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  • Is it possible to use a regular deck of cards for a Tarot reading? How can I get info on the meanings of the cards? Thanks!

  • Is it possible to use a regular deck of cards for a Tarot reading? No. At least the Major Arcana would be missing. Use Rider-Waite-Tarot cards.

    How can I get info on the meanings of the cards? First read about it, at least the booklet which is included if you buy Rider-Waite-Tarot cards. Then experience something and draw a card for it, which connects your experiencing with the cards. Then draw a card before, then experience, then contemplate about the connection. Live with the cards, until you have personal experiences about any card, then they will speak to you.

    Then you will move into something which is not yet clearly known. Taking a risk is resolution. But the mind is a coward. It avoids risks; it seeks security, safety.

  • Thank you so much for your response!

    You have such a joyful face hanswolfgang!

    I will have to write more later when I have a chance.

  • Mind is something like a tree on which questions grow, and you answer one question and out of that question, another question will come up.

  • Hanswolfgang,

    TheCaptain was doing a reading for me. The last couple post from him/her was very judgemental...it did not sound like the same person i was speaking with earlier. Was it The Captain?


  • cancer64

    That is how I started with playing cards. I can't remeber where I got the info from. When I did it for a while my Mom made me go see my Grandmother and do a reading for her. My grandmother called it gypsy reading and said a cousin of hers did it that way also. I was in France many years ago and had an excellent reading done the same way. I

    I graduated from there to Tarot but never stuck with it. Enjoy the journey!

  • Laie4,

    How interesting! Was your Grandmother into it ? Why didn't you stick with it?

    How long did it take to for the classes?

  • Hi ! No, it wasn't my Grandmother who read it was her cousin. I don't even think I knew that cousin. I never took classes. I found, probably at a library, the info on this. No one had computers at home then, lol !

    Thats a good question .... I guess I had gotten what I was looking for then so I let it go. I still have 2 decks tho.

  • oh, sorry, if u meant was my G-Ma into things of this nature--- very much so! : )

  • I missread your comment 😉

    I graduated from there to Tarot but never stuck with it. Enjoy the journey!

    I was looking for online classes for astrology and I came across a great one (cant remember what it was) I love the intenet! Any thing you need to know is right at your fingertips!

    Do share...what were you looking for that made such a great change in your life?

  • G'Morning cancer64!

    The internet does have lot to offer -- I missed the digging thru of card catalogs at first because I didn't know how to even operate a computer --- Wacky ! Can't pry this from my hands now, lol !

    I started with the playing cards in my 20's and went to the Tarot in my 30's. Honestly, I don't remember any burning question that I needed the answer to. I think I was just looking to anchor & channel my energies by focusing on the cards.

  • Cancer64 You say that the Captain started out reading for you then didn't sound the same any longer. Sometimes the answers sound differently because the guides temperament has changed. Especially if they keep answering the same questions they will actually get very irritated and people think that the reader is the one saying this. People who read even forget that we take on in answering sometimes the exact attitude that the message comes. Because where it's coming from gets frustrated with them when they aren't delivering as it's given. I hope that helped.

  • cancer64

    Was it The Captain? Yes.

    Be simply one. You are not to be an imitation of anybody, you just have to be yourself. To accept oneself as one is the first step in growing, in becoming adult. To love oneself is the first step in loving god -- because this is the way he has made you -- To love his creation is to love the creator -- and we are his creation. It is against god to be somebody else. Just be yourself.

  • Cancer64, what you saw as me being judgmental was your response to being told something you didn't want to hear or accept. Consider this - why is it that in your life everyone else is at fault but not you?

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