Anyone want to practice their tarot skills?

  • Practice reading for DMICK59

    You are at a period in your life when you feel reasonably confident. Or you should be. It is a time when self belief and standing up for your self is important. You will be/are bracing yourself to face opposition from within (self doubt that holds you back) or without (other people who oppose or question you).Defiance is the key word here.

    Workwise, this is a very good time for new projects as long as you plan carefully. Which you should be able to because you have the practical skills. Act now and the resources will be drawn to you. Also, you are more inspired and persuasive .You feel powerful enough to take initiative and plan for success. So just do it!

    In the blockage postion, you are advised to review your ideas of loss and gain, giving and taking. Material gain and/ or your own generosity to others must be accompanied by a quest for greater self-knowledge and also knowledge of others motives as they give to you. This is an amibiguous card.

    Relationships are happy. You can look forward to happy meetings with people/friends and celebrations. Or you should be more laidback and enjoy the company of your friends, networking and group activities .The cards show you are in a happy relationship, let me know if its true. This person is a stabilizing influence and brings you security and happiness. Or on the other hand you are so emotionally mature and wise right now that you are likely to be happy in any partnership. The only block is that you are so close to this partner/friend that you are not respecting each other’s separateness. Or maybe its just your individual creativity that is being hampered by this couple energy. The cards advise you to not exclude other people, friends or types of love from your life. Hope this makes sense:)

    Wishing you luck in your new enterprise and everything else!

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  • I'll take a reading if you have time, suramya 🙂

    11/2/83 is my bday

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  • Thanks for the feedback.Wish you luck and happiness dear!

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  • If suramya has time it would be very nice with a reading for me.

    2nd oct 1952 is by birthday .❤❤

  • Sorry Scorpvirgo Just saw the bump msg!Will read for you and try to post today or tommorrow.

  • Dear Lokena I will read for you in a day or two after I finish Scorpvirgos reading.May I remind you this is a practice reading...any feedback will be appreciated! Also I dont need dob .There are many gifted astrologers on this site who might be able to use that info...Hope you find a lot of guidance here as i did:)

  • Thank you very much .

  • Thank you SOO much suramya, you are amazing! 🙂

  • Hi suramya : i need tarot love and marriage reading im 19 november 1983 and his 14 july 1983 i love him but he didnt know so please say to me if it worse it or not ?...................reply me sooner please

  • Scorpvirgo

    Heres your readingThe cards show you are an impulsive and daring person. Right now, you feel like charging ahead and making use of your restless and action orientated nature. Your sense of adventure is well channeled. Just take care not to promise more than you can deliver and to follow things through.

    At work, rules may appear stifling to you. The set up seems conventional whether its education or profession, you find yourself surrounded by too much tradition or rules or an authority figure. What may be actually blocking your progress is a tendency to hold tight. Am not sure if this picture on the card indicates possessiveness about things/people or just a clinging to the familiar and an inability to move on. You seem stuck in a situation ,either unsure whether to move forward or maybe you are trying to control this situation too hard. While being controlling may be an obstacle, what is working in your favour is your optimism and courage. Explore new options, be open to change , look outside your surroundings to get a new perspective.. Use your assertiveness and ability to move ahead with your plans, to your advantage. If there is a power struggle at the workplace you will win it or be able to work around it.

    In personal relationships both you and your partner(or another person imp to you) are achievers,able to use your skills to manifest things.But I get the feeling this other person is hiding something from you. He has something up his sleeve you are not aware of.its your own feelings about this relationship you are not sure of but I do get the feeling of deception…that you don’t know everything abt this person.The second card also suggests that you are probably idealizing this person. He (Im guessing you are a she!)seems emotional ,sensitive, romantic but he is too sensitive to his own needs and maybe irritable or unreliable. Maybe he does not want anything longterm, though he is caring and charming. The other possibility is that you yourself are not sure what you want from this. Can you handle confrontation in this relationship or you try to hard to brush over the problems or hide from them. In the future there may be a disillusionment with this person. You may decide to rely on your own self and your realism and straightforward nature should help see you through any problems. You will survive this …sorry am telling i t like I see it.

    Do let me know even if there are errors

    Love and Light

  • Dear Koky

    This is a practice reading thread and Im a beginner at this.When dealing with issues like love and marriage ,you need to think deep and hard .If you need to consult a psychic,ask someone who is v good at this,like the Captain and Hanswolfgang.There are many gifted readers,psychics and astrologers on this site who will be able to help you wisely,just be patient:)

    For what its worth heres my brief reading.You may not like this....

    You are too impulsive and not really ready for long term commitment yet even though you may think you are.This person is caring and nurturing and it is no surprise you like him.Maybe you want to be like himn or share the same interest in helping not too sur abt this bit.But Im clearly getting other cards that say keep exploring.Wait ,now is not the time to decide.Dont rush.Rest, retreat,come back with a fresh perspective.Maybe you soon will take a short break from each other just to do this.maybe its not as important to take a decision immediately.

    I wish you both much happiness in your lives

    Love and Light

  • Suramya,

    Thank you so much for your reading! You’re spot on with the career and personal relationship. As far as the career goes, yes, I’m feeling a little stuck and I’m wondering if this is as far as I’m going to go, but I want to be patient enough since I’ve been given a good opportunity.

    As far as my personal relationship goes, you were 100% correct. Well, actually, he’s this guy who I was involved with a few months back. We were on and off for a year. He’s a cancer, and he stopped talking to me back in mid-february. He’s always been super secretive and I always thought he was hiding something.

    Could you give me a little clarity as to what disillusionment with this person that I’m going to have? Am I going to be involved with him again? You said that I’m going to rely on my own self to help me see though the problems. Is it problems with him or problems with seeing through the disillusionment that you talked about before?

    He actually told me a few times that he wasn’t looking for a relationship, but then his actions spoke otherwise. It was so weird. I honestly don’t know what I want from it if we do get back together. I thought I really felt something for him, but now I’m so unsure…

    Thank you so much for helping me out! I appreciate it!!

  • do you see anyone else in my future? anyone in the next 6 months or so?

  • Scorp Virgo, Thanks for your feedback. Here are your questions and what I read for them:

    1.”What disillusionment with this person am I going to have?”

    I see argument or conflict over matters relating to security, property, possessions., and/or sexual issues. Possibly, your image of a stable family life ,w house and possibly children in the future does not fit in with his plans for his future, which do not include “settling down” soon. This may be a territorial dispute, maybe just about giving space or literally about what a secure, normal life means with its trappings of property and possessions, mine yours.

    2.”Am I going to be involved with him again?”

    You will be tempted to and if you do, you may indulge in self destructive behaviour. There seems to be strong attraction. The cards warn you not to be led astray by someone who wants to exert their power over you. Do not let him or anyone control you, you take control of your actions and their consequences. You have to fight against the temptations of materialism and self-deception.

    3.”Self reliance “with respect to what/whom? Material success is assured. You are generally prudent in money matters and headed towards a secure money situation. You will have the energy and charisma to handle any situation, the keyword being you.

    4. “I don’t know what I want from this?”

    You want tangible results, a secure future. From this relationship, you want, this is what the card shows in a picture, a house with a garden!

    5.”Am I going to be involved with someone else in the next six months”?

    In the near future there is heartbreak. You feel betrayed and heart broken. It seems like the end of the world to you but actually it isn’t. Change is going to be good for you. Try not to carry the bitterness of the past with you. Your ability to (eventually) face the facts with courage and resolution will help you.

    Here are some additional cards I pulled:

    6. How he sees you?

    As someone who will sacrifice for him. Or maybe he views a potential relationship as involving some kind of sacrifice. In any case there are control issues here and he will try to control your decision.

    7.Outcome : A new sense of clarity you will be able to cut through any conflicts.

    8.Advice : You are overburdened but do not know it. Take time out to know yourself. Act to take responsibility for your choices. Current burdens in relationships or daily routine of work is blocking you from seeing where you are going. Delegate. Or maybe just go out and enjoy with others. Devote more time to your personal journey and try to see new emotional and spiritual directions. This is always essential before entering any new relationship!

    I wish you luck on this new journey!

  • For Lokena

    In the past you were emotionally fulfilled and mature. Someone who others look upto for your guidance, maturity and generosity; someone to rely on. It could also be that you were involved with a wise ,giving person. Currently you feel less sure. ou are trying to make sense of the changes in your life, full of a desire to study and learn from whats happening. It maybe that you are involved with a younger person who seems sensitive and romantic. But this person is not v mature, he seems sensitive more to his own needs than yours or others. This person has brought into your life ,or himself is going through emotional confusion. Maybe this is a period of mood swings, highs and lows for you and the other person you are thinking of. New/young romance and instability is signified by this card.

    Workwise , or where money is concerned, you try to find a balance between your work and personal life. Through discipline ,self control and moderation, you will be able to manage your work well. This is a healing card in case there has been illness, or any dispute at work.

    Your own ability to find balance helps you find good solutions.

    In your personal life I see you as a nurturing person, who likes to take care of others and is close to nature. Others see you as possessing abundance and as loving and in control of your home and life. In a relationship you either are mothering someone or are about to take on that role and need to motivate them. Sometimes this card comes up when a dominating woman is involved in blocking your progress with your partner, possibly his mum? Im not sure.

    What is standing in your way is that you think you know all the answers but don’t. You may need to question your assumptions or someone may be not giving you the right message. The cards advise you to use communication, learning and objective thinking.

    Maybe right now or soon a transition period .The cards advise to MOVE AWAY. If you have outgrown a situation leave it. Things are not as bad as they seem to you. You have a lot going for you. Change is good for you and it is a time to explore new spiritual and emotional values.

    The eventual outcome is happy. The cards tell you to pat yourself on your back for your accomplishments, make note of the abundance that’s yours and there is again a suggestion of being close to gardens/nature/animals/birds; where you are sure to find happiness.

    Your most important duty now is to YOURSELF!

    Hope this helps

    Love and Light

  • Dear Suramya ,If you can find the time i would love a general reading on whats in store for me in the near future ,my dob is 27-4-69.Thanks Love & Blessings Lilac

  • Hi Suramya,

    I realize all of the generous individuals who offer readings get slammed with requests so I understand if you don't have time. I respectfully would like a reading on what I might expect in the next 6 months. I think I am going through a period of transformation right now. I am having relationship issues, am currently living with my mother and I am really up in the air.



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