Little Girl spirit???

  • Two nights ago, I was laying in bed I had just got done praying. I felt something stroking the middle of my left foot. I layed very still to see if it was just my mind and that it would go away, but it wasnt. It kept stroking my foot. It felt like one little finger. I then said stop in my head, and she stopped. I think it was a little girl. I felt calm, I was not afraid, I felt at ease and calm...

    I turned around in my bed, layed on my side, and I heard " remember the moth?" a second later, I felt happy and excited because I thought I knew what she was talking about and I said "YES!" I do remember the moth! she sounded like my daughter. my i know it was not.

    So, its been a day now, and im not so sure I DO know exactly what she was talking about with the moth. Im thinking maybe there was a moth incident from childhood that I cant remember that she knows about, or not.

    I would like to know who she is. When she said "remember the moth?" I remember getting this feeling in my face of happy, almost like a cool gittyness.

    Can anyone sense anything about this girl??? Is she my guardian angel I had dreamt about when I was young?? or something else????

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