Can some one please help me locate my safe keys?

  • my husband hid them and I need to find them.

    name is Teresa bd 7/20/64 Roger 4/30/63

    Thanks very very much!

  • I think they are in the house some place. In a bookshelf or something. Perhaps hiding in a book. I think they are hidden in a bookshelf near the safe. On the other side of the room or in a room nearby. Perhaps he has used a tape to tape the key to the bookshelf aswell. But I think he has just put it on top of a book standing in the bookshelf. But guessing though. Not sure.

  • Here is a prayer for lost things.............always works for me.

    First of all stop looking. Then say 'Saint Anthony seek, Saint Anthony find, Saint Anthony give me some peace of mind.' Then wait, do not continue to look.

    Love and light x

  • thanks azure2

  • TheHangedWoman

    Theres a book case in the hall next to the room the safes are in. There is also a larger bookshelf downstairs ...could you tell which one? and is high or low?

  • Does any one else have any ideas?

  • Could they be in the closet where the safe is or out side the closet? There are books on the shel ves in the closet.

  • Perhaps he has taped it behind the bookshelf? On the back of the bookshelf?

  • I am thinking of the bookshelf in the room next to the room that the safe is in.

  • I see them outside the house--in his car. He's thought of moving them to maybe a safety deposite box and is planning on not using the safe in the house anyway if he hasn't already done that. He is enjoying this powerplay. If you really feel you must have whatever is in that safe start calling locksmiths. You need to do this soon---- as he plans on emptying it but won't tell you that because he wants you to squirm looking for the key.

  • How are you Blmoon?

    I called a locksmith and he would have to drill the lock out. Thats why I am hoping to find keys.

    Do you think they are inside the car or posibly under in a key holder? Where at so I do not have to spend much time looking.

    You are absolutely amasing!

    Thanks Blmoon!

  • Blmoon,

    Is he taking every thing or just the most valuble coins to the safe deposite box?

  • He is not expecting you to go through his car and I see them inside---they have been in the trunk and inside under the mat--he moves them. Sometimes he just keeps it in his pocket so don't give up on a first try as he keeps it with him. That's how he's sure you will never find them. I read the other posts about another key and if that's true you may be in luck if by divine intervention he did drop one set and a neighbor picked them up it wouldn't hurt to ask your neighbors if they found a key. I don't always pick up everything. I'm mostly drawn to your husband and the key he does have. He is careless and could forget and leave it in his pocket one night so when you are sure he is asleep check his pockets or inside his wallet. He expects you to search the house, he wants to make you keep looking--it keeps you busy in a way that gives him a sense of control. He's thinking he'll wait until you are crazy with looking and then he'll empty the safe and then leave the key for you to find--he wants to see the look on your face when you open it. Possession and ownership are his weapons. I hope this is worth it because I see no end to this as long as you remain together while still at war. His game plan has always been to put you on the defensive. He makes a move and you react. There is no way he is going to help you leave him. There is no way he is going to give you a cent. As long as you believe you cannot leave him without all he holds over your head he will never give up and you will never get free.

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