Scorpio man, Virgo woman, both on Libra cusp

  • I want opinions as to whether or not this is a good idea, and advise from those who have been in a relationship with either sign. Thanks in advance for any help.

  • hmm. hey. well i am a virgo cusp libra woman (sep23) and i think that too cusps can work well- both cant make decisions hehe! i personally think that scorpio and virgo is a good match. every relationship is a challenge though, but i feel that virgo libra has the earthiness, sensuality and honesty that a scorp cusp might be wanting in a relationship. always good to look at whole chart though.what are the moon signs?

  • She (the virgo) has moon in Saggitarius, and capricorn rising.

    I have Capricorn rising and moon in Libra.

    I feel the same way; she's the perfect woman, and we just seem to get each other. Thanks for your help

  • looks good from here.your moons are trine .she will express her emotions different to you, you will respect her openness and ability to be frank.libra and sag are very harmonious, and yeh i can see how you get each other.i think you guys can be incredibly true and deep with one another and also have alot of fun together, like you have known each other forever kind of feeling... she does feel things deeply too so dont forget that even if she sometimes doesnt show it in the same way that you do.both cap asc. - i say go for it. you feel it anyway. just one thing though-how long have you been together if you dont mind me asking? and what are your doubts if you have any?

  • we were together before, friends since, but now it looks like we're going to get back together. everyone says its obvious how we like each other, and my doubts? let me think for a while on that one lol

  • ok

  • i guess i'd say she's always so hot and cold. thats my only concern about her personality. the other concerns are with myself; when i get hurt in a relationship, i dont give second chances - and i take offense to the smallest things sometimes. i'm really trying to work on it though.

  • hmm. i said to someone i care about other day that imagine if there were no lulls between the waves, it would then be one huge tidal wave and we'd be dead!

  • its great you are trying to work on it. says alot. i would say she probably knows that deep down.if she blows cold dont fret, it could be she has other things on her mind, she may even be wanting help but too nervous to ask. virgos fear rejection just as much as scorps do and altho they seem independant they love to be helped out too. small acts of kindness go a long way. maybe in time once she trusts you more she will feel more comfortable to ask you for what she needs, she might just be scared that you dont love her during those times, you know you do. try not too worry much about the perfection thing . we all have our weaknesses and flaws. it takes the pressure each other bit.

  • sorry- the pressure off each other.

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