Capricorn Choosing: Money or Love

  • Can't I have both?....


    4:30 am

    Newburgh, NY

    I seem to have heavy Karma...Bio mom was a Libra...Father.Virgo..Go Figure!..Lived with Aunt:Gemini and Uncle: Scorpio...Married a Virgo>>>YUK...Divorced..YIPPEE..Truely LOVED a Pisces..Didn't work out...What the H$*%&%&# am I doing with my LIFE??..LOL

  • Come on Cap, ask us a real question. I have faith in all Caps to get somewhere with their lives.

  • THE BIG Question!!

    It scares me just as much as I want it!!!!....Will I get a Partner?:Lover, Husband(my OWN of course) this lifetime around???

    Or am I just here to WORK and DO???....

  • Bluewatermamma, i LOVE your faith in us Cappy's. Careful though you might be accused of being biased......LOL.

  • Thanks fanofkmm. SO bluewatermamma..How is your swirl these days...A little choppy or are you gently rocking the BOAT??

    I am chillin with some Nina Simone and a sip of Kettel One...Don't ask..My male pisces friend is a Sober Lush!..LOL..I keep it in the freezer.

    I would love to choose LOVE because of my pisces moon but with a Sag Rising?? ALL Cappies like good STUFF...I will take the MONEY and RUN!!!....LOL..Any advice????

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