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  • @laithano Thanks a lot . But do you see me finding this love this year ?

  • Dear Liathano,

    I understand why you would say "never question why a mother would want to get hold of you", but my mother is not like other mothers and it has been my experience that when she is nice, you need to look for the knife in your back. That is why I am so confused by her wanting contact. It having something to do with finances is even more confusing.

    I sent a message that maybe she could write me a letter and my sister could post it, then depending on how I feel about the letter I might write back. Will she send the letter and do I have anything to worry about?

    Thank you for your help and thank you for the charm to the dieties you posted on the previous page.

    Love and light xx

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  • thank you Laithano.

  • Thank you Laithano. I am a bit diappointed that I have to wait so long but I guess one has to wait for real love.

  • Laithano - Thank you for your advise and all the time you've spent on all of us.

    I'll be out looking for fools gold and rose quartz to keep in my purse if anyone is looking for me.

    Have a great day & God Bless!

  • Thanks for being honest with me laithano...but we were together for almost 3 years though? is that 3yrs it was to him? or u mean at this current moment?

  • Dear Laithano,

    I know your busy with school and work but if you can please do a reading for me. I would like to know what is my career and financial outcome since my soulmate has passed onto heaven.



  • Thank you very much Laithanio. Love and light to you.

  • Laithano, everyone knows it's difficult for someone to be friends with your ex, especial if he/she was your first love. How do I let those feelings go, how do I not let my past love for him get in the way of the great friendship we've always had?

    And about that great love that's coming my way..

    can you tell me more about that person and situation please? Whenever you have the time.

  • Laithano

    thanks for doing readings for us .right now i dont know where to start but my life now is a rollercoaster ride it seems like the forces are against me and wont let me have any peace i cant seem to move forward but im keep feeling like this wont last long just a test of faith. if you can let me know what you are feeling about this .And thanks again


  • Thank You for your insite. I have an ex bf, Gabriel, that has been creeping back into my life for a year now ( we live 9 hrs apart, but he is keeping in contact and visiting, and including me in financial ventures, he has stated I'm his best friend since Jacque died, and that he totally trusts me....) He asks me things like, if I'm still single. He broke my heart 6 yrs ago, and I'm scared to get my hopes up that he wants to get back together...I would love to know how you feel about the situation. Thank you so much šŸ™‚

  • Hi laithano,

    Am trying to make headway in all directions of my life but seem to hit blocks. Can you plase let me know the reasons for this. Thanks

  • Hi Laithano,

    The offer of readings for all is such a beautiful thing you do especially with you having a very busy life....I ask this question, but if you are too inundated with requests I will understand if you cant do mine...

    I would love to have any insight as to what my true calling is in this lifetime?, what can I do to be most beneficial to others, I'm starting to realise I need to think of others rather than focus on my own fears and woes.....

    much love, joy and blessings to you Laithano,



  • Hi laithano,

    Thanks so much for answering.


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