Anyone want to practice their tarot skills?

  • Sorry for the confusion pilot007(probably my lousy typing)!

    Ragbag does not read! I just bug the fire outta everyone else!


    There aint no telling what kinda stuff I'd be telling you!lol :_))

  • Thank you Pilot 007.I love to help but do not wish to misguide anyone.A thread like this one made me feel bold enough to try.I have a long way to go in both Tarot readings and healing butam slowly feeling my way here.Your encouragement means a lot to me:)

  • Hey ...I might be surprised!! LOL LOL

  • Suramya, I am very impressed! You did a wonderful job! Its true I have been carrying so many burdens, if I wasnt from good stock, I swear I would have already broken down. You seemed to have found that lion side of me most miss! I believe you have a future with the cards!!

    Thank you so much. I look forward to reading more from you. :-))

  • Gee thanks:)you made my day!hugsxxx

  • Reading for Pilot007


    Past: In the past you had a lot of emotional issues you could not make any kind of sense of, it seemed you may have been pressured into making a decision or being with so many at once. it tells me you are also in need of seeking faith in yourself, looking for a higher purpose or a light to show you what path it is you need to be on. your dreams may also be clear at this time with messages about your love life;

    Present: Right now you feel as though you don't have everything in order, as though you don't have what you need to be in a healthy relationship, you lack something even though this may not be true and it may feel like life is somehow not in your control right now... (correct me if i'm wrong)! you may already feel you know where you need to fix things, perhaps wait it out as time goes on in order for your life to get back in rhythm

    Future: You are by yourself BUT please do not think this is the ultimate outcome for yourself. you feel there is some emotional back tracking... you might feel guilty or responsible for something that has happened in the past; but its a future you look on; you are in a contemplative state, assessing your past and using what you've learned about it to move forward; please do not become embittered or obsessed over past experiences!

    You can get your present situation together, just have patience and a strong faith in yourself and in the higher source you look to. your situation will work out and you will get back onto the path you need to be on in order to realize what it is you want from a relationship; remember, it is a way of life, not only just a relationship. look back on what you did with a feeling they were good times, not should have beens. in time, you will open yourself to a romance you've been waiting for. i hope this helps. thank you for allowing me to read for you, Pilot! i wish you the best! ~


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  • Goldenhill, I didn't know we had to do a protection prayer before a reading? Yikes lol. ..... can you teach me one thanks. lol 😞 geez. oR does anyone know one? Oh I'll be a guinea piggy if any1 needs one. I'm learning too. =] 10-19-1988 at 10:43am πŸ™‚

    Amor y Luz

    Brianna ❀

  • Dear Tina Minao

    I am trying for you:

    a.General/Career-Here I got some very good cards for you.You feel like you are at the end of a cycle.Actually ,it looks like you have just won or are just about to win a battle.There is a sense of triumph or completion.Whether you are planning to change or stay in a job or a project,you are thinking quite clearly; so trust your judgement right now.If you have just finished a task or phase, this is a good time for a holiday.I see sunshine and happiness in the near future!

    As a person you seem to like debate,rationalizing and tend to get confused or split.Live in the moment!

    b.Relationship.Hmm,is/was there a separation from a loved one or one of you moved/travelled away?If so ,it seems to be for the good.The cards tell you to move on and leave the past behind.Don't be afraid to travel and explore...if you are disillusioneed now,just let go..the future promises to be brighter.

    Hope this helps.

    Hey wil someone read for me?:)

  • hey all

    i am up for a reading if anyone would like to give it a shot my bday is 11/16/75 @1916 or 7:16pm in los angeles ca and the person i am with is 1/12/70-- am interested in love-- career-- and/or general reading

    i will make sure to check back and leave some feedback

    peace and blessings to all

  • Dear mestiza

    Okay guinea pig your turn now!

    My cards show you are a person with a highly developed intuition.You need to spend more time in silence ,listening to your inner voice.You can find all your solutions there.

    Moneywise there is a problem right now.Invest wisely.Or perhaps a problem with family,tradition or inheritence.Anxiety is causing sleeplessness.maybe you are finding it hard to decide about something.decide soon or the decision might be out of your hands.

    Gifts will be given and received.You will get something you want unexpectedly maybe.Also surround yourself with beautiful things that bring you peace and inspiration!

    did I get anything right?:)

  • Dear 1chellee

    If I get anything wrong don't be offended.The cards show power struggle in your relationship with him.Either you are trying to control an aspect of the relationship or maybe he sees you as controlling.Whatever the problem between the two of you ,move with caution.You may not be seeing the situation for what it is.On the positive side all possibilities are still open.There is good chance of both of you sharing interests/or a project.a successful meeting of minds.Perhaps you may have to sacrifice something or shift perspective.You have very good chances of success ,both professionally and in personal life.Just try to stay levelheaded,centred,down to earth and focussed.Your future looks very good with good health,friendship and good relationships and a general sense of contentment and satisfaction.Concentrate on your strengths and utilize what you have.give whenever you can,even if anonymously.maybe you aqlready do!

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  • reading for Tina

    General: There is something you feel compelled to do, a calling that may pose a problem to you, it might not sit well with your moral values or seem like a path you feel you are ready for; the next card might help shed some light on what this is.

    Career: Right now you feel down in the dumps, not very enthusiastic is my impression. There might be someone around you who helps you to realize what is going on here or may be the problem. Change your perspective about how you view your situation; draw inspiration from others and believe in yourself; if you limit yourself, you limit your possibilities. I suggest you talk to someone who can address your fears, such as a career counselor.

    Relationship: You're not pleased about the situation. It feels like things are not being ironed out; no chemistry, you need a change of scenery and to feel like you are appreciated and supported by those around you. I suggest changing your environment.

    I know, very general and not many cards, but I will try my best to catch on…. thanks again!


  • I can do a reading for you suramya? You are doing such a good job, I would love feedback from you!

  • hey suramya

    i wish i could give a reading in return as i appreciate you taking your time to give me one but make sure you have stoney give you one b4 he gets bogged down πŸ˜‰

    i am not offended at all

    i understand it is all about interpretation

    i am not sure if it is a power struggle as much as me knowing i am not willing to stay with someone who wants to keep me on the backburner while he sows his oats-- kinda like when stoney mentioned keeping a good one on hold "just in case" πŸ˜‰

    he has mentioned us working together in the future as i am interested in opening a non- profit (i currently work in a helping profession)-- so yes i am all about giing and assisting others πŸ˜‰

    thank you for your interpretation

    i will definitely keep what you have said in mind

    i do feel twenty ten and beyond will bring great things

    hopefully for all of us!

    be well

    and continue doing what you are doing-- i believe you have the ability to be of great service to many as well πŸ˜‰

    thanks again suramya

    and get some sleep! πŸ˜‰

    many blessings to you and yours

    and have a healthy prosperous twenty ten

  • I would be interested in a reading. This is very interesting. Thank you and blessings to all. Does birth date matter? 11-25-1954 11:10am

  • I usually don't use birthdates in my readings, but another reader may. So I think its good to post your birthdates. πŸ™‚

  • Thanks Espearite!Please do read for me!

    Thank you for the feedback Chellee ..and the encouragement.No you must not put up with anyone's bad deserve the best!

    Tina yes look out for an invitation and opportunity, but meanwhile don't forget to have fun.A caring person like you will find many friends...all the best!


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