Anyone want to practice their tarot skills?

  • WOW, you really did ZOOM in on my situation!

    YES! Stonyeye, that previous relationship was with my exboyfriend...I really did not get closure from this. His employees WRECKED our relationship on purpose. May I ask you, if he will ever give me closure ie. sit down and talk.

    I am having a really hard time trying to date ever again for I felt that he was my Soul Mate. I really miss our intimate nights,traveling, watching the news etc.....

    EXboyfriend 06-30-50

    Myself: 04-21-73

  • Thank you Leoscorpion. Kind of scary to try but fun too. As long as people remember that this is practice and give us feedback, it could be really helpful. Goldenhill IS a gem. So are you!

    Suramya, I'm so glad you want to join in! I'm going to stop for tonight and also give Pilot007 or Esperarite a chance to try readings too. I don't want to hog the thread! 🙂 I can try you another time though if you'd like? You may want to see what kind of feedback I get first though! lol!

  • Stonyeye, I like your style! I know you are waiting on feedback from your readings, but I just had to pop in and say you have a straightforward no nonsense approach that I like. Proud of you!

    Hats off!! :-))

  • Wow! Cool! I'm glad it seemed accurate to you! I'm sorry that you're having a tough time getting over the ex though. It's so hard to get out and feel ready to meet other people when you are still wanting to hold on to someone else. I can try another reading on the two of and see what comes up. I may have to do it tomorrow though because I'm kind of tired now.

    I've always been funny about closure. While closure is nice to have sometimes it doesn't happen because that makes everythig so final. As much as we want it to. I think that when people who have loved each other so much break up, they don't really want to let the other person go completely. They like to keep them on the backburner sort of. That's why I think it's a tough situation to put yourself in when you want closure. He may not want to give that to you so he can keep the door open a bit if he ever decides he wants you back. It is totally selfish and horrible to string someone along but some people ( and I raise my hand, I've done it too) do it because they want to keep you in their stable just in case....

    My unsolicited advice is to try your best to move on and have fun even if you don't get that closure. I think ( and according to the cards) that there are some really good opportunities out there for you. Also, the more you get out, the more hazy you will start to feel about your ex. Well, those are my two cents worth anyway. I'll see if aything coms up about that later. Have a good night Pilot!

    Thank you again for the feedback and for being my guinea pic! 🙂 Now go out and have fun! lol!

  • Awww.... RagBag, Thanks!! 🙂

  • Thank You Stonyeye, Your advice is really keen. I had a feeling that he did not want to give me closure; for, he knows that I am a very loyal woman. My mother told me that men like to put decent women on the shelf, so that when they get ready to settle down, they will have "inventory" available.

  • Reread entire thread and noticed this was sorta open for guinea pigs.

    Anyone for a guinea lion?????????? LOL

  • Aha. That's so true isn't it? I like the way she described it as inventory. lol! Well, I'm still sorry your hurting over him. I know you know this but it will get better and one day he'll be a distant memory.

  • haha... ragbag, A guinea lion, guinea crab, guinea's all good! 🙂

  • LOL! ragbag you are so funny!

  • It 's kept me from going INSANE!! If you know what I mean.

  • So you want us to try reading or you RagBag? I'd love to try if you'd like and if nobody else steps up this weekend. I don't want to be a piggy and take all the readings!

  • OINK, OINK, you have done a really good job on me Stonyeye, I am sure the others would not mind.

  • And I dont want to impose on you or anyone or wear you out,

    Unground you (that just sounds painful!) or anything!

    But I would love it if anyone feels like it or has the time!

  • Yes I am here! Boy, that was quick! lol... okay, Pilot, I will get to your reading! 🙂 Thanx

  • Thanks for the welcome Stonyeye!You rest now .

    Pilot this is what I got for you.The situation you were in demanded a strong decision and you made it with your head and you chose well.Being swept by your emotions was not an option in this ethical dilemna.Workwise,you should continue to be creative and original without looking for immediate reward.You are a rational and responsible person so you usually take the right decisions ,but let go of doubt.I am getting the word trust,"one has to take the jump,even when there is doubt".I think it means you have to trust your instincts and trust in the universe ,in a better future.

    other cards indicate that a wish will be fulfilled,but not necessarily as you want it to be.Creativity,art and the need for retreat into nature and/or silence...Hope this makes sense!No harm in trying these out.

    A man in your future,poetic ,graceful, romantic,impulsive,fairy tale knight type(!), will bring you oppurtunities.

    Meanwhile hugs and lots of did your best!

    Hey there anyone can read for willing to be the tested upon:)

  • You can read me ragbag. Unfortunately I can only read peoples "energy and vibes" in person only" I found out while I was pregnant with my daughter nine years ago that I am an empath.

    I use to have prophetic dreams also ( I dreamt about sept11th months before it happened!!) I prayed that my dreams would go away, and they did.

    For some reason I was really psychic while I was pregnant. I saw my Great Aunt stand in front of me while you went to the other side ( she was 100 miles away from me).

  • Sorry, that is when SHE went to the other side.

  • Thank You Suramya, you have done a good job as well. Do NOT be afraid to continue to offer readings on this site. I can feel that you really want to help others, please continue to do so. Like I said, practice makes perfect!

  • Dear Ragbag i am having a go at you.If it is totally off the mark,just let me know ,we are practicing here!

    You are a passionate ,amiable,enthusiastic person,a good and loyal friend.You are making or have made sacrifices for others,taking on a burden not yours.The cards indicate a turning point.drop the past,conflicting thoughts and all,"you will have to drop much".Live in the moment,thinking less,meditating more.

    The future holds new directions,keep on with the quest...there is more treasure to be found..Explore!

    Love and light

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