Do-It-Yourself Prophecy

  • There are many MANY questions put to this forum, regarding WHEN things are going to happen eg. "When will my lover return?" "When will we marry?" "When will I find love?""When will I have any money?" "When will I fall pregnant?" etc. I have been thinking lately that when we (and I myself have asked the 'when' question) are asking, it's like we are hoping for the thing to happen just because the psychic says so, without us having to do anything much about it at all.

    But the one thing I can tell you for sure, the one and the very same answer to all the "When?" questions is - nothing is going to change unless YOU first change. Whatever you have been doing up till now has not brought you what you want, so do something different.

    My favourite episode of Seinfeld is where the previously hopeless and hapless character George realises that he has been a complete failure all his life, that every decision he made was obviously the wrong one and has brought him unhappiness. So in a flash of illumination, he decides to do the opposite of whatever his impulses (fears) tell him to do. And he turns into a success.

    That was a truly brilliant show because it illustrates what we all need to do. If your life is not working out the way you want it to, change your attitudes and beliefs - your whole approach, even - to life. Somewhere along the line, your thinking became muddled. You mistreated or didn't give your partner what they wanted and they took off, or you didn't give yourself what you needed and you stayed in a bad situation, or your ideas about money and power became warped, etc..

    So here's your do-it-yourself prophecy kit - all you ever need to know to change your life is that you have to make the necessary changes in yourself. that's all! Now the people here can help you find out HOW to do that, but your question of WHEN is answered here. Answer - When you change the bad habits/thinking that got you into this mess. And believe me, it always come back to you, even if you'd like to blame an outside situation or other people. Take responsibility for your own life and for your own 'transmissions' - whatever you send out comes back at you.

    Now you know...

  • Hi Captain I asked hans this too. It is happeing in the morning. my older brother and very dear friend is in the hospital. I always knew he would pass around 50 and he turned 51 in Sept. He has had 3 heart attacks 2 strokes, has cyrossis of the liver, pulminary lung disease and emphasema. Now he has cancer, 2 very large lumps on his neck. The cancer is in the lymph nodes. They are doing a surgery on him tomorrow to see how bad and how far it has spread. Any other option of chemo or radiation is not good for him either because of his health. Will he pass away tomorrow during the operation?

    A very sad sister,


  • Soapmaker, you are trying to prepare yourself for his death but you are cheating your brother by thinking about him this way. He is still alive and you should be focused on that - on making his time left one of joy and love, not sorrow and expectation od his passing. Send him your love and put all thoughts of his death away because he will sense it.

  • He believes he will pass on the operating table

  • My entire family in cluding my inlaws, my mother and sister and I know his body is worn out.

  • I am a very strong psychic so I do beleive he will pass soon. I am not cheating myself hon, it is a fact. I know all his medical history because I am the one that has handled it. All the above diseases he has and has not been on his meds since a year when his insurance went bankrupt. He knows his end is coming very soon and I just wanted to know if it was during the operation which his heart and lungs may not handle.

    Love & Light to you

  • Why must you know? Why have you made up your mind he will die? Anyone will tell you psychics are very bad at predicting for family esp. when there is so much emotion surrounding the situation. I feel you want him to pass so he will be out of pain.

  • Yes hon I hope he is out of pain. He is in such pain now and any thing they use as a remedy can cause heart attacks or stroke. He is on morphine and sedatives and still in so much pain. I love him with all my heart and soul. It made my cry tonight after I talked to him to hear his pain. In his sleep he was calling me, I heard it so distinctly that I thought my husband had come home early. I told my brother about that and told him if he feels pain or is scared to think of me and I will send him a blanket of warmth peace healing and love to him. My mom is a retired ICU nurse who worked with heart patients

  • They took 12 hours to decide if his heart could take going under.

  • So lighten his journey...with a bright heart and spirit of love...where there is love...there is no fear...All is never ends...Lift your candle Cindy....and shine

  • This post is deleted!

  • message sent...tell me when you receive.

  • soapmaker, try to keep your spirits up. You never really know how much the human body is capable of can take an awful lot. Your brother may get through the surgery just fine tomorrow. Trust in the doctors that they are making the right decision. After all, they would not be contemplating surgery if they thought that he was a lost cause who didn't have a chance. They obviously think he does. Take strength from that.

    I will keep him in my prayers tonight, and I will do what I can to send you strength and positive thoughts! Keep your chin up! 🙂


  • Where has my thread gone?

  • Hi Captain,

    I understand what you mean. I know I need to change, but I'm not sure how to go about it to fix what I need to sort out in my life. How do we do this when we're in a state of confusion? Anyway, that's my million dollar question! Just wanted to say thanks for everything, heading off the forum to go sort things out.

    Take care!

    Wenchie 🙂

  • When in a state of confusion, ask others for help!

  • It hard to change but I agree because a Head can b like a computer. Sometimes u need to de bug and start a new!

  • Where to even begin...........

    I will figure it out. Either that or go crazy in the process and then I won't care!!! 🙂

  • How do you know what you have to change first?

  • How do you know who to trust or how to trust when you've relied on yourself all your life?

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