Message and Prayer request from one of our forum friends

  • I received an email from someone both dear and precious to me, and to many of you here. She has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Of course, I immediately thought that the miracle workers here would want to know and support her. I asked her if it would be alright to start a thread for her, knowing what the prayers and love here can do. She stunned, humbled me, and taught me something beautiful in her response. Knowing I could never say it better than she, I am putting her response, in her own teaching and loving words, here.

    "I think it would be wonderful for you to start a prayer thread, but please, not for me. There were so many women who did not have the love and support of family or friends, who were going through very similar situations as mine, all alone, without any support. (Here, she names the hospital where she is being treated, which I have removed at her request) This is where so many poor women end up, alone and afraid. I have been praying for those women since I had my surgery, that they can find the help, support and peace of mind they need in order for them to come through such a trying ordeal. I think it would be a wonderful thing to do....It really is about the courage of the women who have to go through some of the hardest things in life alone. If we could send them each a prayer that opened in her heart, giving peace in her soul at the hardest moments of in life. That's what I would pray for every woman.Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

    She starts chemotherapy next week, has had an unexpected shock in this diagnosis, and yet, looks completely beyond herself to the pain and loneliness of others. She didn't ask anything for herself, though she needs our prayers and support, but her first and only thought is the need and pain of others.

    I learned so much from her in that one, instantaneous moment of giving in the midst of personal trial and fear. It has humbled me. I go forward now with a new consciousness and a stronger commitment to do as she does.

    Thank you, to all of you who, like our friend, are a part of the human family, embracing others. whether they know it and YOU or not.

    Blessings and Light

  • I saw the same thing with children when my son was going through his cancer treatments. There were parents who would just leave their kids at the hospital and then go about their daily lives. I know that some of them had jobs and other kids that wouldn't allow for them to give as much as they wanted, but there were some who just "couldn't deal with it" and left their child, some very young, to face this alone. I wouldn't have dreamed of leaving my son alone to face that ordeal.

    We are, by nature, very social animals. We need contact, we need love, just to survive emotionally from day to day. And when trials come into our lives that's when we need contact and love even more. What a beautiful, selfless request that your friend has made, and I am honored to be a part of it. Please let her know that I will keep her and all the other women in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Darkness Angel,

    Again, your light shines brightest when the shadows threaten.

    I am stunned, that a child would be left to face such a terrifying thing alone. Again, we see the difference that looking beyond ourselves can make. They "just couldn't deal with it" and turned their back on their OWN CHILD who had no choice but to deal with it.

    Staying in that ugly place of "me first, me only" is such a harmful thing. Of course its harmful to others, like the children left to face such a hard struggle alone and abandoned, but it is most harmful for those who live like that because they can never grow, experience true love, or learn from the courage, selflessness, and love of others. In not looking outside ourselves, we also never open up ourselves to let the blessings of life in.

    Thank you for praying for our friend, those who have no one to pray for them, and for sharing your light so selflessly.

    May YOU be as blessed as others are in knowing you.

  • hisbablove

    I am awed by such sweet sweet souls who can walk w/ so much compassion and giving in the midst of their own personal trials. It's a testament too I think that this beautiful woman has reached out to you.

    Thank you for sharing what you have learned and for this thread. I will pray for them.



  • I am happy to offer prayers before I go. I wish her a positive outcome and the strength to get through this trying time.

  • What a humbling, yet inspiring story...

    I hope that all those women when laying in bed alone at night realize something within themselves - something beyond the pain, something beyond the struggle they've been through, past the doctors and the diagnoses. I hope they find a place of warmth and comfort within their very souls. I hope in those solitary moments, comes that flash when it's clear to them how strong they are, how brave they are to have taken on this challenge. How this is not the ending but only the beginning. And feel the love that surrounds them, feel the knowledge that they are never truly alone. This world, this often cold and cruel and unfair world is just a moment's passing in the larger scheme of things - they will be healed and brought into light for better things, a place of unlimited love and joy - where they belong.

    I will remember these woman and all others who feel alone in the darkest moments during my prayers as well.

  • hisbablove

    I will most certainly send out my Prayers to your Friend , May God bless Her and may He wrap his loving arms around her, to give her the strength that she needs and to feel his presences around her . She will not be alone in these difficult times . The God Lord will be with her to support her ...and so will all her Friends in the Forum .

    Take Care and God Bless ^A^



  • Hisbablove you know that I don't know her as I never talked with her and I want you to pass to her that the one most important thing is her attitude and she should pass that to the women that she sees when she goes for her treatments. Your attitude is the strongest medicine. When they tell you you have cancer "you ask can I beat this and when they say yes you can" then you set your sights on that and believe it with all of your being. It's half the battle and it can be done. Much love and healing for her and surrounding her with the love of the white light.

  • Oh,my!!!! Hisbablove!

    What a gift you have shared, Thankyou!

    My prayers to your friend and those women

    she holds in thought and all other women

    alone and suffering.

  • You are all something else! I will never stop being amazed. Just to clarify, the friend I posted this for is actually a valued and VERY giving member of this forum. She is one of the special angels that light the way, the lives, the hearts of others.

    Aren't we lucky to have such beautiful souls here! THANK YOU ALL!!!

    Blessings and Light, my friends:)

  • Dear hisbablove,

    May you walk with the many blessings of light for, what you see in this friend as selfless compassion and unbridled empathy is but a reflection of what you hold within you also. Angel Hugs to you, too.

    May your friend (& the friend of all upon this forum) be held within the wings of a thousand angels. May she feel, and be a part of the love that surrounds her.

    May all women ... everywhere ... be held in the hearts of all. Blessings and wishes for peace in your silence ... all of you.

    Angel Hugs ... icearia

  • may blessings of love,light and health go to all that need them in their dark times, may the angels and higher beings send love and blessings to all those who are in a dark place at this time

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • Hisbablove,

    I am thinking of your dear friend, such a good, kind, giving soul and all the other souls who are out there going through tough and scary times. I am stunned that people can leave children on their own when facing such an ordeal. I can only hope that the Angels swing into action and hold these people in their wings to hug and calm them. It is too sad. Why is life so cruel? There are some beautiful messages on here, there is always hope in life.

    I pray for your friend and all who are suffering.

    peace and loving kindness to all


  • I had to stay in hospital with my son once I'm actually scared of hospitals, so it took me nearly a week to normalise afterwards, I didn't sleep and couldn't eat the whole while I was there..... but I went

  • Chrissicat, they're such unsettling places. I know what you mean. I had an op and I couldn't wait to get out of there. I should have been in several days, but I was allowed out after one night. I really didn't feel good, it took months to recover from it all. I felt so unbelievable vulnerable in all ways. Well done, you even though you were so scared, you stayed with your son who needed you by his side. Sometimes we just have to do something for someone else and forget ourselves. We're not important, the people who are going through hell themselves need you there, the support and the comfort of knowing that you're there for them.

  • I will be keeping all in my thoughts and prayers. Love and light

  • its better that I know I am not being silly or childish, I discharged myself early when I had my son by Caesarian, and when I had ovarian cysts removed and even the thought of hospitals leaves me cold, but in the last four years I had hubby in with cancer, and Mum with a stroke before that, mindyou she hated hospitals and made Dad promise that she could die at home when she had the last one, as she had had such a bad experience, with it one of the nurses actually told her she was too old , and really upset her as if she hadn't enough to deal with!!!!

    still this isnt about me, it's about Hisbabelove's friend so wishing you a positive outcome in your treatment, and a swift return to health

    Love ,Hugs and Light

    Blessed Be


  • I thought this was the most beautiful msg/prayer, written a few posts above by another member icearia....

    It says,

    "Dear hisbablove,

    May you walk with the many blessings of light for, what you see in this friend as selfless compassion and unbridled empathy is but a reflection of what you hold within you also. Angel Hugs to you, too.

    May your friend (& the friend of all upon this forum) be held within the wings of a thousand angels. May she feel, and be a part of the love that surrounds her.

    May all women ... everywhere ... be held in the hearts of all. Blessings and wishes for peace in your silence ... all of you.

    Angel Hugs ... icearia"

    I took the liberty to copy and paste it here, giving due credit of course, so that you would know exactly what I was talking about when I referred to it!

    This msg really touched my heart, and I while I couldn't possibly have expressed myself so beautifully, as icearia did, the sentiments echo my own entirely.

    Hisbablove, please pass along my most loving concern for our mystery friend from our forum here, as well as for the women she is so selflessly thinking of, and let her know that I will pray for them all, and pray that a bounty of blessings be bestowed upon each of them.

    In love and light,


  • I agree sacogirl

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