Empath reading

  • thanks for your insight.

  • thats what i thought Lathiano, i trust you on that i cant really see how someone can SEE an aura and not have the person right there!

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  • I just wanted to say "HAPPY EASTER" And I hope that this spring brings wonderful new beginnings to everyone.

  • hi and thank you

    i have a lot of things

    going on not sure what i need my birthdate is 7-1-59

    hope this better for you and again thank you

  • laithano!

    Hi and thanks for this offer, can you read the cards for me about these questions?

    Is bill or tom the one I will spend the rest of my life with?

    How, when and where will I meet them, and will I meet them?

    This is wonderful, thanks alot for this

    Bella 11th of august 1989

    Bill/Tom 1st september 1989

  • dear laithano,

    i was dating a guy since last july...he broke up with me without warning and i really dont even have a clue as to why....i miss his company very much....does he think of me?.... if i dont contact him at all and stay away from my face book page will he come back to me in the next few months?? he has not taken me off his page yet...

    what can you see for my love life? right now i dont want to see or date anyone at all...i am too hurt...miss the guy...i have read his old texts and his old emails looking for clues as to what i did wrong but there are none...i did not ask what i did, i asked him if he wanted to let me go...he said yes...i said k...


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  • Hi Laithano,

    Do you see my life getting any happier and easier in the near future? Do you see my mother stepping in to help care for my children?



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  • Laithano,

    Thank you for your reply. I am exhausted with taking care of my children. I feel like I need a break. They are the joy of my life. Their father is caring for them while I am at work and I worry about them so much. He is not as patient as I.


  • thank you i have 1 more 4-11-79

    is he the one

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  • laithano i wondering about my relationship with my husband ? thanks ,kathy

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  • Hi Laithano. I don't remember why that day was not so good but Thursday was real bad for me. Around noon, I just fell down on the couch and I started sweating prefusely. I couldn't call 911 cause I couldn't get to the phone. By the next day, I was all better though. Anyways, I was wondering what you can maybe see for me? What does my future look like? I am moving in a positive direction. Will I open my heart? I hope I am going in the right direction. I expect some speed bumps, I just hope they are later than sooner. What you got? I'll take the good with the bad. I want to know something if you can tell me cause I don't like surprises. lol

  • Laithano, Thank you for taking the time to share you gift with us.

    I have had an on/off relationship with TZZ, 12/14/76. At times it is quite intense and then absolutely nothing for long periods of time. We don't have an exclusive relationship and I know that he has been hurt very badly in his youth. Do you see him crawling out of his man cave and opening up to form a more steady relationship with me? I think that he has strong feeling for me but is afraid to express them. What is your take on this situation? Bless you for doing this.

  • Hi laithano, I'd like to ask if my path has already crossed that of my soulmate before ? Thanks.

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