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  • Hello Folks ,

    I see a few have mentioned Animals in there Dreams , well I have many times had dreams of Animals , but they were none to friendly . Most of the times they attacking me and biting me . Needless to say , I was very unsettled after waking up from those dreams . Some of the animals were Monkey's /Dogs / and Tigers or Lions . I still cant figure out what the significance of the dreams were . I also dreams a lot of not being able to turn lights on or off and floating around the room I am in .This post is probably way off the subject you are posting about , but I thought I would get a bit of info in regards to all of that . Also - I too have tried to contact my Spirit Guides , but without success . Maybe one day . I know they are out there . It is just all the matter of me being calm enough to let them threw .

    Have a great day !

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • The only animals I have seen in my dreams are snakes and a once a grey dog.

    Sometimes I have a dream where I am lead around by someone I can't see. Lights turn on by themselves, etc. This person would dial phone numbers for me too. I kind of feel like I can control the dreams this person is in but I wake up when I try.


  • When i was on my own i used to see faces on my ceiling and animals on my curtains which facinated me i never felt afraid it was rather comforting at the time Spirit is always around you which i see as a strength Animals were polar bears wolves squirrels etc

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