me that my mum approves of the man I chose to spend my life with in spite of our problems. Will things go smoothly between this man and me without any external influences by our family ??

    @ littlespark

    traveling like just going out and doing something diffrent from your norm

  • Dear sylvannah,

    Thank you for your opinion. You are very wrong about my feelings for my boyfriend. I have always known that I love him and I have loved him more than I have ever loved anybody in my entire life thus far. The thing is, over the past year he has left me and returned to me with no explanation as to why he stops contacting me. During his periods of absence and silence (except for the last episode) he actively and openly talks to other girls from the same website where we met and on MSN while ignoring my constant messages of love to him. I tolerated this because I do love him unconditionally and I knew he may be confused and I wanted him to be sure he wanted to be with me and how would he know if he didn't experience other relationships and I knew that he would return to me one day but when he did return for the third time and promised me he wouldn't disappear again but did that is when I lost faith and decided that he must have chosen someone else and therefore I was free to find and date someone else also. So due to his ignoring my constant messages of love and seeing him communicating with others online is what made me believe he no longer loved me and therefore I had the right to date someone else. I did learn a lesson from this though. I learned that I definately will not date anybody else ever again regardless of his behavior because there is nothing that I'm more sure of that I want and that is to be only with him until I die. So I will continue to keep the faith and be patient for things to work out the way they are supposed to for us and as far as forgiveness is concerned if he loves me unconditionally the way I do love him then he will forgive me regardless of the time we have been together.

  • oh, if you weren't together then that is a different story. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. I am not sure how old he is but men typically don't mature until 34. (I was thinking 37 before and they do nature before then) Women mature by 27 so that gap makes it hard. Give him a choice. Tell him how you feel. If he keeps leaving and then coming back, and you let him, why would he stop? I am sure he is old enough to accept consequences and you may love him but you deserve better. If he won't stop, then believe it or not, you will love someone else more deserving of your love. You have to put your foot down. Quit letting him to that to you.Give him the ultimatum then go from there. If he truly loves you, he will stop. If he doesn't, then he is not the right guy for you. I was with my b-f for 3 1/2 years. I felt the same way for about 2 1/2 years, Even though he always picked his beer and his drinking buddies over me. I left about a month and a half ago and I am more happier now than I ever have with him. Get a large dog. He will always give you unconditional love. It will help alot. If it weren't for my dogs, I don't even know what condition I would be in right nw. I see a Rottweiler with you. Just make sure you get it as a puppy . Look for a dog at the shelter, atually the mixed breeds are the best ones. You will feel a connection with the one you are meant to be with. And, you will feel good that you saved a dog and gave it a good loving home. (and they're already fixed lol)

  • Dear sylvannah,

    Yes, he is 28 and there is a heart to heart connection between us when we are apart. I don't know if this is the reason he seems to believe although he is silent at times he still considers us together because he has never officially ever said we broke up. So the last time I was the one who decided his silence meant we had broke up. I did tell him when I saw him last week that this was his last chance to not disappear again without a good explanation. I do understand his current situation more now and really he is in a tough situation where since his father is unable to work and because he is the oldest in his family he is now the only one working to support his mother, father and four other siblings. This does take up the majority of his time and he has been honest with me that because of this he has no time for love at the moment (text msgs, MSN, dates, long phone calls, etc.) but he does still love me. This is why the best solution for us as I see it would be to live together because this way we would be able to see each other everyday at home no matter how busy we are otherwise. Thanks again for your advice and comments. Sending you LOVE!


  • 333Tanya-still that is no reson to take off and not say why? I understand that is very tough for a 28 yo guy.And I can relate to the father. lolI would still have the talk and just see where you are? Get a dog if he leaves lol.I actually don't have much planned for tomorrow. That doesn't happen very often. I am 25 lbs underweight. I have to make myself eat something but I am never hungry. I just forced a rice krispie treat but everything I like is not fattening. Like tomato soup and salad. And when I do eat, I don't eat very much. I got used to not eating cause at one time, we were only getting about $300 a month and no food stamps so I wouldn't eat so that my daughter and my dogs, could. Anyway, enough about my problem. The only way to resolve anything with him is to talk with him. Tell him how what he does makes you feel and you don't think you can do it anymore. He needs to tell you what he wants.He obviously has some time if he is talking to other women on this website. Tell him it is either just you or you won't be around at all. But if you give him that ultimatum, you have to follow through. No matter how much it may hurt. Maybe when he sees you following through, he might miss you and decide to be with you and only you. Anyway, time for bed. Tomorrow is a school day so I get up at 7:15a TTFN

  • Sorry, I re-posted. I was wondering if you can tell what this means? This was just one of my many weird experiences. When I was about 23, this guy who I hadn't seen in years just popped into my mind. I called a friend who said he just came into town. I stole him from his g-f he had brought with him (I am so sorry, I was 23 and didn't quite care about anyone else) We ended up having that accident then I got pregnant. Then he left. It was just a weird thing because I haven't even thought about him for years and he just popped up when he was coincidentally here. The whole thing was weird because that night, I knew I was pregnant, Never had that happen before and that was within minutes. I just knew. The night of the car accident, he didn't put his seatbelt on so I reached over him and put it on him for him and that was the only thing that kept him from going through the windshield. Then I had my miracle child which should not exist by any atretch of the imagination but he saved my life as well as mine. He was meant to be for whatever the circumstances are. But that is just one of those weird stories I wanted to share.

  • Dear Laithano

    Can you please tell me when you see any improvement in my health?And secondly,can you tell me about my progress in studies.Thank you very much!

    Love and Light

  • Laithiano, I just want to know if you see me being successful on quitting smoking? Today is the last day I smoke. I planon waking up tomorrow and not smoking anymore. My daughter, is being nasty as I had to stop one med to try another and I smoke to calm down so I don't snap at her. But I wanna quit. Can I do it this time?




  • laithiano,

    blessings to you.

    & im so glad you passed those exams,you`re going to do just great hun.


  • taurusbby,

    im sorry to hear about this,but women are strong!

    i have a daughter & i dont talk to the dad.he dont see her.

    & you know what im totally fine w/it is part of life & im responsible.

    im currently dating this guy who is great to the both of us.

    i might have alot of explaining to do to my her when she hits the right age but when life is good it nevermind reasons.

    check out this website;tarot-live.com

    is amazing.

    trust yourself.

  • xylovex-Iam a single mother of 3. My youngest is 10 but she knows who her dad is and why he isn't here. All 3 have different fathers. My oldest one, his father comitted a murder/suicide when he was 8. His father was not the person he makes him out to be. When it happened, I told him his father was dead even though he had never met him. If my kid asks, I will tell them. I also would never let them call anyone else dad. They will not trust you later. Let them grow up knowing their father isn't there. That way, they will always know so it avoids the whole conversation later and they won't have a reason to feel that you lied to them. If you are all se has, don't give her a reason not to trust you. There is 5 years between my 1st two and 3 years between my 2nd two. Makes me think about how I used to judge girls for having 3 or more different children with different fathers. All mine have different fathers. They are all several years apart. I am totally diferent now than I was when I was a teen. Knowledge sure does put things in a different perpective. I am wiser than my years. I am only 38 but have the wisdom of a 70 yr old. I hope that helps a little bit. You sound like you're still pretty young. That is my advice. Do with it what you will.

  • sylvannah,

    thnx for you sharing of thoughts & advice.

    I sometimes think to myslef what I`ma going to tell my daughter when she gets older about her father ?

    Right now she is barely 2 yrs old.And my bf is there for her & has been there moe then her bilogical father.I`m thinking about changing her last name to his(she has my last name now).I know she may not see the real father any more(he has a family) i just want to stay away & im happy about everything..Just back to the beginning,,I dont know how to act about the whole father issue later with her..When did you tell your children about it ? What age ? And how did they take it ?

  • Dear xilovex,

    I can only speak to you from the perspective of being an adopted child. My adoptive parents told me that I was not their biological daughter when I was about 5 years old. I don't remember the scenerio myself but what my adoptive mother told me was that she was very upset herself while I was very calm and understanding and actually comforted her and reassured her that this news had not changed our relationship at all. As far as changing your daughter's last name to your bf's I would not advise that unless you are married. If you just don't want her to have her biological father's last name I would suggest having her last name changed to your maiden name. This is just my personal opinion. I hope some of this has been helpful for you. Take care. Sending you lots of LOVE!


  • xilovex- just let het grow up knowing he is not there. All my kids have my last name. Leave it! I was adopted too and my mom told me when I was 8.When she tries to call the bf dada, you can either say no and give him a different title like papa or you can refer to your ex by a differnt title bu8t always let her know. Mention it like it's no big deal. They never had a reaction cause it was common knowledge. Just start now. It's really not that big of a deal. Don't change her last name to his unless you get married cause you never know what will happen in the future.If you and her have the same last name, it will make everything easier for you. If you let it be known now, from the start, it will never be an issue. Also, when she gets older and curious, tell her the truth but never be negative about him around her. Tell her what you can tell her. Know her age. If he cheated alot and just left, tell her he was very oung and wanted to be with other women and you didn't want to be around it. Let me know if you need anything else. I hope I helped. TTFN

  • 333Tanya,

    she has my last name,& so you dont remember when she told you that at 5 yrs old ?

    I know that was a whiiilllee back..How do you feel about beind adopted & have you met your real

    parents ?

    ..i would like to know,,



  • This post is deleted!

  • Take care of yourself! I already have the answer to my question. Or at least, that particular question. lol hugs.

  • Dear xilovex,

    I think because I was told the truth from the beginning it has never really been an issue for me. I only met my birthmother two years ago. To my surprise also my birthgrandmother is still alive and I also got to meet her. I had to hire a private investigator to find her. She told me that she was raped and young and not married and that is why she gave me up for adoption. I always felt that I needed to find my birthmother. For some reason I never really wanted to find my birthfather and still don't care if I ever meet him. I am content in the way things have turned out in regards to being adopted. I think for you if you keep the stories about your daughters father positve it is better at least until she is old enough to understand the real reason he was not around while she was growing up. Hope this helps. Sending you lots of LOVE!


  • xilovex- I am 38 and never met my birthparents. My mother was 14 and my father was over 21 and expercting his 2nd child with his wife. LOL I don't know if I would be welcomed with open arms. I would just tell my daughter from the beginning that daddy's not there.It will save you alot of hassle and trust me, she won't be the only one. That's what I did with all of mine and it was never even a topic of conversation. Kids are alot smarter and more resiliant than you are giving them credit for. Don't lie to her. Than she will not trust you. THAT'S not a conversation you want. My kids new from the beginning and they are all fine.

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