Anyone want to practice their tarot skills?

  • Dear Suramya,

    Thank you so much for the reading.

    You are spot on my past - and I am in period of (big) change and transition.

    The relationship with the less mature and younger man is now finished (I finished it last month).

    The MOVE AWAY is very interesting because I am on my way to move to a new country, I have been her for almost a year and have decided to give up my home in my native country and move to here (Portugal).

    At the moment I live on a rural farm with all the nature I want - and seem to need at the moment - spot on as well.

    I am happy the cards say that my is now the center of my life 🙂

    Your reading was most helpful to me .

    Thanks a million.

    Love & Light coming your way.

  • Thank you very much Lokena. Validation like yours is giving me the courage to continue practicing reading.I wish you luck and happiness!

  • Reading for lilacrose

    (What a lovely name!)

    Lilac, your reading was a bit ambiguous, in that on the one hand you seem to be going through a good ,happy phase, where you can be proud of your achievements, relationship decisions. On the other hand I see you as contemplative and seeking knowledge. You feel the need to look within for answers and there is a sense of your being a person that others perceive as rock solid, secure, well off but you feel a lack. I also wonder if you are the subject of envy from others?

    In the near future position I get a card of opportunities. Whether it’s a relationship or work, anything you plan and work for will work out successfully. If you have felt burdened ,and felt you needed a sign to take some major decisions, things have already changed or will very soon change for the better. You will be able to take those decisions and will feel much lighter. In fact the cards ask you to come out and ‘play’ or celebrate your success.You feel positive, optimistic and also are able to move ahead, leaving the past behind, without judging anyone harshly. In the next six months you may have to make a choice, either between two people or between work and committing to a person.

    The cards advise you to evaluate your need for security, wealth, family, all of which you are assured of achieving; and on the other hand inner happiness and fulfillment. Accept your vulnerability. You cannot hide it behind plenty. You will be on a quest making these important choices/decisions but right now its time to celebrate!

    Take care

  • Reading for luvslife

    Dear Luvslife,

    In your past there has been deception and a friend or lover has been dishonest with you. In the present you are a practical, hardworking person who has stopped in the tracks , deciding to take stock of what lies ahead before proceeding. Your reluctance to try something new might be blocking you ; as is your emotional detachment from your work and other things. In the future lies happiness, sucess,victory.End of one cycle, beginning of another. You are poised, but not stuck. You will observe that the power equations change…Also I am seeing animals …am not sure of this…every dog has his day? Or all creatures great and small are a part of the cosmos…go figure!

    As for your mum,am sorry to say I pulled the card of a restricting relationship, chains that lead to self destructive behaviour. This relationship is not bringing out the best in you and you don’t have to stay. The cards advise diligent planning and /or also a friend in your life who is grounded, a reliable person who may have something useful to tell you. Success in the future is assured with sensible planning and most of all structure and organization. Maybe a male figure in your life represents these values. .these/he will help you .This person maybe a bit controlling though. This is supposed to teach you to take charge of your own life. Am getting a lot of these cards about the need for passionate involvement in work , which will bring rewards.

    p.s. In case you have been involvefd in a relationship just for physical reasons ,you will choose to end self destructive patterns of behaviour.

  • Suramya,

    Many thanks for the reading. I am not sure but I think that you are on track. I have been so distracted from my work because of my personal issues that I have lost the passion to do the necessary to move forward. My supervisor has even told me that when I am focused I do wonderful work and I could even get a promotion. I am definitely in transition phase of life.

    Not sure either about the animals except that I love all kinds of animals (well, not too fond of snakes).

    Blessings to you,


  • Dear Suramya,

    Thankyou so much for doing a reading for me, yes i do feel the need to look within for answers i have been trying to contact my higherself by surrounding myself with whitelight using meditation and prayer and this is really helping me to be more positive by clearing out any negative energies .I am so glad that you see positive things ahead for me and that changes are going to be made for the better ,i am now feeling more optimistic about the future .Once again many thanks love&blessings Lilac

  • Suramya,

    thank you again for answering my questions. you seem to be pretty spot on with your readings. I am feeling over burdened lately...but I can't seem to point out EXACTLY what is burdening me so much. just a constant feeling of being overwhelmed.

    I'm now just scared about this guy coming back to me. it just seems so toxic...I don't want to have anyone control me. I just want to have a good decent relationship and make it work. him and I got along well, but I do know that he's hiding something...I hope I can be strong. I hope I can get through this.

    thank you suramya, I'll let you know if anything turns up or how my year ends. 🙂

    let's hope next year will be better for me.

  • Suramya, may I have a general reading please?

    February 19th, 1994 Memphis, TN 11:14 AM

  • Suramya, may I have a general or a marriage (am I going to get married?) reading. Anyone is good for me. May 4,1984 is my dob. Thank you very much!!!! if you have time

  • Suramya, could you be so kind as to do a reading for me, mainly in my relationship and work areas. My birthdate is 9-23-1967. Thank you so much in advance!!!!!

  • Dear Piscesgirl4life

    Before I read for you,I must say that you are very young and have even more power than the others to direct your life as you want.This is a practice reading only! Also since you did not ask a specific question I did a general impression reading.If anything rings a bell, let me know!

    I get control issues and emotional insecurity in reading for you.

    On the positive side, I see a new friendship that seems harmonious .It will bring happiness and esp happy sharing of some interest to both of you, as long as you both give each other space to develop as individuals.

    There is either lack of financial security or insecurity relating to house and hearth.If you relate to this sense of neediness,you must try to come out of the victim mentality. Maybe you need to question yourself if others have manipulated you through financial necessity or if someone controlling you through p[ossessiveness? Or have you chosen to be a VICTIM?Or are you possessive yourself?

    In relationships try not to push too hard.

    The cards advise you to examine exactly what is this 'lack"in your life, and what you can do to make yourself whole.Take the initiative to find the warmth and security you seek,in your self.

    Love and Light

  • dear Squabull

    Marriage is a serious issue and id suggest you ask the Captain,hanswolfgang or any of the other gifted people for a reading.This is my practice reading for you.

    Even without using tarot cards ,I was disturbed by your statement' "anyone is good for me".The tarot cards just confirmed this feeling.The Lovers is a card that usually turns up when what a querient really needs to do is love themselves.Without achieving a degree of self love and self approva, it may be dangerous to even contemplate marriage because that sends out an energy that attracts a certain kind of individual to you.Learn to respecyt and love yourself or you may find a person{I got the King of swords}, who usesw the power of approval and disapproval to control you.In case you are an empath ,you have to be doubly careful not to adopt others criticism/perspective of you as your own view of yourself.

    At the moment you are probablynostalgic,either thinking happily of the past ot analysing past realtionships.Perhaps an old friend has or is about to turn up.The cards advise you to be playful and generous in your interactions with people.But at the same time ,do not think that things will happen by themselves and that you are not responsible for your choices.Even the lovers card is about choices.So ,maybe you will soon have to choose between two people, or make a commitment related choice.Do so with full consciousness,responsibly and using your considerable powers of reasoning and realism.Avoid getting involved w someone who is already in a long term relationship.Another interpretation is ,that the cardsask you to seriously understand what you mean by "love' and what is the kind and degree of commitment you want.Someone may be looking for an 'open 'relationship.

    If you continue thinking the same way as you do( sending out the same energy),you may attract a direct ,authoritative,controlling person who sees things in black and white and maybe overly critical.

    I am sorry I could not answer your basic question of when you will get married.I hope you work on loving yourself first.You have the skills to be very happy even if you are sinle a while longer.

    Wishing you much happiness

    Love and Light

    Love and Light to you dear

  • Sorry for the typing errors.The last line is, "if you are single a while longer".Also I meant 'self approval'!

  • Practice reading for dmp28748

    There is an overwhelming impression of childlike exuberance or youthfulness in looking at you in this reading!

    At work, opportunities are coming your way but you have to watch out for them. Diligent planning for long term and effort will bring you success. Make sure that when the new project comes your way, you tie up all the loose ends on the older projects. Your enthusiastic approach to work will help you .You don’t however know all the answers. maybe someone is being treacherous and hiding something from you. Or perhaps you impulsively presume you have all the facts. take care .A more responsible attitude will benefit you because the consequences of your decisions wont just take care of themselvesYou are accountable. Your playful energy has both pros and cons and it is upto you to manage it!

    Relationships show the end of one cycle. maybe you want to end a relationship but do not want to hurt someone. On the other hand, your partner might find you so focused on work that you are not sensitive to their needs. Or maybe you feel they are not sensitive enough towards you. There is a problem. If change comes your way suddenly and fat a fast pace, as it seems likely to ,embrace the change .Control and sensitivity issues in relationships.

    One more card suggests that you may either be ignoring the interests of other(s) in the cause of money/materialism/practicality. Alternatively, someone else is tempting you to self destructive behaviour patterns. Either way ,there is a strong chance of self deception. You may feel restricted by a situation that is unhealthy for you; but as I wrote before, change is at hand.

    For the future think about how you define love and commitment in relationships.

    Love and Light

  • Dear All

    I will be in caught up in work and will not be able to do such detailed readings.I could try specific questions and may not be able to respond immediately.I hope the other readers come back.Stonyeye where are you?!

  • Oh, when I meant by anyone, I meant any spread (general or romance) is fine with me. but thank you very much!!! It helped a lot!

  • Looks like this thread is huge :0) I'd like to see what your practice readings look like :0) I have a LOT going on right now, it's crazy I have a few specifics though:

    I'm worried about Christian (9-18-1975) and whether he'll finish medical school.

    I'm wondering if I'll find a job so I can support myself (11-18-1977) and the kids (8-8-00 and 9-15-1995)-this is a biggie

    I'm worried about my best friend N. (12-25-1978)

    ...and future love :0)



  • This post is deleted!

  • I wonder if you could help me Surayama i read tarot a bit. A male friend in a new realationship asked if I thought he could trust the woman he is now with. The cards I drew were

    Moon Q Wands 5 Wands Page Cups 4 Swords.

    My take was that I think this is causing him mental and emotional confusion, I feel he is not seeing things clearly. He may even be afraid of competition for her, or this insecurity could cause arguments and conflict between them. I don't always go along with the Page of Cups being a fuzzy lovey dovey guy, but as a daydreamer and a bit of an underhand guy I feel the 4 of Swords may show the mental anguish he is going through because of this trust issue.

    Just my thoughts as I'm trying hard. Wonder what your thoughts are if you don't mind. Thank you in advance. TG.

  • Wow Suramya what a fab reading for Squabul and seriously good advice. I was touched by your concern. Well done you! 😄

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