Can you be a Cancer/Leo?

  • I was born premature and feel as though I am a split between Cancer and Leo. Is this possible if not born on the cusp?

  • Well,I was born on the 22nd of July and tend to feel that i'm certainly a cusp between cancer/leo.I definitely tend to lean towards my cancerian side a lot more,but there is very distinct leo traits that I have due to be so close to the beginning of leo.Don't forget,that your sun sign doesnt just determine you as a whole,and the traits you have may reside in your rising sign,moon sign really it is possible if this signs are shown more than once visably in your birth chart.

  • Thanks, I def have Leo traits but I'm not born on the cusp I'm 7 days from it. I too tend to lean toward my cancerian side but find I do not have alot of the key traits that seem to define a cancer woman. Thanks again for your insight

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