For The Captian

  • Hi again, Hanswolfgang is pretty much telling me that this guy born on July 22, 1983 has done nothing but lie to me from the start. Can you tell me he did this to me? what is it that would make him chase me and chase me and chase me and just lie about his life? and if he is acting like he can not be my friend without benefits, and he has a new girlfriend, then why act that way towards me? What the heck does all this amount to with him acting like this with me? HANS says he is not mad at me, Bloom told me in my reading for the new year that he will tempt me again, and be cautious with him. why will he tempt me if he is moving on with his life? This makes me hate him, I am a good employee, and he has always helped me with things involving work too, now he acts like he dont care, he cant be friendly. These things that I have been through with him is what has me messed up about him, please understand that.

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