Obama Dreams

  • Has anyone else had "dreams" ( I mean while asleep), involving Obama?

    I had 2 distinct ones...both were very very different than my usual dreams.

    Really happening, and info that I do not know in my daily life.



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  • Hi Score! I have not had an Obama dream, but I would like to share one I had about Reagan. I lived in DC at the time. I wasn't into politics at all then, didn't even vote. : (

    First, I must say I don't have dreams of a violent nature. One night I dreamt of Regan being shot. In my dream, I saw him on a street, surrounded by reporters. I saw the shooting and it was awful. I awoke crying and told my husband a reporter just shot Regan! I rushed to turn on the TV thinking it must be so having had pre-cog dreams before. I watched the news faithfully for a few days, then quit thinking it was just something I had eaten : ) that gave me that awful dream. Probably 8 months later, the scene played out on LIVE TV just as I had seen it! And as we know it wasn't a reporter : ) The confusion in my dream was like the confusion on TV before it was edited. And watching it play out live --- no wonder I thought it must've been a reporter!

    Years later I came across a book, must have been something about predictions, and it stated that many, many people had shared a vision of this happening. I was amazed! My point is write the dreams down somewhere and date it. This will validate whatever may occur for yourself. If someone responds with Obama dreams, Great!

    Small cautionary word though, k. Thoughts are energy and a union of too many negative energies can do harm. (The book that gave me that validation discussed this too.) Please help dispell any negatives that come up with your dream by dwelling in the positive.

    Many blessings, Lisa!

  • Thanks so much! Your story is something!

    The dreams I've had were ones in which Obama and Michelle and entourage were all just hanging out and I was there...talk got political, even tho it was a vacation. I recall the Prez being dismayed, surprise by some negative feedback...and, as I said, the political info is stuff I wouldn't know. I forgot it, dang it!

    Second dream was just Prez O, visiting our home...and I "wasn't ready, house was a mess, etc.

    I will say I do my best to " feed the good dog", and you made an imortant point, to say the least!

    With love and appreciation,

    lisa xxx 😉

  • Score --- too funny! I'm sure he has been dismayed at the recent turn of events. Tough to bring his "visions" to reality! Better pull out the dusting cloth and vacumn, Never Know ... LOL !

    Love your saying of feeding the good dog. Never heard that before!

    Peace & Joy!

  • I had a dream before he won the election that he was elected, and was assassinated while giving a speech. There was something very peculiar about the podium or teleprompter in the dream too. It kept changing color.

  • Hi Ladies,

    hahaha re: the vacuum!!!!!! Ya never do know...!

    "Feeding the good dog...", a great way of putting it, I know!

    I'd never heard it til like a year ago...courtesy of my brother-in-law.

    I really like the imagery of it...makes sense, makes it simple! 🙂 XOXO Lisa

    Sabrinarose-- maybe the colors changing had to do with Obama being a new color, literally?

    Idk, I took a "dream analysis course" in my hippie daze and all I recall is " HOW did your dream make you FEEL??"

    my Obama dream(s) both were not "usual" dreams--one I actually woke up, and said " wait, I'm getting info here, I've got to go back..".and I did! (Which is not the norm for me) !

    So, ladies, Thanks!!!!



  • "hippie daze" LOL ! Analyzing dreams is fun! Nice interpretation on changing color> Sabrinarose -- do u think there is more to it?

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