Never dealt with a Gemini man before - UGH!

  • I have know this Gemini guy for about a year and a half. We met and dated - nothing serious. Always got along great, awesome chemistry, no problems. He had just relocated here for his job and I was not pushing for anything more - I knew I was not ready and didn't want to ruin a good friendship. Over time he got busier at work, I got busier at work, things drifted. I have seen him only twice in the last year, but we go back and forth via text often. Nothing risque, just how are you, been too long type little chats, sometimes flirty, we try to get together but something always comes up. Here's the dilema...I do want to get to know him better! Communication has picked up recently, but the same schedule, life type issues remain. I'm stumped! It's like he's feeling out the water before getting too close? I don't think he's lying or hiding anything, I just don't get him! I don't understand why a man would keep in contact with a woman for this long for no reason! I'm a virgo, so you know this is making me nuts! Can someone explain if this is normal, abnormal, expected, nothing to do with being gemini? It's just I hear things about those twins and I'm curious!

  • sapphirediamond the member can help you on that, same sign and also has problems with a gem-man.

    I do or did, and sadly me being a Libra and him being a Gemini, it still didnt work, he became flickie and hated the idea of being attached to me, plus when we first talked, he was in a rush to see me, but I went of on hoilday, and he waited for me for 2 months. we typed to each other through email. and then I guess he kept going back and forth of wanting to meet me, we then finally got to november, 7 months later we meet, we carry on talking then almost 2 weeks ago, he rans out on me, cos of attachement issues ect......... Plus Gemini men always test a woman, funny enough my gem-man told me that he does that lol, within short months I knew him in and out, and he hated that, and I kept distance with my feelings which I'm gald I did, they arent much of the supportive caring type.....( I'll get back on to why he has chaged his mind, there are alot of reasons and gems have two minds or more, so his properly going back and forth with other things)

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