Soul Mates

  • That is so FUNNY LOLLOLLOL!!!!!

    A Narcissistic Cat!

    I guess if I was that furry and cute,I would be too!

  • Annnnnnd ... good morning (where I am) to every special lady here!

    Dear rooster5 ... lovely to have you back and adding such heart-felt beauty to our world. Love the animal connection that is becoming another connection for all of us. I also really liked Laie's advice to you. No-one, unfortunately, can tell someone when their pain will end ... or, get better. Time is a grand healer but like Laie said ... even that is not a comfort really when one is so sad.

    Only you will ever know what works for you. I, personally, don't think you are ready to give to anything ... just my thoughts though, I do understand the reasoning behind justavapor's thoughts ... sometimes, we lessen our own grief (pick any emotion really) when we are not focussed on it. Being with others who are struggling might take your mind off your position and not isolate you in your grief ... I think that's what was meant. However, the point is ... only you will be able to work through what you need to, in the manner that best fits your needs. Professionals are helpful people ... one on one is always better than group stuff.

    As for your dear little granddaughter ... what a sweetie. Young people are very astute and very, VERY genuine in their compassion ... and this they have in spades. As we are a big animal family here, we have had our share of grief when one passes and have used them as an explanation of the life cycle when our kids were smaller. They will never understand death ... I don't think even adults do either ... it's a massive concept and an even bigger life experience to deal with.

    Laie is right ... showing and sharing sadness is healthy ... for all of you. She will comfort you in ways that no-one else can ... children are really beautiful like that. When you feel you can ... stop being so brave. It's really healing too.

    We are all wishing you well here ... and all happy to help.

  • Dear pilot007 ... I know! She is such a love. I have to say ... Birmans are an incredible breed of cat. I've never had .. pardon moi ... make that lived with and been owned BY ... any pedigree cat before. These guys are seriously gentle souls ... very quiet (not talkers unless you're Kira and you need the magic silver box ... aka fridge ... to be opened by a human .... or, Ariah and wanting love) and they walk as softly as their nature. Awesome cats.

    Oh ... they aren't lap cats though ... they have soooooooooooooo much body heat that they don't cuddle for very long. They simply over-heat if they do.

    Are you owned by cats????

  • I use to have a White Persian Cat. Her name was Martini!!

    I also had a Black Persian Cat..she had TWO names Mambo and Mimossa!!

    MY Black Persian died. The neighbor next door did not like ethnic people; so, he broke her neck and threw her off his porch. I am still heart broken over this...She would talk to me in her cat language, she loved to eat Sushi,Shrimp, Salmon, and Kobe Beef!!!!

  • That is sooooooooo disgusting I can't even think straight on that. I am sooooooooooo sorry for you! So so so so so sorry. I cannot imagine anything so heartless and animal cruelty is something that angers me to a point I've never been before. I am really sorry ... how heart-breaking for you.

    I LOVED their names ... beautiful.

    More than a decade ago, I joined an organization in the U.S. ... The Defenders of Wildlife. I plan to have my own animal refuge one day. I hope your neighbour was charged for his act. Deplorable individual.

    I would NEVER get over someone doing that to my cats either ... I am so sorry.

  • This post is deleted!

  • My neighbor across from me told me this. I did not find out until months later.

    My neighbor was reluctant to tell me this; for, she had no problem with ethnic individuals.

    One day, she just disapperared. I would call her name... but she never answered me.

    Later on this Summer, I will get another one..... I think that I will name he or she BONO!!!!

  • Hi justavapor,

    Your thoughtfulness is lovely.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I would still have this person charged ... what a disgusting individual. I will NEVER understand how anyone could harm an animal ... it makes my blood curdle.

    I think race is a lame excuse for anyone to use to do something like that. What nationality are you? If that's ok to ask ... it's nice to see this global community in here.

    "Bono" is a cute name for a cat ... I'd move first though. It would be nicer to live amongst people who like you for you ... better for your cat, too. We don't let our cats out ... not the girls anyway. Ariah sits at the door and cries to go exploring but until we have a proper cat enclosure there's no way the great outdoors will be theirs. Good thing Birmans are so easy-going.

    My hubby had a white persian 'Princess' ... she lived to 21. Obviously this was before I met him. They are gorgeous ... seriously gorgeous cats. Lucky you. Cats are quite the most delightful beings to share one's life with ... I'd have stacks if I could. Love them.

  • Thanks justavapor ... Kira was cranky that I had disturbed her beauty sleep ... she is just as cute. We often say that if Kira was a people ... she'd be the lady in the high heels with gorgeous hand-bags ... and a shoe collection. She is the mother of all mothers ... if you sit still long enough, she'll wash you too. She washes everything. She has this real love affair with Shadow ... he, of course, has other ideas.

    All animals have such personalities ... it's part of what makes life special.

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! OH BOY!!! Kira sounds like Princess Diana!!! LETS roll out the Royal REd Carpet!!!!!

    Sidebar.......I live in the United States of America; however, I really admired Princess Di {I am an Avid fan of Lady Di by the Way.}

    I think that it is the fantasy of having a Royal Wedding and lots of Jimmy Chos!!!!LOLLOLLOLLOL!!

  • OH! by the way Icearia... I am Black, Irish {the Slave Master was Irish} and Cocktaw Indian on my Mummy's side.

    On my Father's side his people come from the Islands. I have very Dark Skin, so I look mostly Black.

  • I am Sorry LOLOL!! that is Choctaw Indian I am not the best speller in the world!

  • Dear pilot007 ... I just wrote this huge letter to you and it got deleted ... computers ... arrrrgggghhhh!

    Wow ... you are a wonderful mix of all things ... that's incredible. Love the nativeness ... that's reallllllllllllllly cool because you have so much history to you. Love it!

    I was saying that you need to chat with my daughter ... she owns a pair of Jimmy Choos ... amongst many, many, MANY others. She's shoe mad ... and dresses ... and handbags. She wanted to go to Paris and Milan for Fashion week this year ... but is planning a trip to Vegas and California for next year instead.

    I love that I have so many new American friends ... way cool. Princess Di was a remarkable being and one that all of us will find deep inspiration from. Glad you like her ... she is worthy of people's attention.

    Did you have any thoughts on soul-mates? It's wonderful reading everyone's thoughts ...

  • No apologies necessary in this happy space pilot007 ... we care about the person ... not the spelling ability ... besides, I AM ... make that WAS an English teacher and I have made some doozies by hitting the wrong keys ... it's all part of the fun.

  • WELL, I need to sit in a corner with a DUNCE Cap then.. an English teacher WOW I had better be on toes then.

  • Dear Icearia,

    Thanks for giving me the enthusiastic greeting. The care of God's creatures bring great joy and comfort to me. I have dogs, cats and fishes but I like large animals such as horses, cows and pigs.

    I used to work with them when I was in college. I find the animals on the farm need protection and love too. I remember when it was my first time to breed a heifer ( young female cow ). I am short and the cattle are tall. So the manager had to get me a stool so I could do AI (artificially inseminate) the heifer and he even carved my name in the stool.

    I will remember that solitude could bring me into depression but I think taking care of God's creatures gives me healing.


  • And Yes Icearia, I feel that my Exboyfriend IS still my Soul Mate. I found out about nine years ago that I am an Empath. So anyone who is close to me; I can feel when they are under stress, sadness, anxiety, etc.

    When you meet your Soul Mate, You have a Sprititual Connection. The Very First time that I made love to him, we shared "Spirits' {It was like I was a virgin}.

    It is very draining to be an Empath. I think that he is one also. Whenever I was in a bad mood, he would ask me If I was okay. I miss him so much!

  • Nahhhhhhhhhhh ... you should always think of yourself more highly than that ... you DESERVE better than that. I am just a person like you and I am just learning to experience my life like everyone else. I have never seen people as better than anyone else ... we are all unique and I LOVE that about you just as much as I do all my friends on this site ...

    Wait till you re-read some of my posts ... you'd think I didn't know the english language at all lol lol ... I make mistakes like the best of us.

    Now ... please think of yourself as we all do here.

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