Do-It-Yourself Prophecy

  • Captain, you certainly do do good! You're an absolute star, who gives freely to others. 😄

  • Yes Captain you are doing good.May the love come back to you tenfold!

    Love and Light

  • Thanks!

  • Hi Captain,

    I really love this post, so just had to give my 2 cents. Love the Seinfeld analogy, and stclaire also love the Man in the Mirror. It does always come back to you! One of my favorite sayings to people compaining to me is "We steer our own ship". One of my best teachers has been my husband, early in our life I would complain about him, various scenarios, you know, but in the end it would always come back to me, it was always irrelevant wheather I was right or wrong about him, it was how I dealt with issues that mattered. It was actually my daughter (8yrs old at the time) that told me "that's his problem mom" one time when I was compaining about something. What an epiphany that was! My son 8yrs older that my daughter would say "mom she's like a 28 yr old , 8yr old " ha, and it was so true. She passed away just before she turned 11, and was (is) one of my best teachers also. These days I so identify with Wenchie, my life has so many things that need to change I just feel clogged up in all the stuff, I kind of spin around not knowing where to begin, and I continue to do the same old bull over and over, and I know better. For awhile I felt like I had tried to be strong for so long that I just needed to wallow for awhile. So its time for some changes. Thats why I am here, and every one here helps so much, reading the posts and getting a bit of insight from you all. Thank you so much!

  • GJay, your daughter was a wise old soul. You were blessed to have her, even if it was just a short time. But quality is so much more important than quantity.

  • Yes I was so blessed! The first moment I saw her I just knew I was reuniting with my oldest dearest friend that I had not been with for was very poweful and amazing..hard to describe in words. Thanks Captain.

  • She is still around you - I feel her hugging and kissing you as I post.

  • I do feel her a lot and smell her around the house, and visiting with her in real dreams, but not many dreams lately. I went to a psychomantium once (small room lined with black cloth and a mirror hanging on the wall, scrying for a vision) I did have a great vision there-it was the end of a beach with a mountain to the right of me, kind of like diamond head, hawaii. She was flying around with 5 or 6 other young girls. That night I had a dream my daughter and I were standing on a side walk looking at a house she was right there beside me. I felt she was letting me know that she was right beside me in the psychomantium :). It is wonderful to get confirmation. I miss her dearly. Thank you Captain for this info.

  • I Love Ur Original Post, Its True We Need To Change And Thats Up To us. So That Makes Our Futures Up To Us..........Very Inspiring Post Captain ^-^

  • Thanks Sammy. 🙂

  • Hi GJay, wow your daughter sounded so wonderful and such a wonderful teacher. I felt exactly the same when my own daughter was born and she'll be 8 this year. She is such a wise soul, like she's been on this earth before. She makes the most of every second of her life and wants to make the most of every opportunity. So I understand, I have lots of admiration for these souls. It made me so sad to hear that your daughter passed away just before she was 11. How wonderful that you feel she is around you, what a lovely soul she sounds. Sending you love and hugs and you're doing so well.

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