Anyone want to practice their tarot skills?

  • Intrigued!Sweetheart!Thank you for your encouragement.Please come back on this thread.Your readings are so good and you may be able to help many.Am following the Captain's advice to try and practice even if I may fear being wrong.Hope to see you and the other readers onboard soon.Am going through a hectic phase right now...

    Love and Light

  • Tarotgal12

    I agree with your reading. 4 0f swords : past preventing him from moving on. Self doubt generated by failure or pain. Need for retreat and reconsidering his perspective. I did an additional 3 card reading.Got:

    1 .neediness, co- dependency ,loneliness. He needs to develop a spiritual perspective, in order to truly love himself or another.

    2.Knight of cups reversed/blockage. Is he in love with love?Are his feelings out of proportion? Does he dislike confrontation, at the expense of a real realationship?

    3. A controlling female.Is possibly rich and nurturing or motherly.older?

  • Gladuwroteme

    1. What you need to know about Christian’s progress at med school?

    Success is near. Some struggle but breakthrough around the corner. Don’t give up now. He has gained wisdom and awareness. Good news and victory over obstacles and rivals. Must avoid a tendency to be defensive or bitter as a result of past struggle.

    2.Finding job

    Wish fulfillment card .Dream will come true. Avoid any tendency towards laziness or being self satisfied .Choose carefully what you want coz you might get it!

    There is a sense of competion, interview,test or rivalry of some sort. Minor setbacks will be temporary. In case you are considering a management or competion orientated profession, think seriously if something related to children or gardens or flowers might suit you .You have the card of success,clarity and happiness! Enjoy!

    3.Best friend

    Does he think he’s a victim or sacrificing too much? Or is he stuck in a limbo. Will be able to move ahead soon.

    4.Friend/future Again a happy card for you. You have enough positivity and love to help those around you and you should work hard to help this friend too. Happiness in love and family life is shown.

    Love and Light

  • Fanaa25

    Dear nupur

    The cards suggest your partner is emotionally distant ,aloof and has moved away because he was not comfortable with the relationship ,for whatever reason.

    The advice for you is to let go of emotional baggage and live in the light flirtatious encounters are indicated, nothing long term at the moment.

    You need to recognize your emotional needs.Or on the contrary if you are too sensitive and naive ,you have to move towards greater detachment and maturity.

    Change of direction is near so take heart.

    wish you luck!

  • Suramya,

    Thank you so much for your insight. I really appreciate your generosity.

    My friend N, what can I say, I am concerned about him and we had a little fallout before he left. I just want our friendship back. :0)

    I actaully am really excited about finding a career that fits me. Let me tell you, if I could make a ends meet with a job that was about flowers I seriously would! I was thinking about selling this line of jewelry that I love though...

    You are helping so many people right now and I think it's amazing. :0)

  • Thanks for the feedback gladyouwroteme!Good luck!

  • This post is deleted!

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