Anyone want to practice their tarot skills?

  • Ok, I've got some time on my hands tonight. I know there are others out there like me who are really fascinated by tarot and have practiced it but don't really have the confidence to do "real" readings for people other than tolerant friends and family. I wonder if anyone would want to take part in an thread where we could test our skills and receive honest feedback. To make sure that people are not overwhelmed with requests perhaps each person would do only one reading. People who are willing to be our guinea pigs would have to understand that we are only practicing and may not be right on...or even very close. Just wondering if anyone is interested? I'd do the first one. Anyone want to be my guinea pig? Only one person for now though. Also, feel free to tell me if I'm rubbish at it! 🙂 I'm serious. i want honest feedback.

  • Stonyeye,

    I;ll be your guinea pig !!! No specific topic ,whatever you think best. I'll let you know if you're spot on.


  • Yay! I knew there'd be one brave soul out there. Thanks Summer! Ok, I will be back shortly with your "reading" 🙂

  • Stoneyeye, go for it you can do it just trust your self , I have a strong sense you have what it takes!

    Please remember go always ground/ protect self before and after

    reading and li

    it number per day, I get burnt if I do more than 3 x

    Best to you, you are going to be fine!!!!

  •! here were go..


    It looks like you have the opportunity to start something new. Something related to work, perhaps a new job or greater responsibilty within the work place. Maybe even a new idea for a business. This is just the beginning of a thought you have and if well planned and carried out carefully, you will do quite well. You may have been thinking about this for some time and according to the cards, now it is time to take action. Either you need to adopt a gung-ho and assertive attitude and put the plan into action OR there might be someone ( a man) very assertive and action oriented who wants to get involved and help. You can be emotional and/or anxious and this may have made you fearful and stopped you from going after what you want. The potential is there for you to be very very successful. Let go of your fears and any losses you experienced in the past and move on. Follow your new path and you will achieve what you want.. Other people see you as having it all and being very competent. You are very smart, capable and need to remember that. Also, do not be afraid to accept help from others. You don't like asking for help for fear of appearing weak. Doing so will not make you look weak in the eyes of others. There are people who believe in you and want to support you.

    Ok, so this is what I got. Please feel totally free to let me know if I'm way off the mark. I was a little nervous and may have over analyzed things here! In fact, as i read it back, it could actually apply to ME! hahaha. I hope I didn't accidentally do a reading for myself ! Alright SummerButterfly, thanks for being such a kind soul and letting me practice with you. Now, let me have it! 🙂

  • Thank you dear Goldenhill! I so needed to hear that encouragement. 🙂

  • Arrrgh! Been holding out on us have you, Stonyeye?!

    Way to go! What courage that takes. Heres another feather

    for your hat! lol :-))

  • Your welcome Stoneyeye,

    when we read for others we work thru our own issues and

    healing process, so even though a read may seem like yours don't 2nd guess self, trust and know that it is what Readee needs, it is amazing how others issues dovetail with ours, but after all we are all connected eh???

    best to you!!!!!

  • Hey Stonyeye! I would like to see what you have to say in regard to career and romance for me in 2010! {I have been celibate for over a year, so right now I am ready to climb the WALL!!!!!!!}

    D.O.B. 04-21-73

  • Hey everyone, I'm new here and also would like to test my reading skills on anyone who is willing to be a guinea. I will do my reading with the Mystic Tarot deck. I do have a lot of spreads also. Just ask and I will send some to you. ~ Love * Peace * Joy ~

  • Espearite.. have at it!

  • Hi Pilot007, I was only going to do one but I totally understand how you're feeling so I'll do one for you too. This is the last one for me though. I haven't heard back from SummerButterfly which may not be a good sign. 🙂 I don't want to be dishing false out advice to people! Also, again, please let me know if anything sounds good to you or even if it's way off. I can take it! 🙂

    I feel like you're my cheerleader Goldenhill. Thank you!! You've given me a little more confidence to at least try!

    RagBag, I love you! You're posts always crack me up.

    Ok, I'll be back Pilot....

  • Oops, Espearite, I didn't see your post. Maybe you want to read Pilot007? Well I'll do one too just out of my own curiosty to see if I get something close to what you get. I won't post it though unless you and Pilot want me to. Good luck!

  • COOL...Thanks a lot Stonyeye!!!

  • Go ahead and practice on me Stonyeye, I would love to hear your insight please!

  • Ok, Pilot, I'll be right back....Espearite, are you there? Were you doing a reading for Pilot too? I hope I'm not stepping on your toes by posting one as well? I promise this is the last one I'll do. I know there are lts of others who want to try. Couldn't pass this one up though Pilot! Kind of fun. ok...see you in bit.

  • Stonyeye this thread is a great idea!Ive wanted to do this too!

    So please Stonyeye and Espearite read for me:)And does any one want me to read for them?Pilot do you want to be my guinea pig?!:) I use the Riderwaite and sometimes the OshoZen.

  • SURE Suramya..practice make perfect!!

  • Pilot007....your reading! Here goes....

    Have you been on kind of a roller coaster with a previous relationship? A relationship that seemed really promising but ended up being up and down and all over the place? It looks like it. It might be time to let this one go so you can move on to better things. You may have ended things with this person but be sure to let them go. Get rid of the baggage there if you can. Someone very promising looks to be coming into your life soon. Although before you meet that person, youre going to be having a lot of fun! It looks like you will be kicking up your heels a bit and getting yourself out there. Parties, friends. Don't pass up any opportunities. Even if they don't sound like anything spectacular, you may be surprised who you meet in the most unlikly places. I think after looking at the cards that you are going to have a fun next couple of months going out and meeting several interesting people. They may be just flirtations and dates and you might even start to feel overwhelmed with the possibilities. You know that phrase "when it rains it pours?" I think that's how you're going to be feeling for a while. It looks though, as if the BIG relationship wil be coming in after you've hit the town a little bit. You've been laying low but you are now starting to feel ready to get out there. i'm referring to the "big" realtiosnhip as BIG because it looks like this person is going to be like a wish come true. OK, recap....let go of the past...really let it go. Accept some invitations to out. Let your friends set you up (I know blind dates can be awful but you never know) and shake the dust of your boots so to speak. This will be the time to wash that other relationship out of your hair so you'll be ready to recognize the BIG one when they come in. I think it's going to be a good year Pilot007!

    Ok, now that was what I truly saw. I wouldn't sugar coat because I'd want someone to be honest with me.

    Anyway, I'd love to hear your feedback. Good or.....not so good. 🙂

  • not asking for a reading

    but I'm wishing you all the best with your learning 🙂

    Goldenhill, you truly are kind and caring soul

    can see it in your post for many ppl here

    all the best for you too 🙂 hope you get the support you need to start your dream shop 🙂

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