What do you do to keep faith in yourself?

  • I've been on this site a huge amount recently. I've seen from many different posts that there are a lot of people out there suffering from self doubt, troubled souls who need their self esteem raising. I do know that once you have hope, your positivity increases. How do you people out there on this site keep your spirits raised, happiness in your heart and faith in yourself? I should be interested to know. Perhaps if there's enough comments here, people can check in to re-fuel so to speak. I'd just like to help those people who are feeling a bit low with themselves and need a smile raising. It would be interesting to hear from you.

  • hi intreauged having faith in ones self i feel is beleiving that what you are doing or saying is right no matter what anybody else thinks, not swaying to this way or that way,its walking your talk its feeling comfortable in your own skin and finding that place of peace and contentment with ones self, its being able to solve your own problems or being able to do whats best and right for you without being in two minds about it and then trusting that you have hence made the right descion, its also knowing what you want and knowing yourself, the love of thyself, so their fore you trust yourself in situations, where problem solving or descions that need to be made by yourself can be put into action and bring forth good fruit, its having the beleif in yourself that you are capable of handling whatever challanges life throws at you, of course i am not perfect as many of us arnt and i still make stuff ups but i am learning, its trusting in the process of where you are heading, even if the road goes of to the left you know you get there one way or another, i have found life rather confronting at times, and have had to learn and remind myself that i am important and i do matter, life is the journey and it can take us everywhere we want to go, if we dont have faith and trust ourselves to enjoy and learn from downers, well what do we have, we learn about ourselves, thru mistakes we make even if we do beleive we are right, and it turns out wrong, we still have to retain our composure and walk on, life is living and living life to the full, enjoy it while we can and learn to accept whatever challanges come with grace and ease, its not easy, but if you have faith and trust yourself and what you really do beleive you will do it, faith in confronting fear, going thru our fears, fear is the worst stopper in any situation, the unknown, the only way to manage it is confront that fear, it brings in much more faith and peace once its done, thats what i feel is right hope that something in this helps some one out their, as many spoken words on this sight have assisted me, without my asking, all you have to do is read and journey with people for a little bit to know yourself a bit better,and to assist someone else, it doesnt matter if they dont agree as they are on their journey also and may not be ready to look at what another is telling them thats okay, i hope you found this interesting, intrueged, what a great topic, i enjoy coming onto the site and offering my advice to assist any one who i feel i can assist,

  • To keep up the faith, I always count my blessings. I thank the universe for everyone and everything, because without these, I will never be who I am today. I never forget mentioning my blessings, even in this forum. People and spirits that help and guide me, loved ones and close friends including a few people in the forum, those who break my heart and destroys my trusts - all of them have taught me important lessons, all of them have shaped me into who I am today.

    You can not keep up faith, let alone hope, if all you remember is bad things or the past.

    Positivity supports life. Your life, your children's, your relationships. To live in positivity is to move forward, to the future. Dwelling in the past, is not an option. Just like every journey, it is important to take only what you need, so that your steps are light. Learn from past mistakes, make amends if possible or necessary. Then carry the lessons and loving memories with you on your journey to the future. You can't be open to the universe abundance if your arms are full.

  • Hello Dotthorey,

    Thank you so much for replying. I found your post very interesting,

    Particularly about fear, fear of the unknown is very scary for us all. As you say, when we go through times that test us, and we manage to cope it does bring a feeling of peace and faith and you do move forward in life. The ups and downs make life interesting and make us appreciate those moments when we are on an upper. It isn't so easy when things aren't going well but then you are so right we have to make mistakes to learn from them and grow. Problem solving and decisions made bring forth fruit. Having the courage to go on when you've made mistakes even when we thought we were right. So true!

    I have also found a few answers from other people's queries. It's opened my eyes. I love the fact that you remind yourself that you are important and you do matter when life has been difficult and challenging.

    Life is the journey and you can take it anywhere. I loved that! You, exactly - only you, is in the driving seat of your life. You are in charge of your life! and you're the one who can make changes ie attitude etc to improving your lot in life.

    It's lovely that you're offering advice and help to people that need it. I too enjoy coming onto this site. It covers a vast array of subjects!! Your input was greatly appreciated.

    Peace and happy days to you.


  • Hello LeoScorpio,

    Thank you for your message.

    It's true, we must always count our blessings LeoScorpio and appreciate what we have and who we are. We seem to learn the most from life when we are down and broken and as you say many people have shaped your life good and bad, and in doing so teach us important lessons. Life takes us in all directions, meeting all different people, different cultures, attitudes everything. It is never easy, but that's life!

    Absolutely, positivity seems to play a key part in life. To live positively is to move forward, to the future. Love that line! and there was much in your last paragraph.

    Thank you so much.

    Peace and happiness to you also


  • you're welcome intrigued

    change has to start from within. if we change for the better, then the path will lead us to better future be it better relationship, better family, better life, better career, better environment etc

    take care and hope this helps

  • thankyou intrigued for your reply and happy to put down my feelings and thoughts and beleif on this matter, also leoscorpion who always has such wise words and great insight, i enjoyed reading your post, i love reading and assisting others here, i learn also from others who join in and offer their thoughts and positive insight too, thankyou for starting this post, be good to see some more replys.

  • Hello Leoscorpion and Dotthorey, two fab people with great insight. Thank you so much for your posts. It was lovely to hear your views and yes, it would be good to see some more replies! Change does have to start from within which can lead to the greater good!!

    Take care you two and may you have peace and happiness

    Intrigued 😄

  • Sometimes I just get down and wallow in my pity party and as the saying goes;

    Let Go and Let God!

    (alone,& in the privacy of my home of course!) LOL

  • Ha ha, chuckle!! Hello there Ragbag (I love your name!). Was thinking about changing mine, sounds a bit hard don't you think? So good to see you on here. Heck, I do that! Sometimes a glass of wine goes down well too and then everything does look rosier!! Not too often, and not too much you understand!!! Life is tough at times!

    Happy days to you 😄

  • Thanks and I am always'drawn' by your name! I am beginning to think ragbag must mean something terrible to some cause it always seems to end a topic!! LOL

    We all have to do the best we can,dont we? It is small to others, but when it is happening to you, well its the "elephant in the room!"

    Hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂

    And dont change your name! x

  • Aw, thanks Ragbag! I'm always drawn to your name too! Ragbag is fab, I love your name. It's soothing and comfy. I love your input. It's so not you, the fact that ragbag seems to end a topic I'm sure it's just that the topic has come to the end of it's path.

    It's true, we all have to do the best we can! Thank you kindly. I hope you too have a wonderful day and it's Friday - maybe a glass or two of something warming!

    Chuckle, I'm listening to you Ragbag, I'll keep the name thanks!

    take care happy weekend too!x

  • Not just your input on this thread, but all threads that I've seen you on! 😄 x

  • One thing that keeps me juiced is the keeping my eyes on the bigger picture. Especially in the times we are going through today (economic, jobs, uncertainty...).

    Along the lines of numerology - I even take a look at the universal numbers for the world because it shows a clear and positive promise of the future. I look at all the good in the world and it makes me believe...

  • Dear Intrigued,

    I am going through a difficult time in my life. My husband, Keith who was my best friend and soul mate passed away this pass September kept me full of life. Now that he is gone to the other side and I am still here I keep the faith by looking at pictures of us...wedding album,our special songs, and cards.

    I just keep reminding myself if I want to be with my love I must complete my task here on earth because he will be waiting for me at the pearly gates of heaven.

    It is not easy.

    I still look at my hand because I still wear my wedding rings and it reminds me of our special day.

    My faith is enhanced when my husband comes to visit me in my dreams.


  • Knowing that as many times I get kicked down I have always had the inner strength to get back up and will always have that strength.

  • TheLearningTaurus, great name! Lovely uplifting message from you about the world being positive for the future. There are lots of good in the world, loads of lovely people out there. Where there's hope....


    I am so very sorry to hear about your husband, it isn't very long ago that he passed. It must be very hard, he sounds like he was your soul mate, so good together. It's so lovely to hear that you're managing to keep the faith and that you know you still have a job to do here on earth. How special that he comes and visits you in your dreams Rooster5 and helps you to stay strong. Sending you hugs.

  • Hi, Intrigued..

    Just came across your post right now, and felt I'd like to weigh in with my two cents worth..

    Like so many others, I am going through kind of a rough time right now. I have been out of work since forever it seems. Along with that comes the money worries, the unpaid bills, wayyy too much time on my hands....

    But...I am actually in a better place mentally than I was before the lay-off.

    First, I had to recognize that the job I was in was sucking the soul right out of me. I am very good at what I do, but was working for an uber large company...which didn't allow much room for my personality to grow and thrive. Lots of the inner me were just lost or hiding for years and years. So, a lot of inner reflection led me to a much better place...

    But for all that I still have those days...the ones where you feel like your life is some great cosmic joke...only everyone else is laughing and you are not...so, on those days..

    1. I burn essential oils...and they really do work. Different scents help me cope with whatever black mood grips me..

    2. I tell myself that the next day simply has to be better and it always is...and this helps tremendously...you almost force the depression to be just a one day thing, by giving it a time limit.

    3. And last but not least, I congratulate myself that I am not dead yet! That I am still alive and kicking! This sounds silly I know, but at age 40 I suffered a severe illness which lasted around 3 years. For the longest time, the doctors could not diagnose it. The pain I suffered was excruciating..I had resigned myself to being history before too long...But I wasn't! I am still here!

    If that is not a victory, I don't know what is!

  • Hello Intrigued, how are you? Really nice of you to start a thread to help people stay focused and uplifted. Like everyone else I am also going through a tough time but I try to keep myself above water by excercising.....I found that a good workout really does a world of good and also stops you from thinking about "issues" even if it's just for a short while.

    I also started meditating everyday even if its for 15 min, I make time for it....I'm the kind of person who cannot keep still....my mind keeps racing so I try to focus on my intentions and thank God for everything I have and everything that's yet to come. The Captain's advice on sending out your intentions and really believing in it was very helpful.

    A good friend of mine shared something with me that helps me a lot, she told me that whenever I feel down and out or have been in contact with negative people, I should get myself in a meditative state, concentrate on breathing for a while and then imagine yourself under a waterfall. This waterfall is no ordinary waterfall but a waterfall of rainbow colours. Imagine this sparkling happy rainbow waterfall falling down on your head and washing all your negativity, doubts and troubles away.It's like standing under a shower, imagine the pressure of the water on your head and shoulders except this water is brilliant rainbow water which once you are finished and had enough it leaves you feeling lighter and happier.

    This has helped me a lot and I hope you can try it and see if it helps you too.

    PS: I think your name is lovely and I'm "intrigued" by it and Ragbag your name is lovely too. The first time I read it it reminded me of the "hippie era". I was born in 1975 and don't know anything about being a hippie but I keep picturing a beautiful ragbag decorated with embroidered daisies of every colour imaginable.

    Anyway, have a great Valentine's Day everyone and even if you don't have a Valentine like me, do something special for yourself.

    Lots of love


  • thanks,you really know how to be positive,Im with you 100%.

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