Come Together!

  • This is probably an "out there" concept. It wont be my first (or last!). Just seems so many are having major issues. Problems, cares, concerns whatever you choose to call it. I mean health,financial,relationships. So many and so much. I felt maybe just a thread for all to come together and give each other a cyber hug or hello. Good,positive, healing, restoring, energy. Something we can bring together in one place and draw from. Two is greater than one. And so on and so forth.

    I am not so eloquent with words as some of you,(no joke!), are so I trust that my thoughts for good will reach all those who need them so they realize no matter what the issue they are dealing with, they are not alone. What does anyone think? :-)) H U G

  • Hey! Just shuttin down, gettin ready for the day. I had to stop by, don my party hat, just for a minute ....

    Spread smiles, pay things forward & lighten someone elses day, instead of getting hung up on ourselves might be what your trying to say .....

    Gotta run, have a minor surgical thing today so Thank You for This. I'll carry what I just wrote above when I head out. Writing it down makes everything clearer!

    Do A Happy Dance For The Life You Have -- Not for the missing parts!

  • Something like that, yes! I so hope I'm not misunderstood. Rereading it now, guess I came across (yet again!) the wrong way. So, many thanks for helping to 'voice' what I feel. Glad you got it!

    Hold on to your hat :-))

    (he) says

  • It's a great idea, Ratbag!

  • Well it seemed so at the moment! LOL

  • Love and light to all x

  • ((( Hugs and XXXXXX))) Have a happy day to everyone .

  • This is a great idea, ragbag! Love, Light and Blessings to all! May 2010 see all your dreams come true! 🙂

  • Hi lindieloo~ Happy Early Birthday ! Hope you enjoy the weekend !

    Ragbag ! I thought you said it just fine ... now don't go turn into a big fluff ball : 0.... You got a wonderful idea up & going. In my haste, I babbled and typed --- a messy view under good conditions. Glad your not of the Other Gender, lol ! (i'd keep ya anyway)

  • Okay, I have seen a lot of encouragement from many people. Often it has been the very people that need the most positive thoughts sent back to them. So, ...

    We all want to live the life of our dreams. In our most satisfying dream, everything is Exactly as We wanted it. You know the very dream I am writing about ... the perfect man or perfect woman, perfect job, perfect family, perfect home ... whatever it is. The dream is prefaced by, If Only. If only he did this or she did that or I did this or I could do that. For just a little while --- Could you let it go?

    Lose the " If Only " places of regret and Replace the "If Onlys" with what you can do Now. There are many people who just need the slightest touch of the positive to lift them. They exist in everyday world and all around you on this site. Try and replace "me" & " my" with "you" or "your". Reach out side of you; send encouagement, compassion and love to each other. Be silly, if that is what it takes.

    Do. When you Do the dream takes care of itself.

    I think I saw that on a bumper sticker : > ))

  • I like to live by Nike's motto: "Just Do It". Sometimes, when I just lack motivation, I tell myself, "Just do it", and I get right up and do whatever it is that I need to get done. Then I feel better about what I've accomplished.

    I was once watching an interview on tv with George Carlin. The interviewer asked George, "What's the secret for success?" and George replied, "Do what you love, but work at it a little every day. Make a point of nurturing it, even if all you can give is 5 minutes. But just nurture what you love every day, and it'll grow". 🙂

  • Happy Birthday to you lindieloo!

    DarknessAngel, I have read many of your post and I gotta tell you, You are really something!

    I mean so smart and talented. That doll house, oh my goodness it is beautiful! I dont know how you do it all. At first I was so intimidated by you(lol) my insecurities rising to the top! But then my eyes were opened to the fact that you are just a genuinely GOOD person and there arent enough of those around !

    HUGS to ALL

    If you need one; take one.

    If you have one; leave one.

  • Happy Birthday, Lindieloo! Not sure when it was, but I hope that you had a great day filled with lots of fun! 🙂

    ragbag, aww...thanks so're so sweet. Wow, thanks for saying all those nice things. I learned a long time ago that everything we do causes a ripple effect with the people we come in contact with every day. One time, I was at the grocery store with an ex boyfriend, and I was chatting it up with the cashier. She and I were laughing about something. And when I left, I told her, "thank you, and have a great day!" and she was smiling and said the same.

    When we walked out of the store, my ex boyfriend got all snotty and started saying, "Oh, you're just SO nice..."oh, have a nice daaaay..." and mocking me. I said to him, "what do you want me to say, I hope you have a rotten day?" Then I told him about ripple effects. You know, like when you toss a stone into a pond and there's ripples. I told him how everything we do gets passed on from us to the next person and so on, just like those ripples in the pond. I said that that cashier is going to be in contact with alot of people during her shift at her register. If I make her feel bad, then she may not be as courteous to the next person, who may carry that with them to whomever they see next, and so on.

    So I told my ex boyfriend that I choose to make people feel good, because I like to think that there are positive ripples that come from that. So that the cashier will be happier towards her next customer, and then that customer may feel good and take that with them and share it with the next person they meet. I said that if everyone practiced that all the time, I wonder how much nicer a world this would be. My ex boyfriend stopped mocking me and thought about it, then admitted that I was probably right, lol.

    Oh, and here, I'm leaving a hug in the Hug Jar. Hugs!!!!! 🙂

  • Lair4, ragbag, and Darkness angel. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes lovely people you are , I will drink a toast you all this Sunday (((Hugs ))) .

  • G'mornin!

    Leavin' lots of Huge hugs to start the day off right!

    (((( HUGS ))))

    Where ever you go today spread the light that only you can share!

  • Its a joy to see something so positive and selfless begun and encouraged. I stopped in to start a thread for a friend of the forums and dear friend of my own, saw this, and had to throw my hugs, love, and light into the hug jar too.

    Thank you, those of you who, in every moment when we can look beyond ourselves, open your own hearts and arms for others. It seems its the same few, inspiring people who are there every time there is a need, a hurt, a call to prayer and hope, and a moment, like this, when we are asked to remember that there is always something bigger than "me" in this world. You are a light of love and hope, a place of strength and support, and an example to others to be more than the limitations of the troubles within us.

    Blessings and Light to each of you!

  • Thanks one and all!

    Had a few extra hugs leftover today. Just dropping them off!



  • Hey All ! Are you finding more happy people around you lately?

    I've been seeing every one, even those that have been having a very bad time, smiling more. Is it just something in the air?

    Nah, .... I think we've changed something. Changed something for the betterment of everyone. Yeah, I'll stick with that. : )

    It was This Thread, Ms. Ragbag. Thank you!

  • Thanks all for the kind words and hugs! Odd duck that I am, (guess it should be lion),lol, I still believe love laughter light.....well....they should be spread around. Shared. Regifted!

    Times are hard. As I read in one of the posts, change has to begin inside each of us individually and I simply wanted this to be a post where in the midst of feeling at your wits end you could come in and say, I need a hug!Or I had a great day and I really want to just leave a little joy(hug) right here!

    So as I drink another cup of delicious coffee and think of all my newfound family here at the forum, I send you appreciation,joy,love,all things good and positive and a humungous

    ((((((((((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))) for a blessed day!

  • I had some wonderful news tonight that I wanted to share. My daughter ( she's 28yrs old) made the decision to have her son be an organ donor. Tonight she called to tell me of a letter she rec'd from one of the recipients. That letter and her letter of response were the most beautiful things I've heard in a long time. It is an absolutely amazing world we live in!

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