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  • Hi eveyone, I have not been on here for some time. I am leaving this site and will not be back. I have discovered that New Age philosophy is not for me. I did my homework and researched where alot of these theories have come from and who is responsible for the information and I feel I have been exchanging lies for truth. I am a Christain, yes I realize probably the most hated term especially here. I never claimed not to be a Christian but I was open to different ideas about religion and so on. Well, I found so much information about ceratin topics, indigo children, channeling spirits, and so on. The information I found was disturbing and I know trying to talk openly about what I have found will not be accepted, not here. So, I am going back to my roots and will take no part in the New Age Movement which has not served me any purpse except confusing me and draining me. The excitement lasted a few minutes and left me craving something much deeper than I will ever find on this web site. I dont want any part of this as I feel it is chalked full of lies from hell. I can understand if this angers any of you as it would have me a few weeks ago. I do not think myself any better than anyone or love any of you any less. I am only making the choice for myself that this does not work for me and I decided that lies should have NO PLACE in my life. Eckart Tolle, David Spangler, and the list goes on and on of New age Gurus that are promoting the same ideas that we have all been discussing on this forum are also promoting a One World religion and have both quoted that we have a choice to empty our minds and live together in a collective, united consiousness. or DIe. I am appalled and this all sounds very End Times to me. I can never agree with people that threaten my life on earth if I do not join their way of thinking. This is the same destructive ideas that have murdered millions of people in history, big example THe Holocaust. But they are going about it in a "peaceful manner" which to me is far for dangerous than the events that have happened in history. So my advise to any of you is to find out for yourselves where this information is coming from that you are accepting into your lives and question what is the purpose for this. That seems to be what people keep saying is they are here to learn about spirituality so if that is true make sure you are getting the facts straight before accepting it. God Bless.

  • Lovin,

    Every one is entitled to their own opinon and never should you do something or be involved in something that does not make YOU feel comfortable.

    We'll continue to talk off the forum. What you feel is right for you and what you believe in does not change the person I know you to be.



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  • lovin,

    I haven't been on here much myself lately. I haven't had the time. I just wanted to say that your posts have been sweet, and helpful; so I want you to know that some good came of it. I will miss you. I do respect your decision though.

  • One last thing Lovinmylife; I personally believe that the ten commandements are the best foundation to assesss in all our endeavors and we know that it is our will and we own and hold the truths.....I am one not to believe in birthdate readings and so on...when one is lost and confused and does not stand for anything; they fall for anything. I assess two key people on here always getting requests and I wonder if they even have a real job......their advice to me is poor becuase they base it off a book that is standardized; its an injustice to me...........I hope you understand my level of counsel and that is to ignite a segue to others to heal and guide them to their own inner light.

  • I found this thread and I drew to it becuase; I sensed it questioned the truth of these advises on this forum and I support your concern. You are correct to be reluctant in recieving such "ignorant" advises; how is one to live a life out of a boom of astro; why live in the future meaning your in an illusion and not in reality.

  • Hello again Capricorn444. Yes I posted this over a year ago...there was a very starnge mix of energies on here at the time and so much tension and conflict going on I had to leave.It was just draining me. Didnt think I would ever come back. But I felt that I had something to share and have grown much since that time. I also found myself in a similar difficult situation and have sought out insight from others such as you. I know now is the time to deal with this fully. As the time I was here before I was not ready to put things into action. Had to many other issues to deal with.

    So yes truth seeking? Absolutely

    Was I able to find anything remotely close to something which rang true for me on here a year ago? NO

    What was happening was this different mix of personal opinions claiming to be the truth and cramming it down my throat and other peoples throats was disturbing me to say the least. I have not seen much of that going on now. Thank goodness for that.

    What I am finding now is people that want to get you to think for yourself and draw your own conclusions. Instead of demanding that you except their very worldy ideas as something new and the only way...There was an underlying tone of take my advice OR ELSE!

    Makes me giggle to think about now.

    Thanks for not being ignorant and demanding...your energy is refreshing and delightful. ( :

  • Wish you a Peaceful Journey where ever you go, always seek your own truth, whats true for me may not be truth for you and vice versa, I know my life has changed for the better, not because of what someone told me to do but because of my own personal relationship with GOD. Worship only God not man, I believe we are all Angels on earth experiencing life and whatever makes that experience best for "you" whether it's from the Pulpit or online. Take care and Happy New Year! 🙂 Peace, Love and Light!

  • Yes, people should be giving with good intetnion and that is to allow the "client" to grow in their evolution of discernment, give them stepping stones, a segue to lead them to their answers that lay within, questions are one of the best way along with objective advices that pertain to the lessons to be learned......Astue and ones with success and meaning in lkife are generally ones who can recognize the purpose and the lessons with continuing symantics and resonate actions they can be objective fair and logical with compassion.

  • Teach in practicality with divine wisdom and objective ; may it be fair and all sided to engaged all readers and their demeanors of that "situation" with seue's to shed light on the "tools" they do have and how they can use them to apply themselves to all areas of life.

  • Lovin I am glad you returned and thank you for your understanding and love on my post. I too have to be careful on here or anywhere in life as some things are just not meant for me. I do not take everything to a guarantee and try to listen to God above all else. I just wanted to say that I am glad you gave it another shot. Thanks for being you/Peg

  • Hey Peg, thanks so much. yes I agree listening to God above all else is the way to go. I also call that listening to your heart. Because I beleive God plants seeds in our hearts that direct us towards the work he wants us to do for others and towards the blessings he desires for us to have. To me having good friends and people in your life that bring you joy and love is the ultimate blessing...Its the one thing on this earth that you really can't buy. Thanks for your feedback and support. ( :

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