The Captain can I have a reading on my love life please ?

  • Hi The Captain, can I have a reading on my love life please ? I've worked so much on myself lately and I think I'm ready to meet the right guy ? Will that happen soon and any advice you have for me please ??

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  • Sorry I missed this. Littlespark, you have been trying to make yourself into something a man would like - how about making yourself into someone YOU would like?

  • Hi TheCaptain , sorry for the delay in replying back ..By working on myself , I meant I worked on letting go of my fears and being more confident etc ..But in the process perhaps I forgot to appreciate and accept myself as I am .. I am already perfect as I am . I have self love .A man would have to love me just the way I am or it's his loss 😉 Do you think that if I accept and believe in myself more , I will meet the right guy ? Thanks.

  • I think the more you love and support yourself, the less you need anyone else to do it for you. The goal in life is to become an independent spirit who is glad of companionship but doesn't need to be propped up or 'managed' by anyone. You don't need anyone to complete you.

  • I do love myself but it's always hard when I see everyone else finding love easily except for me . I can very well take care of myself . I need someone just for the love and nothing else.

  • Whenever someone needs love, it means they are not giving themselves enough. Or it's not really love they're looking for. Could it be more support you are after or to stop you feeling lonely? I also feel you may feel a bit left out when you go out with friends who are couples.

  • I'm only normal and really want to share my life with someone not because I'm desperate or I don't feel complete or I lack self love ...

  • Why do you want someone, then?

  • Ok you win … In my case , it's not ok to look for someone for a while as I have too many issues/problems to work on and I'm only hurting myself by wanting something I can't have …....My bad..

  • That is not what I meant. I want you to ask yourself what you want in a partner because it might be what you want in yourself.

  • I am sorry TheCaptain, I am kind of moody lately and things are not going too well for me .. However I have realized that I have been blinded looking for someone and I forgot to have a reality check . The truth is that I have way too many problems to even think of relationships and even if I were to solve them , I really don't want to be in one . It really seems to me that in my path , I'm meant to stay alone and fulfill all my career and other personal goals. There is no place for anyone else in my life and I am a too complicated person to deal with . I am happy to accept and realize this as it lifts a burden off my shoulders and I can focus on my problems ..

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