I would like advise on work searches

  • I have been unemployed for over 5 months now. I am feeling very hopeless about finding a job. I am considering make a decision that could wreak havoc on my finances.

    Any insights on what I should do? My birth date was 5/21/51, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota at 9:35 AM. I am really feeling so desparate.

  • Barbaralee, I feel you are trying to do too many things at once and not listening to what your heart is trying to tell you. All your upheavals are to teach you to take life more seriously. Be still. Make no decisions until you have calmed down and are thinking straight. Fear and stress has got you all tied up in knots. You need a plan. Are you clinging to too high standards or expectations? Impatience and impractibility can be your downfall. Work out what you really love and what is really important in your career life. Cut through the 'should's and ideals and rediscover what you really feel and enjoy. Just one day's hard work on yourself can bring answers.

    Look in the newspaper.

  • Hi, Captain,

    I have a lot of talents in a lot of different areas, but nothing that is marketable in this economy. I was hoping unemployment would send me back to school to learn a new career path. I am beginning to feel that isn't going to happen. I have been thinking about using my life savings, which is scary as hell for me, and taking a course in medical assisting. It is a big gamble, but I want very much to be working towards a goal, and a career that I would be good at, and pay the bills.

    I am an artist at heart, but the artform I know I am best at, is too labor intensive to make a career out of. It is quilling and my greatest gift I have. I do have a website, but it is basically lost in cyberspace. I don't know how to link it.

    Thank you for your advice, I truly wish I knew a direction to head towards. I have never felt so hopeless.

  • Barbralee,

    I don't have the abilities that The Captain has and many more on this board but I am practical.

    First of all its important for you to get your website findable. When you get on G o o g l e there is many tools (analytics, adwords etc.) that can make your website accessable to others to find your work.

    Start writing a blog on your website about your work and what is new in that field.

    Try going to art galleries that shows your kind of work and ask if you can have a small exposition or if they are interested in selling your work? Get an opinion and figure out what else you can do with the advice they are giving you. Make some kind of deal.

    What part of the world are you? Read into the creative informative websites and find likeminded people. You got to get active yourself. Your not going to get all your answers on this board.

    If your still going to opt for the medical assisting I would look on the net if there isn't a program you can follow where you don't need to put in your savings. Like a semi-internship somewhere to get to know the profession and possibly a course with it. There must be something out there.

    Good luck and let us know what is working for you.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Barbralee --- The need for medical asst. is great and a perfect fit for your skills. There are many jobs in this field ( I live north of you : ) and tons of ways to use this degree. The up-front expense will be returned as you get going in the field. It might be a tight road financially at first, but look at it as an investment made towards your future. How are you with kids? I'd bet you could find something in a pedi practice.

    You said you worked for a florist. If this is something you would like to fall back on --- Have you gone and applied at the grocery stores? Stop&Shop, BJ's, Market Basket, Trader Joe's etc. I have found that they do a very nice arrangements. This could be a job that will give you something while in school.

    Work does need to be found first ,but Remember that schools help with aid too. Sometimes the financial aid awarded is larger when income is smaller or non-existent.

  • I have gone to every grocery store even remotely close by. Nothing.

    I love children, babies even moreso. I had two premies that both had to have surgeries, and both almost died. So I think I would do well in the medical profession. I have always known that one of my best assets is my ability to deal with people. I also have remarkable patience.

    I went through a terrible divorce after 31 years of marriage. So in the past, a "real" career wasn't as important. That is why I think it is time to move on in a new direction.

    Thanks for your input.

  • Barbralee

    I am in Europe. I just read your other responses. I don't know much about your area so my response will be in general. How about combining your skills of art making and teach part time to children in a hospital or in a Ronald McD house any of those organizations. Think about Valentine is coming up or mothersday etc.

    How about working with a weddingplanner. Invitations for the wedding or menu's on the table etc. I know that it is labor intensive because I have received some beautifull ones in the course of the years. Or better yet offer combined serves your quilling and being a personal floral arranger to weddingplanners.

    Don't get me wrong I am not saying not to look into the medical assist. but if you fear the costs for now maybe this is something you can do untill you clearly see your way.

  • So that would be a perfect fit!

    I too became an "older student " after being mainly a home maker - lol ! Can't help but love the title! The best part about going to school as an older person is the people you meet and the skills you've learned in life make " survival", : ), easier.

    Something I found was the social aspect gave me something to look forward too. Plus, learning something new levels the playing field as far as age goes --- Everyone is in the same boat.

    Good Luck!

  • sorry it shouldn't say server but services

    While you are linking your site update it also. 😉

  • Flowsco,

    It sounds like you looked at my website. If you did, you saw that it's very complicated and time consuming. It takes me 20 minutes to make one rose, and about equally as long to glue afther the flowers are made, so that no glue shows.

    I am a perfectionist, and never seem to do things the easy way. For instance when I was really into painting, I paint in photo realism. Seems that just about everything I do is too time consuming to really make a good living.

    Thanks for your comments.

    I really would like to go back to school. I like learning new things, and the social side of people.

  • Barbralee,

    Yes I had a quick look and it's a perfectionist hobby ..;)

    Don't give up on it though. I really enjoy the cards I get especially around x-mas.

    Perhaps teaching is an answer for now. Offer your services. Make some cheap flyers (print out from your computer) and go around by after school day care or anywhere they have kids that would want to have an easy session of quilling. Just the basics. Could bring you some change while looking for your new endeavour.

    Perhaps someone else can come up with some useful ideas.

    Good luck.

  • Flowsco,

    Where in Europe are you? My sister lives in Cromarty Scotland, previously England. I went to Cromarty this summer...so beautiful!

    I am not good at doing the true simple quilling. As I mentioned, I don't do anything easy and quick.

    Thanks for the comments. Good luck to you as well in everything you do.

  • Barbralee,

    I am in Europe, Amsterdam area. I heard that Scotland is indeed beautifull I haven't been there yet my best friend mom is from Scotland. I couldn't tell you what area she is from. They all live here for as long I know my friend and that is over 28 years.

    How about teaching kids to make floral arrangements for Valentine so they can take home for their mom, granny etc? Or teaching them about the different flowers where they originate from etc.

    Thanks for your well wishes.

  • Barbaralee, stop all this 'little bit of this, little bit of that' stuff - that is how your energies get scatttered. Pick one thing you love doing (or would love) and do it. Don't pick something that you would just be doing for money. Like Flowsco recommended, I feel teaching crafts would be good for you.

    Have you tried selling your quilling products locally? As in working into a shop and showing them your stuff?

  • PS I think it's not that you can't teach a simple course in basic quilling - it's just that your very high standards won't permit you to do anything that is less complicated and challenging than you like. These high standards are getting in the way of you making a lot of money through teaching.

  • Captain,

    I am not quite sure how to respond to your post. Typical quilling is a cutsy craft. I truly believe my recreation of it is an artform. The kind of quilling that I do is a love, I wouldn't respect myself teaching ordinary quilling.

    I tried very hard to promote myself. Had quilling in several frame shops, even worked in one for a year trying to promote my quilling. If nothing else, quilling got me through some very tough times, focusing on it entirely.

    I know it all comes down to confidence and self worth. I don't know why my self esteem is so low, because I am a good person, and I have a lot of talent in a lot of areas. But I have such an insecurity within myself. Just seems that life and circumstances hit me on the head and made me even more insecure. Wish I could explain.

    I am fighting, but I don't quite know how to succeed. Your input would be appreciated.


  • Captain, my daughter lost her job because her boss put a man that was his friend in her job. Can you see her getting a new job quickly? My son in law has been sick and out of work, so we are in a bind right now.

  • Barbaralee, why do you think teaching ordinary quilling is beneath you? Can't you both teach and do your own form of quilling as well? I am thinking there are ways open to you that you are passing over.

  • Tonib3741, I feel hat there was more to your daughter losing her job. I feel her qualifications or some aspect of her job or person needs an update. There are jobs open to her but she will have to be less choosy unless she gains some more education/skills upgrade. i also feel she puts herself down a lot.

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