Anyone want to practice their tarot skills?

  • Hi...... I would love a general reading, just anything! I have tried doing readings to my self but I must be doing it wrong because I don't understand the connection it has with my questions. Maybe im just a lousy intrepretor. Tash 14th sept 88...

    Thanks a bunch! xxx

  • Hey Moonalisa, I understand. I do hope the meeting goes well tomorrow. Yes, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you. 🙂

  • Hello. i would like to be a subjust for you, as you develop your skills.

    DOB is May 2, 1947 Canada.

    I would like to know what is in store for me this coming Earth year. Much has occurred the past few years and I feel ready to move forward on this journey of life.

    I retired medically 4 years ago. Although I will not be returning to work, what can I expect.

    May you be BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE for share your gift with the assistance of the UNVERSAL spirits and guides.


  • Suramya - Hi there! How are you today, I've come back and I have drawn 4 cards for you once again. I find it very difficult to draw on the past for you.

    I have drawn Queen of Cups which obviously relates to the past - is pointing to a woman who devotes herself to others, and is strong, and her desire to help others. She's very committed and relies on her intuition. Does this mean that you have served others in the past and took a chance on a romantic relationship or pursued something you felt deeply about?

    3 of Wands - Is the present. You've made the right moves and before long you'll see the fruits of your effort come back to you in some way - but not always in the way you expect! You have good relationships and solid cooperation from others. Success isn't so far away when you have the kind of back up you have Suramya. People are supporting you and helping.

    The future is with the Chariot - You have made your choices and you are ready. It means you'll have success and victory through all your hard work and effort. Keep going you are in greater control of your life than you imagine. This is a massive opportunity to learn as you experience, you are giving yourself a true education. Remember to appreciate the gifts which you gain. It is a triumpth. You are a kind and responsible person. It can also relate to travel, you're on your way.

    I also have the 3 of Swords as your final card - which in this case is perhaps acting as a warning. Confront a person directly. It indicates a quarrel or separation which can lead to the break up of a friendship or partnership. Pain and sorrow are expressed when this card shows up. This might cause pain now, but it is the only way to get the happier relationships that wait.

    I hope this is right, I have a lot to learn!! Take care Suramya and I hope you have a lovely day. Peace and happy days to you 😄

  • Thanks Intrigued.Your reading is quite accurate I think!Thank you for giving me such a detailed reading.Happy days to you too!

    Love and Light

  • Dear intrigued

    suramya is my pen name ,that I use for writing verse sometimes.Thanks for liking it.It is a hIndi/Sanskrit word which means variously:beautiful,worthy of Gods,also used for scenic beauty,pretty places etc.

    The three of swords is my current situation and a recurring one so I know what you mean by being hurt often in your life.Maybe these are periods of growth and learning for us.I wish you luck and much happiness!

  • Intrigued,Hii there! I just saw on another thread that we share the same birthday!!

    Hope you are doing fine.I think you have a gift with tarot readings so I hope you continue reading for more people after this!

    take care

  • Intrigued--I hope you are doing fine! I just read the reading you did for Suramya, and I love the way you interpret the cards. You do have a gift. I have been trying 🙂 to read tarot cards for a long time (just for family and close friends, and myself of course) and I feel that I just do not have the 'feeling' that you seem to have. I do it too literally, cant' seem to get beyond that. What's the secret? It seems to elude me. Also, could you do a reading for me? Thank you.

  • Hello all,

    I am referred to this thread by Leoscorpion (the kind soul) 😄

    I was asking Leoscorpion if he can do for me a tarot reading but he doesn't and refer me to StoneEye. He also told me that there are more readers here so I might be getting more answers probably. ( What I am saying is, all help are welcome. Please, give me your readings! :))

    I am an open person. I don't mind a reading about my career, love, finance etc.

    But if I may ask questions about my love life, I do wish to know what is in store for me? What will the reading says about me and this guy I am in love with ( friends, then lover, then friends again now)? His DOB is May 06,1976 ( don't know his birth time, sorry)

    My DOB is Dec 11,1976. Time of birth : 21:15hrs GMT+8.00. Female.

    Thank you all!

  • hello, everyone

    Can you all do me a reading (2 or 3 people) to see wich one is closer with my life.

    dob 9dec 1962

    I want a reading about career, lovelife, health, money and the timeframe.

    thank you

  • Hi Everyone,

    I'd like a reading too. Any takers ? I am mostly interested in what the cards have to say about a business idea I but welcome anything else it might say. Please don't be shy about it . I understand that what you might see in the cards are not written in stone. My name is Opal. DOB 19.01.1971 Thanks a lot.

  • Suramya - Your name has lovely meanings too. Wow! We share the same birthday, what a coincidence is that! I am doing ok thanks, hope that you are too. I will try and do some more readings, thank you. I don't find it easy though, it just doesn't flow. Three of swords is recurring for you, that's interesting. Life is all about growth and learning, so true. I will get back on here, have to get back to my Angel readings just now, but I will be back! Peace and love to you, I hope it works out. 😄

  • Starrgirl - I will try and get back to you in the next few days. I don't find it easy as I mentioned to Suramya, it doesn't seem to flow. I'll try for you when I can though and thank you, but I don't seem to have the feel for them either. It must be the books I use! Honestly I am only learning myself! take care happy days to you. 😄

  • Why has this thread come to a full stop?? I shall be back!

  • Hi, i have posted earlier on this thread for just a general reading, but as yet no reply. I now have a more specific question except its more for/about my bf. His business is not doing well he has a cleaning business and also another new venture. He doesnt tell me all the in and outs about his work problems as he says he doesnt want me to worry as its his problem not mine. My question is i suppose will he come out of it ok or lose more and what time scale if any do you see. thank you in advance Sylvie xx

  • Starrgirl -

    Nine of cups - This relates to the past. This is the wish card! which shows a perfect balance in all your relationships. A time of wonderful social opportunities, new friendships, and intimate partnerships. There was a natural flow about life.

    The Devil - This is the present. This card reminds us of our shadow side. It's about wild behaviour and unbridled desires. When it's tuned too high, it can be about obsessions or addictions. But it can also be a reminder that sometimes we need to experience the pleasures of life. The Devil card reminds us not to let our pleasures become addictions though.

    Queen of Swords - In the future, when the Queen of Swords appears in a reading, she is telling you, 'you know the best thing to do, now do it!' She has insight and observation. Not much escapes her notice or hides from her scrutiny.

    Sorry Starrgirl, I'm having a hard job of trying to decipher the cards, particularly today. It doesn't come easily. I need to practice lots more!! Take care. 😄

  • Intrigued

    hehe...that's okay..makes me feel better about trying to read myself..that's exactly what I'm talking about.. Anyway..

    The Past--maybe it means last summer when I first moved here to the city and I was looking forward to a whole new beginning. Not working as I had planned now....

    The Present--Maybe somebody else can attest to any wild behaviour or unbridled desires, 'cause of course I can't think of any, except for sleeping aids, because I don't smoke (at all) or drink (only the occasional time) how wild is that?

    The Future--I'm trying to do the best thing...I'm thinking it means getting a's just not working out. Maybe I'm being too narrow minded..I don't know...

    OR I could be wrong on the whole thing here 🙂 Thanks for trying though..I really appreciate it. If you want to practice more on me go ahead, I love this stuff. --Many Blessings

  • Hi Starrgirl, I really couldn't get a hold of the tarot at all today. I'd just been doing some Angel card readings. I'm practising with those too. I know what you mean though, that's what I was trying to get across to you. The one I did for Suramya seemed to flow a bit easier? Perhaps you could do me a reading if you like?

    Many thanks for your feedback. I'll have to try again. It sounds like you know what you have to do, with the job?! Perhaps I should give you a reading straight away in the morning rather than hit the Angel cards?? Perhaps I just need a few hundred years with these cards lols!!

    take care 😄

  • Hi Intrigued

    Maybe it's me.

    With Suramya there seems to be more of a definite question...mine questions are all over the place, I've got much on my mind.

    I've had trouble on some days as well, it just didn't feel right on those days. Like I was totally disconnected somehow. So I've learned to put them away for the time being and come back to them.

    With that part of it I know to go with the feeling..and that's the only part I'm afraid. Now if I could just expand on that.....:)

    It would be great if you could do another reading for me in the morning, before you hit the Angel Cards. 🙂 Don't panic though, just take your time, not too long though 🙂 Thank you in advance

  • Hello Starrgirl

    No, I don't think it is you! I just find it hard to get a handle on the cards. I know what you mean about it not feeling right on some days. Today for me, is feeling good! I've drawn four cards before I hit the Angel readings.

    The Empress - is in the past position, is representing past happiness, contentment. Does this mean that you've moved out of your comfort zone and you've embarking on a new direction, starting a new life. Leaving behind security? but it is also marking a start of prosperity.

    Ace of Pentacles - this card is also a card of the beginning of prosperity for you. You'll find it coming up when you're seeking a new direction in your work or career. You are looking at job prospects, wondering where you can go from here. A good foundation is developing when the Ace of Pentacles shows up in a reading. You're slowly making headway with your finances, and extra money and/or an inheritance could help. It can also represent a gift given, not necessarily just money or something of material worth.

    Judgement - In the future - this card is signalling an awakening, something that you didn't understand before, you come alive to a change of awareness. Cosmic awakening, ah now I've got the picture. It's a time of renewal, a time of beginnings and endings and gaining perspective. This card often comes up when your'e trying to improve your health or wellbeing. Events will move quickly as this card indicates a faster pace.

    Queen of Wands - I'm thinking that this is showing me that you're ambitious and determined. You are forward thinking who is in touch with your long term ambitions, yet sensitive to the needs of others. I'm not quite sure how this card relates to you and where you go from here. I'm thinking that you must go with your instinct, deep down you know what you have to do now.

    I wonder if this helps?? Will you try and do one for me please and perhaps we could nudge each other in the right direction. Not to worry though if you don't feel up to it. I'll get back to my Angel cards, I feel I'm more intuitive with those.

    take care Starrgirl, I know that you can do whatever it is you have to do! Go out there and grab it!! and Enjoy!! Happy thoughts to you, often things just slip into place.

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