How to best interpret a daily horoscope

  • I have a question about reading "daily horoscopes". Since they are always listed by SUN SIGN - most people read the horoscope for their sunsign for that day. I know that people born on the cusp might read it for both signs. Wnen would you want to read another sun sign's horoscope for the day instead of your own sun sign. For example: My birth sign is Pisces: but that is the only place in my natal chart that Pisces appear. I have Aquarius Ascendant and Capricorn Moon

    and Mars.. 3 planets in Scorpio + Midheaven. Sometimes the Pisces horoscopes are very close, sometime just way off. (Especially the love and romance horoscopes)

    Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0

    Sun Pisces 23.22 Ascendant Aquarius 9.59

    Moon Capricorn 17.16 II Pisces 22.53

    Mercury Aries 3.23 III Aries 29.15

    Venus Aquarius 10.16 IV Taurus 26.59

    Mars Capricorn 27.56 V Gemini 20.09

    Jupiter Scorpio 0.33 R VI Cancer 12.53

    Saturn Sagittarius 25.20 VII Leo 9.59

    Uranus Leo 7.58 R VIII Virgo 22.53

    Neptune Scorpio 4.24 R IX Libra 29.15

    Pluto Virgo 0.30 R Midheaven Scorpio 26.59

    Lilith Aries 2.26 XI Sagittarius 20.09

    Asc node Scorpio 2.02 XII Capricorn 12.53

  • I'm sorry, but I'm not sure if I can be much help here Turtledust...since I'm a cusp, I generally read both horoscopes for both my signs, and at the end of the day, throw away what didn't happen and keep what did, lol!

    I SAID I was sorry!



  • this is a very late reply

    but I would suggest finding out what is dominant in your chart

    then read the horoscope of those

    some people may also recommend you to read your rising first, before your sun

    try both methods and see which one works for you most of the time

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