Anyone want to practice their tarot skills?

  • Hey Intrigued!

    Helps? Are you kidding?

    All I can say is WOW!! Do you have any idea what this reading means to me? It has given me so much hope and yes it helps.

    The Empress--yes, as I mentioned earlier, I stepped out of my comfort zone by moving here, with the notion of finding a job (and new love) as I am divorced since 1995 and was downsized in Dec 2008.

    Ace of Pentacles--It seems I have to think outside of the box on this one, but it's nice to know I'm on the right track..and I definitely looking to see where to go from here. You've given me new purpose, thank you. The only thing about the money aspect is that I'm running out of it..maybe I'll win the lottery 🙂 ..not, I hardly ever buy ticket 🙂

    Judgement- definitely something to look forward to!!

    Queen of Wands--The last couple of months I have not felt too ambitious, probably because I was losing hope, and and thought I'd lost my instinct thinking that I did the wrong thing.... but now I know I'm on the right track. I'll let you know 🙂

    Again..thank you so very much...and yes I will attempt, (attempt being the operative word 🙂 ), a reading for you as well in the next few days. I just bought a new book. Again. lol

    Blessings to you

  • Hi Intrigued I was wondering if you could do a love/relationship reading for me. Did I lose the one that was for me or is he still out there. My dob 2/10/67. Thanks in advance if your able to help.

  • Starrgirl - That's a relief then! Many thanks for getting back to me. Hope leads to positivity and positivity is brilliant for attracting great things in life! Keep the faith in you. I will be back.

    Cateyedaquarian - I will have a go, but love might not necessarily come up. I might be able to try tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

  • hi,

    i asked for a very vague reading some time ago (not sure what happened), but would like to rephrase it:

    cut ties with someone and am wondering if in time they will seek me out again. any other insight will also be helpful. can provide more info of needed.


  • Hi All,

    It appears that this thread is no longer active... however if anyone out there is interested in a guinea pig... I made a request on this thread back on page 21 that has gone unanswered. I would still love a reading regarding my romantic relationships, if anyone has the time to give one.

    Please let me know.

    Be Blessed.


  • and a hello from me too.....

    I feel for you Tonjas2000, my request was on page 36/37 - but in trying to find the reference, I just went through the 50 page thread 🙂

    Apart from Intrigued, I doubt any of the practice tarot readers are much on here anymore. Perhaps we scared them away with all our requests. ;-D

    I know I am still lurking around hoping someone feels the need as well. My work situation/career is something that I would like to know more about (hint).

    Let's see if anyone else is still around ..........please?

  • Hi I am anna.

    Can anyone help me interpret this two celtic crosses please I am realy worried as we just bought a new house newly married and a baby due very soon:

    1 Hermit

    2 seven of cups

    3 strenght

    4 King of pentacles

    5 ace of wands

    6 8 of swords

    7 7 of wands

    8 page of swords

    9 page of cups

    10 the tower

    i asked about my future in the next twelve month on Facade although it was a second or third question i asked the same day with the same context

    than the one i done to day i asked for the 6 month ahead

    1 page of wands

    2 4 of pentacles

    3 9 of wnads

    4 Knight of cups

    5 tower

    6 2 of wands

    7 magician

    8 ace of wands

    9 page of pentacles

    10 heirphorant.

    This is realy troubling me in regards to the Tower can anyone help?

  • Hi Glida just found this thread today. I am extremely new so I make no guarantees but I would be happy to do a practice reading for you. I need your initials (or name if you don't mind it being known publicly) , place and date of birth. Thanks.

  • yo here~~ I wud like to practise on my skil too~ ><

  • anna~~ normally the tower means a fast destruction~ something in your life collaspe.. but do u do reverse?

  • Mikyo what do you mean. If you asking if i did reverse for the reading I didnt 🙂 all my readings are only upright..

  • Ooo.. >< I see

  • Anna: I try my best to interpret the first one.. It seems that in ur situation someone do gives u an wise advice.. In the past this wise one maybe telling u about the financial stuff that u are going through.. But still u may prefer the way u think, those unrealistic thinking and u don heed the advise.. There is something u believe that u can do it in another way too the concept of wat u think.. And hence everything will lead u to a path a new beginning.. Even though it is u feel trapped at the moment.. U didn't know what u should or shouldn't do.. U are trying to pick up on the situation.. U trying ur best to see wat u can actually do.. And in fact u made a rush decision without a second thoughts for ur issue.. You love ur families but still u are struggling.. But soon everything will change.. A uncontrollable changes..

    < hope I am clear.. I just complie everything~~

  • Does anyone know if this thread is still open?

    Hope everything is ok with you all on here.

    Love and Light


  • Thanks Mikyo xxx

  • Dear Tonjas 2000

    Hi there!I stopped posting on this thread because I was not sure practice readings was such a good idea...for me:)But since you have said you dont mind being a guinea pig I will give it a try.With a LOUD disclaimer for the benefit Of Admin or anyone else who disapproves of flippant tarot readings:This is not meant to be taken too seriously and is for entertainment value only!

    So Tonjas i get a dominating person, a go getter career wise,someone you look upto or someone who may guide you to do better in your job/chosen field.There is strong attraction to this person...a promise of physical fulfillment and it is a person who manages their finances well ,but there are issues of control that are foreshadowed.Either this partner may need more space than you are willing to give them or you feel in some way your emotional needs are being neglected in this (coming?) relationship.Your best bet is to not take any victories in powerstruggles too seriously.Try to stay calm and compassionate.a gentle approach will work better than direct confrontation when you have a conflict of interests with this person.The relationship will bring progress in your career and finances,but there may be some sleep lost ,some anxiety over somethings that you may feel you should have handled differently.If such a situation should arise stop worrying and just live in the moment ,enjoying the relationships that 2010 brings you.

    i wish you happiness and love!

  • Dear fanofkmm

    With the above disclaimer repeated,i.e.this reading is for entertainment value only and at your own risk,Im going to give it a shot!Please feel free to ask anyone else also to read for you meanwhile:)

  • For fanofkmm

    For your present situation I drew the Tower.You know that it signifies upheaval and change,so you already are in or soon will be ,in a situation of chaos and dismantling.The card shows a structure falling down.this could mean a sudden change in your job or it could just mean a drastic change of strategy or perspective towards a project or a person.This change seems to be brought from without,forced by circumstances, but it will leave you in a better situation than you are in currently.The second card shows new ventures or a sense of beginning anew.You will take action to bring about beneficial changes as new energy and enterprise mark this card. Push for what you want,trust your original ideas and creativity and now is the right time to take those steps to follow these through.

    the third card was drawn to see what possibly could block you or pose an obstacle at this promising juncture.while you push ahead avoid being so satisfied with yourself that it attracts envy.The advice is to avoid selfindulgence( for fulfilling and happy times are near!) and dont close yourself to all other people.

    What will work for you is to identify what is working for you and then work out the small practical details to make best use of your new resources and follow up everything thoroughly.A time of material prosperity and well beingis indicated in the future.Focussing on the tangible and the realistic goals is going to bring growth all around.

    If somene tries to oppose you ,stand your ground defiantly. But on the other hand,it is a good idea to know what your convictions are and to identify your allies so you dont alienate them!

    Hope this helps

    Love and Light

  • Thank you Suramya,

    I am blown away by the positive validation that I am receiving from the angels. Hans basically told me the same thing earlier this week.

    Thank you for the time and energy that you have shared with me by doing this reading, and on top of that tracking me down to tell me that you have responded. I really, really appreciate it.

    Love and light,


  • You are welcome.And am glad it has made you happy.

    best wishes

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