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  • Laithano I called my exboyfriend and left a message on his answering machine. Basically, I told him that if he wanted to talk, or go out for coffee to feel free to call me.

    Can you give me some insight as to what he thinks and feels about the message?,

  • Well at least you gain a whole lot more than money. It is only money, they make it every day. But, friends wont pay your bills (unless they're really good friends lol) What you do find here means alot more and worth more than a paycheck but, I do hope you have a job or some income coming in from somewhere. I would offer you to stay here but, I am in foreclosure so I don't know how long that would be. They always ask me if I rent or own but if you own, you still rent. They will take your house just the same if you don't pay. They just wont fix your stuff. That's the only difference. I hope I can keep it cause I don't want to move. You get a bigger place and you buy stuff to fill it and then you move. Alot more stuff to pack and if you have to get a smaller place, you have to get rid of stuff. Right now, the only thing I have saving me is a hole under my house. Even if I do keep it, I have to fix the hole before my house falls in. I have house insurance that doesn't cover the land. I don't know why they even get paid so much for the policy couse it don't cover crap! I know though that it is $5000 for an underground survey or $40,000 to move the house than the concrete to fill the holes so either way, it is pretty expensive. I'm not sure what to do but I know I have to do something before I don't have anything. I will just pray for something good to happen. Maybe I just have to meet someone that deals with concrete.

  • @Laithano I'd like to ask please . Is my soulmate someone close around me or geographically unavailable right now ? Thanks.




  • Hello, I have been in an on again off again relationship with a man since December. I think he is afraid or scared to be tied down maybe and now i am pregnant. We just broke up again this is like the 4th time and he always calls eventually, apologizes and wants to come back. I love him very much, however this back and forth is killing me. When he calls again I plan to tell him that I love him too much to keep getting back together. Is this the right thing to do? Will this kill any future we might have together if he decides he is not scared or finally wants to make it work? Thanks for any help you can give!!!!!

  • I have a simple one... a friend I talk to almost daily... I havent heard from this person in almost two weeks....it was as though they disappeared off the face of the planet to me....Is this person ok? Just busy in life? Or have I done something? I'm not really too worried about it but this just seems a little odd of behavior compared to normal.

  • ok I will do this again with no doggie interruptions. mandysfun2000- Now is the perfect time to make him choose. Do it before the child gets here. Make him know that there are consequences to his actions. (just like if he was a kid) I don't know how old he is but you're never too old to learn. But you do have to be willing. He will never change if you always take him back. If he decides to go, let him go. It might be hard and you might be miserable at first but you will be happier you did. The child will be much better off too. How far along are you? Do you know if it is a boy or girl? Either way, you don't need that influence on your child. If a boy, you don't want him to learn it's ok to treat women like that and if it's a girl, you don't want her to learn that that is how women get treated. He might go away at first then come back. Make him show you that he really wants to be there. For the child. I am in a weird mood, I went from listening to native american flute music to Foreigner lol I found pics today I thought I lost with my cell and I didn't find my home chargers but I did find the car charger. Today has been a pretty good day (so far) My daughter has a game tonight. And, she made it to school all week on time woohoo! They told me some good news but it is also bad news. They are gonna go ahead and promote her to the 6th grade. Cause she is smart but she has probably missed more days than she has been there. She needs to see a consequence to her actions. She watched her brother do whatever he wanted and he had no consequence. ( as long as he was a juevenile) They are threatening to throw me in jail due to her attendance. I got her going but then promote her. That will teach her nothing. I will not go to jail cause she doesn't want to go to school. For her safety, they should retain her. I think that her staying back a year would be in her best interest all the way around. They have screwed up this family enough. They put my son in high school because of his size. He is very smart but what is that? I don't care if he is 40, if he didn't earn it, don't give it to him. They are quick to wipe your kids butt but when they do wrong, it is your fault. You are a bad parent yet they take away ball your rights to be a parent. My mom used to beat my butt when I was younger and I didn't grow up to be a serial killer nor did I take a gun to school and shoot everybody. I am tired of getting punished for everybody else. I'm gonna shut up about this cause if I keep going, I will get mad and I have had a good day. They are not going toruin myday!Anyway, I don't know how old you are but I'm gonna guess you are pretty young. Learn to let go now or you are gonna have a hard life. It will benefit you and your child. Remember (in general) that guys don't mature until 27. He might before hand depending on his mentality. But the child desrves better than a father that is there, than not. The child is your responsability until it is 18. So anything that happens to it when it's young, it will act on when older. You want a mature, responsible, and caring child. Do it now! I'm just telling you from experience. I don't wanna hear that this guy is different. They all are the same, deep down. If you let him choose, then it is his decision and you not need feel any guilt.But don't chase him. If he decides to go, just let him go. He may come back but let him know, that he can't treat you like garbage. There is only 1 you. Be a strong you. Start now and your life will go alot smoother. I have faith in you. You just have to be strong. If you need someone, you can contact me here. What kind of music do you listen to? Some music can help except Rap. I don't know any rap songs. I listen to what is called classic rock now.I hope it goes well. TTFN

  • Thanks for caring enough to respond! He is 25 years old and I am 33. I know he has not had many consequences to his actions ever and when he leaves once again he says he does not want to be with me cause I am dramatic! I know that just wanting to know where he is when I have not seen him for days is not dramatic its normal. His parents have been married 30 years, however have both cheated on each other many times. Your response helps me reaffirm what I have been feeling is the right thing to do. I was with my husband and married for a total of 10 years, so I don't have a lot of relationship experience and I let him walk all over me cause I was so afraid he would leave and then he did. Thank you and take luck with your own family! I like alternative and rock music.

  • I forgot to say I am a little over 3 months along. Thanks again!

  • Yeah. He is not eben mature yet so I would let him go but I would expect him back in about 2-5 years. Is he the father?If you are taken, then it's his loss. Just be there for your child and let him be there for him if he will actually be there.You are way too mature for him. I would date a guy at least over 27. You will have one child. You don't need an adult child.You sound very mature. Let this guy go for now. He still needs to grow up. If you need companionship, get a dog. Preferably a bigger one cause it will be less likely to bite your infant. Small dogs are not good to have around small children. Especially when it is a toddler. My youngest will be 11 in June. I am only 38 but my baby days are over. I like small children but I can't stand temper tantrums. I just want to make videos of them and give it to them when they are about 30. LOLMy daughter wants me to buy her a bat. It costs $30! Toys were so much cheaper when she was smaller. The child grows, the cost for what she wants grows with her. Take care on your pregnancy. Let me know if you need anything. I remember some stuff when I was pregnant.

  • to all

    ANGEL HUGS with flower petals in your FAVOURITE FRAGRANCE.

    Blessings Julianna

  • Thanks so much for that! My cousins will get some peace from knowing that... I was wondering if you could tell me just one more thing...I am very angry at the moment but my anger seems to be directed towards my son and my husband.. it seems to be the males in my family, my little daughter and myself get on great...do you get any feelings around why...could it have anyting to do with my Dad.... Sorry now I know your busy but this is really starting to bug me x

  • Dear Laithano, I am so depressed, all I want to do is stay at home. I haven't seen Randy for 2 wks. and I miss him alot! He's in Florida with a friend. Does he miss me or am I just stupid for thinking maybe he does and when he gets back everything will be alright. I've been trying to get him out of my mind, but I haven't been very successfull. I know you can tell me what I should do. I haven't tried the rose quarts, fools gold, black stone, and green bag yet. Do I need to be around him for it to work? I thought maybe I did that's why I haven't tried it yet. Thank You Sooooo much for your help!

  • Laithano, can you tell me if anything will develop between this guy Twan and I?

    I've wanted something to develop for the longest time.

    I desire his love and desire to be close with him. Will anything happen?

    Does he know at all what I feel for him? Does he feel anything for me?

    Blessings and happiness to you Laithano.

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  • I would guess that a male did something wrong to you and that is why you are mad at all men in general. I already don't like men in general. I don't trust them. It's all about sex. I don't trust them if it relates to sex. (ie; pornos,good looking women, skimpy clothes, etc...) I know that good men exist out there somewhere, I have just never met one. They will lie over stupid little crap cause they don't want to argue. Doesn't make them not do it, just lie about it. But my guess is that a man did something terribly wrong to you and that is why you are mad at all guys.

  • my bithday wish to all


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    Im interested..on a empath reading;


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