Empathic healer and parent of 2 powerful beings

  • I'm new to this and I'm sure this wil go all over the place so my apologies. okay a little background first, i have always been a healer and i guess an empath too but i didn't realize the full scope of my abilities until fairly recently.

    When i was pregnant with my first son I had a dream where he was laying in a bassinet on his stomach and he was crying. As i approached him i was filled with terror i was afraid to touch him. When i did roll him over i was scared because he was an old man. He stopped crying and clearly asked me if i was prepared. Crazy dream i thought. When he was born, he looked into my eyes and i realized that he was a very old soul and a very powerful being. I questioned the powers that be why they would entrust such a powerful being to me. He is now 14 and he has shown many abilities, he has always known things that he shouldn't know, he sees and before he started being afraid of them, he would speak to spirits, ghosts, or energies( not sure what to call them), he isa physical empath, and he does what he calls "sampling" where he goes into people and sees them or feels who and what they are, and he can communicate telepathicaly.

    My second son is also gifted, he is empathic and unfortunately hasn't learned how to protect himself and shield his core when it becomes too much. He is also a healer, and is often sick. I think it might be because he doesn't know how to release I the negative feelings and physical pains that he gets from other people. He sees auras, spirits, and he too has begun to "sample".

    I have the same abilities my boys have but i am nowhere near how strong they are. I finally accepted that i'm not crazy and these things are real. I try to guide them, to ground them, and answer their questions. I don't want them to be afraid of who and what they are but it can sometimes be scary for them. Any advice on how to nurture their gifts and teach them responsibility in using them would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  • Lalakay,

    I have some advice for your children. I tried something one time and it worked so I'll share it with you (and it's easy). If you can't just walk away from someone who is going on and on and it's stressing you out and you wish they would be quiet, here what you do: just imagine you are inside of a shiny reflective christmas ball. Whatever they are saying or directing your way will just be reflected right back at them. The woman who I tried it on immediately ended her rambling, loud talking and ended the conversation! Ha!

  • They took the link off that I put on here. Go online to A & E and google it. You can watch full episodes of the Psychic Kids and next Tues. night is the season final episode. It shows the kids how to deal with their abilities and teaches them not to be afraid and to take control of their lives.

  • you can also google EMPATH COMMUNITY. great for sharing and ways to deal with the draing you get from being an empath.my best to you and them!

  • thanks for the links and for the advice i appreciate your help

  • Amazing,

    I could have wrote this. You sound just like I did in the beginning when I had to accept my gift and try to help my son with his. My son is going to be 14 and has the same abilities as yours son's do. I tried to teach him how to block others emotions and illness's but he still was absorbing them like a sponge. He see spirits and can do readings. I ended up calling Chip Coffey and having him explain some things to me and my son. Start with meditation, have them meditate and clear their minds, then have them ask for their spirit guide to help them rid of the illness's, emotions and how to turn things off when they don't want to deal with their gifts. My son has never been scared of spirits but I know that many children are and that's the hardest part. Try to reassure them that they can't hurt them, fear is the one thing that really needs to be delt with. Let your boy's know that they can ask the spirit to leave and they will go. I feel for you sweetie, not only are the boy's going through that wonderful age but they have to deal with all of this on top of it. I know that there are some support groups but I haven't really seen one that's free. The best advise I have to offer is to help them accept what they have, do meditations and ask the guides for help with blocking emotions and illness.

    Much luck to you sweetheart

    Love and Blessings


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