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  • Could someone please tell what exactly a spirit guide is? Can they harm you? How do you meet them? Also, what does it mean to have dreams about interacting with ghosts?

    Thanks(a LOT)

  • To be honest I dont really know what people mean when they say Spirit guide. I think it means God. haha. I think it means angels or other souls, souls of healed human beings, whom guide and they guide by the Spirit of God. By the highest possible energy for us to receive from. But I am not sure. That is the impression I have when people speak of Spirit guides.

  • Thanks for posting these questions. I hope to see the explanations that are given.

  • Spirit guides are mentors, friends and benefactors that look out for you spiritual well being. They exist on another, higher plain, Earth being plain four of seven.

    They are there to guide you on your life path and can change as you develop spiritually.

    My dad is one of 5 friends who throughout history have been together. He is the only one inhabiting plain four currently

    They can affect you in so many ways but only relatively few, in this technologically reliant work we live in, are open enough in mind to communicate directly with them

  • A guide can be anything from a spirit guide, angels or power animal

    they do not live in the physical world.

    If you don't know how to communicate with your guide yet, try find a mentor. A mentor is a person who devotes themselves to the spiritual, to serve the universe and good for all. a mentor lives in the physical world and is blessed by the universe with abundance of guidance so that they can help guide others. The mentor will be able to relay mesages from your guide to you until you establish communication to your guide.

    Everyone has a guide. It's just a matter of establishing communication with yours. But if you nurture your psyche, you should be able to communicate with yours. One person can have just one guide or more. I first met my guide in fall last year but my power animals have been around me since I was born. A few weeks ago I met 2 angels. I saw one of them when I was a child but didn't know who it was. Try find a mentor or nurture your psyche, then you can communicate with your guide(s).

  • Wow, fascinating LeoScorpion. How I wish to be in touch with my guide. My Grandmother was very spiritual and was in contact with a few spirits. She'd go into trance and speak in totally different voices. My Mum gave me proof too, of 'spirits' visiting her. My Mum was a Nurse and she went back to her room to find her books all over the floor. It later transpired that one of the spirits had done this, just getting up to mischief. Another time a spirit went to see her on the ward she was working on. He complained later of not seeing her. That day, and only on that day she had been sent to work somewhere else! I was astounded, my Grandma was always the last person I expected to be in this field!! I sometimes, very rarely smell her purfume. How come this sort of thing hasn't come to me? When I so desperately want to be involved in this way. I've tried to open up as it were but it's patently obvious that I can't do it!! I have had tarot cards for years and just can't do them, I have idiot's guides which help!!!! It just fascinates and intrigues me and I can't keep away from this site!!

    😄 Intrigued.

  • Intrigued

    It will happen someday. Some people are able to communicate with spirits since they were born, some are like you and I, have to nurture our psyche and help by mentors. My childhood wasn't one of happy times, so when I turned off the lights and I saw the angel, I was scared. Many things happened to us might have caused us to abandon our connection to the spirit world. Hardships cause despair and loss of hope, people living around us that emphasize on the physical and material only (friends, parents etc). Stay open, one day you will hear or see your guide, then you can start establish communication with it. What do you do, in terms of nurturing your psyche?

    Everyone at least have one guide, but they don't know it is a guide or they do hear/see it but they think it's a dream or illusion. The very thing I am sure about is you have power animals around you that lend strengths and qualities during struggles in life. Sometimes you see them in dreams, if you don't see them in spirits. I am sure, because without power animals, none of us can survive hardship when we were children, at the early stages of learning life lessons. They are sent to us, for this purpose. Try to remember your dreams about animals, even if you are scared of them. What animals do you often see?

  • I really like this thread. I too am like you Intrigued. I am very open to speaking with my guide. For some reason, I still wonder instead of am secure with the answers are my own instead of my guides.

    Also, if this is the fourth plane of seven what are the other six planes? Could you share, PiscesPiggy. I never heard that there were more than two. & I'm not sure even what the 2nd one actually is if it were only two. I just finished reading Phoenix Rising, and talked about other "places and times", but not specifically about planes as much.


  • Hello LeoScorpio

    Thank you for your advice. It was very interesting. I can understand that people lose their connection to the spirit world very easily. It must have been very frightening to have seen an Angel, were you very young?

    I don't think I dream of animals, not that I've noticed. I will watch out for them now LeoScorpio.

    happy times to you 😄

  • intrigued

    I was probably 8 or 10 when I saw her.

    We don't lose connection to the spirit world, we just forgotten about it as we grow older.

    As a child, our family don't always teach us to nurture this connection. we are taught to use logic, go to school, graduate, work, compete and win, earn money, raise a family etc.

    As an adult, humdrums of daily life and mundane responsibilities take most of the time we have in a day. We barely have time for ourselves and with family, let alone nurture our psyche.

    But we are born with the psyche and physical side, so we never lose this connection.

    Like a link it is just abandoned, not destroyed.

    Now and then we do hear the psyche, but can't always tell the difference between the psyche and mind chatter, because we don't always nurture it.

    You never dreamed of animals? That's odd. I've heard anyone never dreamed of animals, especially when they were young. The animals don't always speak or do anything, they just show up in your dreams. They might make you smile or make you scared, only because you don't know much about them.

  • Hi there LeoScorpion, thanks for getting back to me.

    Wow, 8 or 10 when you saw the Angel. So not everyone feels calmed in the presence of an Angel. Did she calm you down, or did you remain scared?

    Does intuition come into it? I always have gut feeling which I have gone against in the past to my cost. I can rely on those always. I was interested to hear about the link being abandoned, not destroyed and that everyday life not helping! Not being able to nurture our psyche.

    Oh no! I must be odd!! I just can't seem to think of a time when I've dreamt of animals, unless they're in the background and I haven't noticed. It tends to be people and places. I had a recurring dream when I was young. I was in a classroom and my legs and arms would get longer and longer, they'd be weaving in and out of chairs. I have also had another dream throughout my life of a place (never been there) but it's quite comforting. I know what's going to happen. It's a very familiar place and I go to all different parts of the town and I know it. I've had it all my life when I think about it. I have moved all of my life every few years so perhaps that has something to do with it. Is it usual to dream of something just about your entire life?

    I am always seeking answers. There's so much evidence out there to prove that it isn't just about 'us'. Thank you again, I was interested to hear from you LeoScorpion.

    Take care, peace and love to you 🙂

  • Intrigued

    I'm just saying it's odd that you never dreamed of animals. not saying you are odd person at all. but it is not possible that spirits take humans form not animal forms when visiting you. so maybe in your case, somehow, they never take animal forms.

    the physical is limited to 5 senses. anything beyond that is the psyche. every day life in the physical, unfortunately have to be lived, it is part of our lessons. but pressure of competition, make a living, keep a job to pay off debts and bring food to the table - has made many of us emphasize on the physical only. they feel no need to nurture the psyche, because they can't see/hear/taste it. this is why they miss guidance, and keep making wrong decisions. the psyche is link to universal guidance. abandoning this link is like driving without road map. they keep making wrong turns.

    the psyche can speak in many ways. intuition, psychic connection (telepathy), dreams (not all dreams, but some), 3rd eye, solar plexus activity and many other ways. nurturing the psyche, will allow you distinguish mind chatter from voice of the psyche. then you will gain clarity and be able to receive true guidance, not one that is manipulated by mind chatter.

    If you have reoccuring dream, then it is your psyche speaking to you. Try to remember these people and places. How did they look? What did they do in the dreams? were they friendly or avoiding you? did you recognize the language they spoke? did they say anything, even if it wasn't to you? The place you've never been, what did it look like? Describe it the best you can. The psyche is trying to tell you something. You moved a lot, but you've never been to this place in the dream. So a part of you is bound to this place and to the people you saw. Turn inward and try to remember. Write it down if you can.

  • Chuckle, I was only joking about being odd! I now think it's odd that I don't dream about animals, something I haven't appreciated before! I will watch my dreams carefully from hereon in. I do dream such a lot. It was intriguing to note that when I lived in Italy, I often got very stressed and I never did have any dreams whilst out there. I've moved a few times since and obviously feeling much more relaxed and I often have afew dreams in one night. Perhaps it's also due to having a new bed and not an old creaking one. I feel like I'm sleeping in a fluffy cloud! It's very interesting all that you have to say LeoScorpion. I think I do need to be much more in touch with my dreams and the recurring one too.

    Extremely interesting. I shall take notes.

    Lovely to hear from you. I hope all is well in your dream world. 🙂

  • mistypo

    but it is not possible that spirits take humans form

    "not impossible"

    and yeah I was afraid when I saw the angel. it was dark and she was glowing

    I did see pictures of angels, but she didn't have wings

    so maybe that's why I was afraid LOL

    I learned many years later that angels don't always be seen with wings

    if they take human forms, then they drop the wings LOL

    OK I felt stupid LOL and embarassed for running away like that

    but some weeks ago I saw her again and this time I'm not scared anymore

    she came with a child angel, also no wings

    yeah do pay attention to dreams

    not all of them are psyche work, but if you make notes, you will be able to tell difference

    you take care now gotta go sleep, work tomorrow

  • In a nutshell:

    The other plains lower than ours contain spirits that are not as evolved as ours and give in the the baser desires and are trapped by their desires and greed. They can be absolved and move up but they have to want to better themselves. The one above is where we hope to go when we no longer need our body and those above that are for higher and higher developed spiritual beings.

  • Thanks everyone. I feel like i'm being urged forward now. Something is telling me to contact my guide(s). I have had a lot of injuries in the past year and if I hadn't been hurt so many times, I would have never heard of a spirit guide. I feel like everything has been leading up to this, and something amazing is about to happen. But i'm in the dark as to when it will happen and what I must do.

    I guess there is a downside to everything.


  • orandakeeper,

    As someone who has had a natural contact with ghosts and spirits all of my life, I'm going to toss my .02 into the kitty here, too. 🙂

    Spirit guides help us in our lives, to guide us, to warn us and to protect us. Whenever you get that nagging "gut" feeling that something is going to go wrong, or you should do this or that, those are nudges from our spirit guides. The best way to develop a connection with them is to learn to listen to, and to trust, your "gut" feelings. That's what I did throughout my life, when I began to notice that they were right...I started paying attention and listening to those hunches. One of those hunches quite possibly saved my son's life when he was little, too. Spirit Guides NEVER harm us, they are here to help us.

    Spirits (different from Spirit Guides) and ghosts are also two different things. When we pass on, our soul leaves our body. If it goes through The Light and into the Afterlife, it becomes a spirit. If it doesn't enter The Light, and instead stays between our physical world and the Afterlife, then it is a ghost.

    Souls that go to the Afterlife experience tremendous amounts of love, healing, and peace. They are also awakened to the lessons that they did or didn't learn while they were alive. Spirits are allowed to come and go in order to visit us for various reasons. They are usually family or friends, and come to visit us to offer comfort, to share special occasions (birthdays, weddings, births, holidays, etc), to protect us and sometimes to guide us. They can also show up right after they have passed on, to let us know that they're all right.

    Ghosts basically have unresolved issues that they are unwilling to let go of. These attachments to the physical world are what keep them from moving forward into The Light in order to become spirits. All ghosts become spirits once they let go of the physical world and move into the Afterlife.

    But ghosts can hang on to the physical world for a number of reasons. They may have a strong attachment to a person, place or thing; they may be afraid of going on, for fear of punishment for the life that they led; they may have had addictions that keep them clinging to the physical world; they may feel that they were "not ready" for their deaths (usually murders or accidents) and are having a hard time coming to terms with it; or they simply just aren't ready and want to hang around for little while longer...no issues...just "hanging out".

    I have an appointment that I need to go to right now, so I will stop there for now. When I get back, I'll add more, as I do have more to say. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them, and somebody here will be happy to answer them. You've received a lot of good information so far, because there are a lot of wonderful people here who don't mind sharing. Love and Light! 🙂

  • Wow, so much good advice!!! Thank you all!!!

  • Hi Everyone, i think that we all have fears about what we percieve as normal and weird.

    For me i started about 7-8years old when i first had my encounter with spirit and have continued on from there over the years, i was lucky with my late husband as i knew when he was about to die so for me i could spend the much needed time with him and had no regrets when he passed as this was his time to go and he had suffered enough with a terminal disease After he died the flood-gates opened up with psychic activity around me i had a lot of premonitions and alot of them came true. Ive seen spirit and have seen my guide through sleep and also spirit guides to do with healing, a beautiful Indian chief was at the bottom of my bed on awaking one morning and all i can say was WOW as he disappeared in front of me , i also had out of the body experience as well so at the tender age of 54 i think i am blessed .

    However i hope this continues when i change residence this year as at the moment i don't tend to feel anything around me yet no doubt they'll give me time to settle in first I think my gift has been in my family at least 2-3 generations on either side , and yes i do agree that we're spirit in a solid frame to learn the lessons our soul needs to learn to proceed to the next level of our journey, i give thanks every-day for my life and gifts my family have passed down to me ,

  • yep I have same experience as Vectra

    seeing angels at 8 or 10. not encounter with spirits, just dreams that happened about people that died or fell sick the next day or week.

    I was informed the date my father would die, and he did die on that date.

    since then I have been seeing more spirits than ever, but since my family was religious nobody talked about them and they only said I had to get rid of them.

    only in 2006 I learned a lot more about spirituality and that we are all spirits be it in physical form or not. We can live together in harmony, not necessarily getting rid of all spirits.

    In fact, because we are all spirits, come from the same place, then we can learn from each other. There is no negativity in the spirit world, why are we afraid of them in the first place?

    If we can't live in harmony with spirits, then how can we live in harmony with other people, aren't they spirits too?

    So I left my religion last year, and will fully walk on spiritual path at least next year.

    I'm working on paying off my debts this year. I will be completely free by the end of this year, so I can take the training necessary.

    bye now take care. will be away for some work. be back around weekend and follow your thread if I can.

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