Anyone want to practice their tarot skills?

  • Hey Librachild. I have drawn 3 cards for you and this is what they show me:

    The Devil. There are issues having to do with addiction and habits that do not help the relationship progress as it should. Of course you mentioned him drinking. I don't want to tell people how to live, but alcohol only strains a relationship further, especially if the two of you are spending your time in this way. I think Spirit just wants to bring this to your attention. If there are any past or current addictive behavior of some sort, this also a warning sign that this needs to be brought to your attention.

    Queen of Pentacles. There is a woman here that does take responsibility very seriously, she works hard and desires security in her life. She can hold the fort so to speak. I'm not sure if this would be you or someone that you know and may get support or advice from (other than the tarot card reader). Another way I see this card is that the person (most likely you) will need these qualities at present or in future to get through a tough situation. Pay extra attention and address each problem accordingly as best you can.

    Queen of Wands. This is a woman who empowers and encourages those around her. She loves with a passion. She is a champion of champions. I think she has true spirit. I am really thinking this may be you. You did say you really want him and this card shows me you do carry a bright torch for him. You do want to help him and you have a desire to see him happy. Combined with the above card this is more like you may be holding the foundations of this relationship.

    I do want to say that there is a likely chance he will come back, only because you mentioned that it's a pattern. The first card does indicate this. This is the place where I'd start (with the first card). Lot of the time I find that most often people don't want to change the behavior patterns they fall into. You have been on/off for a year and it seems like there should be a serious look at this, esp if you want to effect a positive change. I hope this does help you. I wish you the best, Librachild.

  • espearite: thank you so much for your wonderful reading. Actually everything you said is true. You have a great gift. And it certainly is true that I'm the one who's always been fighting to keep this relationship going. I've always felt it was one-sided, though he is doing his best (or was) to make me happy. The one thing that worries me though is that twice when he's walked out on me and said he never wants to see me again, I've been the one to contact him, and he's sort of mellowed and resumed our friendship/relationship. Now that he's done it to me the third time, I don't want to be the one to contact him, yet again. I want it to be him. I want him to make the effort. But yet I feel if I don't do it, he won't, and we'll be over. He said to me he has lots of things on his mind, and when he's ready he will call me, and that it's up to me if I want to see him. Like if I want to see him, fine, if I don't that's fine too. He's always had this I don't care attitude. He always keeps his feelings inside him and doesn't let on how he feels about me.

    Yes that drinking is a problem. At work no one would even suspect he drinks. But he does, and he does get drunk. But that Tequila Tues night really messed his mind (like it used to do with my ex and he used to get nasty with me) and he walked out on me and said he never wanted to see me again. I bet he feels ashamed of his behavior and doesn't know how to make amends. He know how much I want him. Just as we were getting so close, and then the Devil interferes and causes this rift between us.

    But anyway, thank you so so much espearite for your very informative reading and your advice.

  • Suramya - thank you so much for picking my name out at random. I really appreciated the reading and many thanks for taking your time and efforts out for me.

    I'm always going through periods of uncertainty! My life is far from settled. I'm never sure what I should be doing. So you are so right.

    I shall trust my intuition, I have learnt the hard way on that one. My gut has never been wrong! (so far).

    I am always leaving the conventional and familiar, like I said earlier my life is far from settled. My husband is in the Forces, so we move every few years. I yearn to settle. We have around 11 years left so we still have some moves to do.

    I have done several readings for myself (no one else I must add!) and I also come up with the strong links to the past, but I just don't know what this relates to.

    I have severed links with my brother recently. We were close in childhood but not any longer. I imagine he is a bad enemy, and I think he's unreliable and unpredictable. So I think this card must relate to him.

    Wow, multiple choices for the future I've had a few of those in the past and yes my imagination does run riot. I do get carried away - so spot on.

    I don't have enough trust in myself and I'm often told I have the strength to carry me through and to trust myself.

    You were brilliant. I shall have a go at doing you. Maybe tomorrow. My head is sore just now. I have been doing some Angel readings today. I could give you one of those? I am still only learning the tarot, even though I've had my cards for quite a number of years now! It will be good to have a go!!

    take care Suramya, and thank you I loved your reading. It has made me really think about my inner strength and I certainly need to take on board about trusting myself more. I have been told enough times!

    Peace, love and happy days to you! Will get back in touch tomorrow! 😄

  • Thanks for the feedback Intrigued!Yeah Id love a reading:)Anything else you want me to look up ,in Tarot ,let me know Ill try again.

    Take care

  • espearite,

    I must say that the cards you drew for me saddened me as they're not particularly promising. Deep inside I have always known that the relation is not going anywhere as he has his committments but you know, you always hope for a miracle to happen. The problem is it rarely happens. 😞 We have been good friends for over four years and I'd really like to leave warm feelings in his heart. I've read somewhere that the sun even when reversed is not that bad. I hope that i'm not wrong. 🙂 i know that I'll have to let it go because the situation is not good either for him or for me but I also know that it will be one of the most difficult moments in my life. I'm also afraid that HE will have to make the decision, I'll not be brave enough to do it. Thank you espearite for everything.

  • Hi,

    I can be someone's Ginni pig : )

    I want to make sure that my past will never come to haunt me. That I can live free of the mistakes I've made. Something along these lines.

  • Moonlisa, I do apologize for such a downsided reading. I know it's tough waiting for the other person to make it known that they want something more. From experience, it does take time to step back and readjust to the person's desire only for friendship. Like I've had to tell others in your position, don't take anything he does or says out of context, or interpret it further than what it means. If he wants a relationship with you, I think he would come right out and have no problem telling you that he wants one, directly. I wouldn't rely on hints or any type of vague behavior. I think you are on the right track and should continue to trust your intuition. I hope this helps. It will save you a lot of heartache in the end should he make the decision you think he's going to.

  • Librachild, glad I could help. 🙂 I have seen so many relationships take on the very same description as yours. If someone has a drinking problem, let them make the decision to stop. I am not saying you shouldn't be there for him. By all means, encourage him and point him in the right direction just don't let him drag you down or drain you. Be there for this person when they need a gentle nudge. Step back when you need to. I think you should take time out and ask yourself if this is what you want. It doesn't hurt to be friends and help this person. That said, it's just my suggestion to you. I wish you the best, Librachild.

  • I would love to be a ginni pig as well. I have so many things going on I guess a general reading is probably what I need.

    Love and light xx

  • suramya - Be gentle, I haven't done this for anyone ever. So I suppose I'd better get started somewhere and hopefully I will get better.

    The Devil is in the first position which urges you to make a mature choice that will bring long term benefits to your life, rather than short term gratification. You seem a bit out of control, obsessed with something, or someone perhaps?? Maybe you're overindulging but make sure your pleasures don't become addictions. It can also be a remindeer that sometimes we need to experience the pleasures of life, let loose and become spontaneous

    Four of swords - You're contemplating what to do next? It isrepresenting a break from your life. Are you on holiday or on a retreat. Have you had an operation and have come home? This is a calming period of your life. Enjoy the peace and quiet. Take time out to reflect on what you've accomplished. It is vital that you are still to restore your well being. Look to where you're going from here.

    Ten of Pentacles - your hard work has paid off. This card often comes up when the purchase of a large item - a car, or even a house is in your future. You are able to attain your dream. You have a strong foundation, great wealth or great security. All will be well. Ten of Pentacles is a fab card!

    Knight of Swords - indicates that you need to act quickly, but not too quickly! You need to pay attention to coming events. He can also represent a person or event coming into your life. He cuts to the chase and tells the truth even if it hurts. He represents urgency to get things moving in your life. He communicates caution and helpful advice. You have to be alert and ready for action.

    It's looking like you need to make some decisions in your life and to act quickly! All will be well.

    Suramya - I'm finding it so difficult to get a feel for these cards, perhaps it's just that I've only just started and in time I can get a handle on this. Sorry if I'm reading like a textbook and if I'm way off course!! Let me know please. In a way it is representing my own life!! So I'll try again in a few more days for you!! Take care.

  • Suramya - Can you see anything for the future for me? Any moving? Thank you!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you so much Intrigued for reading for me.Im glad ive got you started.Familiarity with cards and their levelsof meanings comes with practice and am a beginner too!The Devil applies to my past .The rest of the cards make sense too.So you are doing fine!Maybe you could devise more spreads,incorporating themes like blocks,past,advice etc ;whatever works for you really!

  • Hi there Suramya, many thanks for your feedback. Good to hear that the cards make sense to you! I will devise more spreads and I have been keeping to a minimum! I will take a fresh look! Thank you once again. I will try soon for you. 😄

  • Hey Intrigued I sense a special connection with you.Your name intrigues me maybe,whatever,its nice to talk to you!

    Okay I pulled out three cards for you for future ,the Empress ,the tower,and in the block position the Hermit.Am sure you have your own interpretation of these but heres what i sense.The Tower is striking in answer to any question about 'moving ', and 'future'.Tremendous change lies ahead,in inner and outer aspects of life,brought about by forces outside of yourself. This is a card of transformation.Welcome new challenges and use them to grow more aware about yourself and also,there may be some throwing out of emotions that no longer serve you.Some decluttering ahead if theres chaos around you.

    Maybe you are going to move towards a greater appreciation of art,beauty,riches as well as the natural world.Or maybe you will get more in touch with your instinctive,sexual side.Maybe you will use emotions and instinct to gain abundance ,rather than a more intellectual strategy.In any case this card signifies happiness and taking note of abundance in one's life,to me.An attitude of gratitude.

    In the reversed and blocked position was the Hermit.Is your personal sense of isolation and loneliness holding you back?Or is the reverse true?You need to retreat in order to gain strength and intuitive awareness.My guess is that the former is true.You need to heal emotionally,develop a more emotionally balanced way of looking at life.Maybe a wise advisor,or a guardian spirit will help you answer some questions.Once again ,you are being prompted to get in tune with your intuition.It will guide you and so will some member of family or a wise friend.

    All the best!

  • I would like to volunteer for a reading. Practice makes perfect!

  • OH, my bday is 7/24/85. I'm a leo! YaY leos!

  • Suramya, It's lovely to talk to you too. Where does your name come from?, I am also intrigued!! It is good to have a great connection with you. WOW!! I think you were so spot on with this reading. I can't believe that you drew 3 major Arcana cards. They relate to me totally.

    I do welcome the tremendous change ahead with the Tower, of both my inner and outer aspects of my life. I do need to change. I have had a reading which I paid for on here and was told that I was in the early stages of transformation. It does sound very exciting. Although I am stuck, I do suffer with a sense of lonliness and isolation. That is down to me, people do like me and I get on with people really well. People seem to find me really easy going, I'm told I'm gentle, but I do tend to keep to myself. I am wary of making friends, I always leave them eventually or they move on themselves. Everyone I know is in the Forces so we all move around alot. I am forever getting the Hermit at the moment myself, therefore, I wasn't so surprised that you picked it out for me.

    I do have the attitude of gratitude, I totally appreciate what I have and the things I have been able to do in my life. I have felt that I've always been relatively lucky, yet I've taken chances and not always the easy option. I've laid myself open to hurt and it all going wrong. Which I think has made me stronger in many ways, but not strong enough in others. I'm probably not making sense!

    Wow!! A fab reading, thank you so so much Suramya. I will endeavour to try and do a reading for you again tomorrow. Fascinating, it has made me think! Take care and thank you also for the good luck wishes. 😄

  • Dear espearite,

    There is no need to apologise. It's not your fault that things are not going as I wish they were. Life is like that and we cannot do much about it. In fact he let me know that he wanted sth. more. It was me who resisted too long as i was afraid and i somehow thought it to be improper. It must have discouraged him. I put the blame on me and only me for not being ready for the relation earlier. I've always been filled with doubt. But you know? maybe I was guided by my intuition that it was not real love. I know I will miss him but I also know that I shouldn't limit his freedom in any way. Tomorrow we're meeting and I'm going to start a serious talk with him. Keep your fingers crossed with me. Thank you espearite for help.

  • I would love a general reading for the short term future if anyone is willing ! I try and do cards for myself but i am not so sure ! thanks xx

    susie 11 Jan 62

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