Do-It-Yourself Prophecy

  • And Wenchie, you should feel you can release your frustrations here where there are plenty of people who want to help.

  • Luckymermaid, is there any court case around you or your daughter at the moment?

  • Words of wisdom, Captain. Thank you.

  • the only thing I can think of is, the house will go to probate. In this state, I am reassured that the house will be 'awarded' to me and the kids . . . . . (house paid off, but in dh name)

    that is only court I can think of (hopefully) the rest of stuff is in both names, his, mine.

    When we had financial troubles long ago, he took my name off deed. He thought we'd go bankrupt, didn't want me to get bad credit rating. I never remembered to put it back on, until a few months before he died. He told me, get power of att'ny. I didn't, just couldn't bear to do it (stupid) but as I understand, it will turn out ok. (Praying that way) He asked lawyer about the house; was told it would go to probate, then be 'awarded' (hah!) to me and kids.

    I hope it is good news you see . . . . . . . .

    I have been very angry at school over treatment of youngest daughter, and seriously considered suing. Dont have the energy, though.

  • The court case is where I feel the money for your daughter coming from. I felt it would come from someone treating her badly.

  • I hope only the best for her (as all parents do)

    do you see any help coming my way, concerning caring for her?

    thanks for your time, I appreciate it.

  • Captain...LOL...If only I could stomach the game I could play it...but you can see straight through my intentions are will stick to sharing with you guys for do an amazing job here Sharp Shooter!

    May I ask Soapmaker how did things go today?

  • Luckymermaid, I feel you will be her full time carer but that the money will allow you to buy equipment and things to make her life (and yours) easier.

  • my best friend was 'supposed' to die 8 years age, her body was similar to your brother with one major exception, she has such fragile tissues she would not survive surgery so she just deteriorates. She still has huge pain , is attached to oxygen, and all the bones in her spine are collapsing. Boy oh boy did we enjoy last christmas, and Easter this year will be memorable. My Mom used to say, 'dont borrow trouble and live each moment as though it were your last" All I can say is, if you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, TURN IT ON!!!.

  • Dear Captain

    Changing oneself is the hardest thing to do ,because it is so much easier to blame others than admit that one is going about something the wrong way.It also involves un-learning years of conditioned behaviour and shutting out outside noise to turn inwards.Reading others views on this site and getting a reading from helpful folk like you has really helped me.I think Ive made a start at changing myself.And also reading on Taoism,as recommended by Hans wolfgang, helped, because it is about how to live in the moment.

    Im not sure which aspects of me need changing, but am feeling my way along!I am very glad to have found though:)

    Soapmaker,how are you doing?Love and light

  • I don't think it is changing yourself that is the hardest thing to do - I think RECOGNISING that you need to change is the hardest but most evolutionary step.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Soapmaker,

    Thinking of you.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Captain Ive recognized but my evolution is still rather slow..two steps forward and one step back to same behaviour and thinking patterns lol...

    Soapmaker,hugs and prayers...

  • Luckymermaid

    I too have a daughter w/ disabilities. Have you got her hooked up w/ the county's regional centers? There are agencies here in Calif that get resources from the state regional centers and do great work w/ handicapped and disabled kids and young adults. Abilities United and Hope. They are there to assist especially single moms like us. Plus you can meet other parents beyond the classroom which can be both a great experience for them and not, it's our job to champion them.

    I trust you can find the support you need, in my experience the squeaky wheel gets the most attention 🙂

    Cheers P

  • Surayma, as long as you are moving forwards...

  • Thanks honey:)

  • Thanks Captain,prev response got wiped out!What makes you give your time to help others here?!

  • Well, I think every human being has a need to feel useful. It makes me feel good to do good.

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