• Can anyone tell me how I can 'pick up' on the feelings and needs of others? I've had strange expeiences all my life and now - post menapause - they're stronger than ever! I can't control them, generally, and that's the frightening aspect. If I have a powerfull revelation its always right but I've no control. Hate not having control, help, please!

  • Good Afternoon TerryMummy,

    When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was very psychic! I really think that it has to do with the hormones. I no longer have these psychic gifts, now that my hormones are balanced.

    I read somewhere that Empaths can pick up on peoples' energy when their hormones are out of "whack".

    Why don't you offer to do reading on this forum so that you can get the practice?

    Feel free to use me as your experiment!

  • Well. As The Captain said once - to receive is like being a radio that is tuned in to a vibe or a wave. The body is created with seven levels of understandings. Seven levels of consiencenesses. Seven chakras (or houses as some like to call them).

    To receive feelings that is within other people, can be practical. It can be helpful for your spiritual understanding of yourself and your understanding about other people. That can be a good ability.

    But the chakras need to be balanced. The feelings in the body need to become balanced. The emotions are active on different levels. The feeling of thinking, the feeling of desiring, the feeling of feeling (emotions). This sounds like a load of rubbish. I probably dont know how to explain it properly. The wave that is in the mind (the brow chakra and the crown chakra) are different from the waves that are in the heart (the heart chakra) and in the desires (the woumb, the 3rd chakra I think). I am only a novice in explaining these things, so please forgive me if I do not say it right or if I say something that is not true.

    When all the 3 areas of the body that I have mentioned, when they are balanced, then there will no longer be like that one is dominating the other. The desire should not dominate the mind, the mind should not dominate the feeling, the feeling in the heart, the feeling in the heart must not be overwelmed by the desires either. When the desires, the mind and the thinking are all three in balance there will no longer be a problem with what you have now explaned.

    Other peoples feelings are detected by your own feelings. Are you aware of your own feelings? Are you aware of other peoples feelings more than your own feelings? This does not really mean that you should try to strengthen your own feelings, then there would still be an imbalance between the feelings and the mind and the desires. So what you should do is to excercise to let go and surrender those feelings and activities that are within you - so that you will be able to reach contact with your true essence. That would protect you from other peoples feelings and thougts.

    And that would also make you a more useful empath, a more useful clairscient. since then if you manage to find your true essence, contact with your true essence, then your chakras will be balanced. Your house of desires, your house of thinking and your house of feelings in the heart will all then be balanced. And they will then function no longer separately, but as one body, as one bodypart in service for Healing in the world.

    Some would call it meditating. I call it surrenderring and receiving healing from the Light. Well, i call it God really, but I got hanged for using that word in this forum, so I will have to be careful what word I use.

    Love and Light to you

    The hanged woman

  • When the thinking and the desires and the emotions are all in balance, they will then function as one bodypart, as one tool for the Light. That is what I wanted to say. Then other peoples vibes can no longer be a problem for you. And then your own feelings will also no longer be a problem for you - at all, because it will all be balanced.

    Maybe it sounds crazy to you to hear this about the chakras? I dont mean to sound crazy. I think you might understand it a bit. Hope so.

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