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  • Laithano, thank you for your response.

    I am pleased to here there will be an improvement with my finances this coming year.

    All my life I have had to pinch pennies. As a result, I have learnt to be frugal. I long to be able to do things and go places without having to worry about the cost of the event. Even short journeys are a challenge. A lot of events even lost cost are not in the budget.

    Disability income now does not allow for much.

    Blessings for you with what you are doing and giving of yourself.


  • Laithano, thank you for sharing your precious gift...do yo see things improving for me as well? job? love life? Parents?

  • Laithano,

    hello 🙂

    i was just wondering.. well, i have this huge new crush on this boy at my school. i really do like him. my gemini friend decided to ask him if he liked me. he said yes, but she said she wasn't certain if it was only in a friendship way or in a relationship way. i'm planning to tarot about this quite soon, but i'm so anxious to find out if i should just drop liking him altogether and move on with my life. he said he wasn't the "girlfriend" type. i was really hurt by that, but my friend said he said it very sweetly. and he was smiling and talking to me a little bit afterwards. thanks for your time, i'd really like some advice 🙂

    thank you so much,

    danielle<3 🙂

  • Hello Laithano

    I was just wondering if will be able to get my finances on a even keel in the near future and if I will get will to the point in my life where I feel content with myself and with life in general ?

    p.s I know that not all things in life can be perfect and I am working accepting things I can't change .

    Thank your for your time .

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • dear laithano......i feel lots of bad stuff at work what do you see there going on?

  • Hi, Laithano

    This guy has a very sharp mind and a sharp tongue, to match. He's extremely charming, but his actions do not match his words. Does he really care about me, or is he playing with me?. Sometimes we hurt people without beeing aware of that.

  • If posible I would like to know about my love life I have hung out with some boys but have not felt a conection like I did with my x bubba . Is there hope for love in the futcer or was he it

  • hi Laithano,

    just wanted to an read regarding what my ex bf feelings about me.though i know he is currently involved wit the grl that cause the argument between him and i and lead to breakup.but i feel that he does still have feelings for me, am i just wrong?

  • hey, dont want to sound to negative, but good spelling is a key to success

  • Hi Laithano,

    Hope you saw my post (questions) back in page 6 - between brick1 and GeorgeousGal.


  • Hi laithano,

    I know my boyfriend loves me and wants to be with me but he claims there are certain family circumstances that are keeping him from seeing me right now. I want to know if he is making any effort to resolve these circumstances and if and when we will ever be able to be together without any limitations. Thanks.



  • Dear Laithano,

    I am starting nursing school in may. I am making the right career choice? Sometimes I feel like I will never stand on my own two feet and not have independence.

  • Sorry I hit send before I was finished. The other thing i was wondering if you pick up anything on is my love life or my aunt's health and what is going on with it. Thanks

  • Dear Laithano,

    Can you please tell me what you pick up on my love life.....will there be someone soon?

    Thank you

  • thanks for the offer...

    my love life is in chaos right now what do you see in me in the near future any reconciliation with my husband?? i love him so very much and do not want to loose him please help!!!!

  • Hello Laithano -

    Thanks for the lovely offer, what a nice thing to do even though you have such a b-u-s-y schedule. I'm another reader going in circles, have been for some time, and getting really dizzy. Any light you can shed on my life would be much appreciated - my love life - a career - my health? 3/20/61. Thank you for your time.

    Have a good day!

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