Empath reading

  • i am offering empath readings, just sate your quistion and ill tell you what energy i read of it. i also do card readings and ruin sticks. but a word of worning i am bussy with college and work. i go to school mon-fri in the mornings. and work mon-fri at night and all day saturday. but i will help with what i can

  • Just to clarify why I am have become so confused, I had sent him an e-mail after a long-time becuase I finally found out about another important favor he had done on my behalf without asking for acknowledgement for it. He responded so quickly and I was sooverwhelmed with the current of eagerness I felt in that e-mail, that I have become confused. Don't know if this makes sense, but then matters of the heart, seldom do.

  • HI, I SEE YOU ARE VERY BUSY ALL THE MORE GRATEFUL FOT THIS OFFER! so here it is... my ex wont leave my mind, its almost like a haunting of sorts. what do you se or think??(i think i need an exorcisim)!!......lol....but really i cant figure it out!

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  • Laithano,

    Thank you for the offer and I realise you are busy, so no hurry here! I had a falling out with a very dear friend and I would like to know, if I do the work on myself that I need to work on, is there a chance for her and I to be friends again in future?

  • Thanks, Laithano !!! you are so right, it's just that sometimes we need to hear it formothers and need to see it in black and white ..

    Thank you so much !!!!!

  • Hi laithano... me and my ex, should I try to explain myself/ my mind-feelings to him in a letter once more or just wait it out or just close the door to him?? (no rush either, LOL)

  • laithano--so generous and I would be grateful for a reading whenever it suits you. Have made some progress in what I believe should be my main focus now. It is one of a few talents/interests that I have. Do you see me finding an interconnection that incorporates them all into one as a business/focal point? If this sounds confused it's because I am, lol. Thank you so much. Blessings...

  • Laithano, I would like for you to look at my financial situation for the next 2-4 months. I was told a couple of months ago, that I will receive some type of inheritance?

    Also Laithano, my love life is sad right now...I was wondering if I will hear from my exboyfriend in the next 2-4 months also?

    April 21, 1973

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  • What do you read about the gentleman and I that I was with for over a year?

  • laithano, hello.

    Thank for offering your insight with the assistance of the guides and spirits.


    I ask what is it I am to be doing to assist panet earth at this time.


  • Dear Laithano,

    thanks for your offer! My boyfriend of 7 years left me for another recently, will his relationship with her last ? should i wait it out or must i move on and try and forget ?

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  • Laithano,

    Okay, I better ask you here. Can you read mine too please?

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  • laithano,

    love - boyfriend broke up with me 2 mths ago. my heart tells me to stay friends and maybe we will have a second chance again in the future. what can you see/ read on this matter? my DOB dec 11,1976. His DOB may 06, 1976.

    financial / career - hit rock bottom. can you see this ending soon and will I be okay again?

    Thank you so much for your help.

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