Do-It-Yourself Prophecy

  • Use that excellent intuition of yours, woman (trouble is you get distracted by emotion, eh Wenchie?)

  • My intuition is up my backside right at this moment!!!! :-))

    Yes, you are right as per usual. But how do I know what I need to change first or how to go about changing about myself?

  • Hi Captain! I feel you girl LOL

    BEGIN to BEGIN???? :-))

  • Dear Soapmaker

    Sending you love and prayers for your brother

    Love and Light

  • Hey Captain!! I truly think you are a breath of fresh air! You read my vibe in another thread, and after some thought, I decided that you were right on. And then I came upon this thread. Why is it that we find things (or people) when we need them the most, but not before? I truly am at a crossroads. I started a thread in the 'Tarot' section to have my reading interpreted by an outside observer. I've had other readings interpreted, all saying the same thing. But, alas, I'm still at a crossroads.

    I fear that I'm letting my heart decide my future, instead of my head or my intuition. I have a tremendous fear of hurting those closely involved with me right now (lol, I don't know how to tell any of this without getting too indepth!!). But, I have come to a realization that I'm unhappy because I made myself this way. Now, I want to make a change, but other people will be affected if I do so, and not in a good sense.

    I desperately need some guidance into what is going on with me. If anyone could help, it would be SO greatly appreciated!!! I feel like I'm flying blind!

  • Hi Captain,

    I loved the start of this thread, I have been thinking on much the same lines. I started up a thread about keeping up faith in yourself, what do others do? Such lovely advice Captain and I love your threads. The old ways aren't working so try a new and different approach to life. Lighten up too, we all take ourselves far too seriously! I'm feeling quite comfy now in this website myself, feeling like I'm putting on my slippers!! Peoples names are becoming very familiar. There are so many warm, giving and kind people on this site.

    Soapmaker - I am so very sorry about your brother. I'll be thinking of you. Sending you hugs.

    Gotnotyme4play - I wonder what crossroads you're at. Sounds like you can go one of two ways but you will hurt people in the process. What will be right for everybody and for the long term good of all? Nothing is ever that simple. You know the answer deep in your gut. I have had many choices in my life, the one I go for is gut instinct. It never fails, I have gone against it in the past but to my cost! I hope that you can come to a good decision. Take care.

    Kindest regards to all

    Intrigued. Actually I'd like to change my name to something lighter!

  • Captain, you are so very right. We actually need to change ourselves and our mindset.

    There is a quote I read which has been playing on my mind: "If you keep doing what you've always done, you will keep getting what you've always got."

    I have the same problem as Wenchie, I am distracted by my emotions......I started this exercise of thinking positively in order to attract positive happy vibes into my life but I keep getting distracted by my do you stop that?

    Soapmaker, sorry to hear about your brother....I will keep you both in my prayers.

  • Captain, I came here to learn. Thank you so much. I keep finding answers!

    Soapmaker, I feel your pain. My heart is with you.

  • Hi there, sorry to about all the emotions going on, i can definitely feel and hear that.but i do have great things coming i can feel it. yes changing our mindset is the right choice. stepping out of the box and seizing oppertunity, sounds good but i believe the focus of energy must be apart of it. i too have fears but i work on them daily and stew stuff for awhile then i move. for me being in a hard place knowing from times in the past have brought brilliant outcomes. it forces us to change. meditation is the key to understand we are one and we can push through together. i do have a zany idea i was just looking for a team to put it all together, i believe i on to something. but yes i do get anxiety but i know i can meditate even on the fly and that is grand.

  • Captian. i read your begining thread it reminds me of the song by michael jackson..MAN IN THE MIRROR...... you cannot change other people.but if you look and change yourself things take on a different light and course! and what a relief it is to let go of outmoded thinking!! you are absolutetly correct!.dear soapmaker......keep faith open dear just pray for gods will and find peace with that. love to you and yours!

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  • YES ITS A HARD THING TO DO BUT SO NICE WHEN WE DO IT AND YOU DESCRIBED IT PERFECTLY! ITS A CLICK!!! have a blessed day dear! you used to live in maryland? im in maryland now what city did you live in?

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  • not far from where i am now im in crofton, thats near bowie and annapolis i have worked in ellicot city my best to you on this day god be with you holding you close! and comforting you dear.gotta go to work now!!

  • Soapmaker/Captain,

    Amazing how the Universe creates shifts beyond our as we release from the purest intentions, magic happens and out of many, One lesson is learned... I am happy that from the Captain's start, the sharing with Soapmaker's challenge was able to bring to life the meaning of the thread in a clear way for all of us.

    Thank you guys,

    Praying with you for manifestation of the Divine plan in our lives....

  • I salute you Captain, well said!

    SoapMaker - glad to see that you are in a better place. Prayers are with you.

    Gonna get boring here for a bit. Steven Covey, in his 7 habits of highly effective people, lists Be Proactive as no 1. Unless you physically and metaphorically get off your butt and do something, you will never grow and will remain in the same mindset forever. If something is not working for you, take the steps yourself to rectify it. No-one knows what you need more than yourself.

    In case anyone is still reading this, the other steps in order are:

    Begin with the end in mind.

    Put first things first.

    Think win/win (all about compromise).

    Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

    Synergize (creative co-operation)

    Sharpen the saw - if it's not working, look at your tools and improve on them.

  • Wenchie, I feel the problem with your love life is that you are attracted to those who need help but who in turn get jealous of your open heart and your desire to help others. You need to learn to disntinguish between a new lover and a new person to be helped. They are two different beings in your case.

  • Gotnotyme4play, read my post to you in the Vibes thread.

  • Gamby, I feel you are a bit embarrassed by your emotions. Don't be. Accept them as an important part of who you are. Of course there are 'good' and 'bad' emotions but they are all helpful in their own way. Decide which of your emotions is helpful to you in a particular situation - examine the emotion to see what it tells you.

    Eg. if you are feeling anger towards someone, sit down and assess where the anger comes from - tracing an emotion to its roots brings clarity. Your anger may in fact be nothing to do with that person. Once you understand the root cause, that particular emotion can be dealt with and elminated. (not every angry feeling in you, just that one) So don't see emotions as distractions to be pushed away, but clues to guide you through life's mysteries.

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