Do-It-Yourself Prophecy

  • Fanofkmm, interesting about Steven Covey - I must look him up.

  • Andherson, you should be a politician with all your diplomacy. 😉

  • Best wishes to you and your family, Soapmaker. You have a very strong spirit that will get you through anything.

  • You're right Stclaire, none of us can change other people. We can be good examples but only one person can bring about change in yourself - you. Anyone who wants to change the world has to start with themselves.

  • Thanks Captain, I understand what you are saying, but I was just referring to life in general (love life is but one part of stuff going on). When everything seems a mess, how do you know what changes need to be made, and where to start first and how to make them? That's my confusion. Love life is sorted, I ended things once and for all, can't stand not knowing what's going on, now I do.

  • Wenchie what do you mean when you say that everything is a mess. What do you want to be different?

  • Everything else....finances, home situation, issues with ex, kids. Then on top of that you know, developing spiritually, so how do you know what to change first and how to change things?

  • So what I was asking and I wasn't really referring to love life so much, but when it seems like every area of your life has gone to hell, how do you know which bit to work on first and what changes to make. This is my problem Captain, in the last 2.5 years everything has pretty much turned to crap and I wonder when it's going to improve and what to concentrate on first and how to fix it. Instead of doing an ostrich and sticking my head in the sand hoping it will go away and fix itself (which we both know doesn't work!!!!) How do I know what I am doing wrong to know how to fix it? I have no problem admitting I am not doing something right and knowing I need to change things but there is my confusion, what how when why???? Because all I feel is frustration of not knowing where and how to make the first step.

  • What is the most important to you?

  • Honestly I don't even know where to begin. Hence my confusion! Aaah Captain, I'll figure it out or lose my mind trying and then I won't be worried at all!!!!! 🙂

  • You really don't know what in your life is most important to you? Take a breath and sit down, Wenchie, you can know this if you will just ground yourself and listen to your Higher Self.

  • hello again captain,

    wondering about the future of my youngest child. . . . any suggestions towards helping to shape it?

  • Luckymermaid, in what regard?

  • This post is deleted!

  • multiple disabilities, nonverbal, some other stuff. How will her future be? Happy? Will she be among loving kind folk? Feel happy and loved and cared for? Able to partially at least care for herself?

  • I know what is most important to me, but that is not necessarily the thing I should work on first to start improving things and lowering the stress levels. My higher self, guides, angels you name it....they are a silent bunch and if they are not prepared to be a bit more helpful, they can bugger off. If one more person tells me to try harder to listen, I will tear my hair out. I AM trying. Why can't they just talk a bit louder and be straight up instead of being cryptic so I have to drive myself bonkers trying to figure it out. Anyway I won't blast out my frustration here. Thanks Captain, it's been interesting! 🙂

  • Luckymermaid, I feel a good deal of money coming to her to help provide some wonderful care facilities. She is more aware than everyone realises.

  • Your guides are listening but they really don't know which request of yours to deal with first. Your energies are all over the place, Wenchie. It's getting you nowhere. You need a time out for rest and getting yourself together. There - I've just sorted out your first prioroty. After that, everything else will fall into place, with a little help from a neighbour of yours. (not sure why I added that.)

  • Thanks Captain, I do feel all over the place.

  • I know she is, Captain. Sometimes she is such a bright star, that it breaks my heart. Other times she's just a very tiring high maintanance person. She's a love, and misses her dad, who died a few months ago.

    She's smart, but not in typical ways.

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