Soul Mates

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  • Welcome justavapor ... lovely of you to reach out to rooster5 like that. Thank you. Please know you are welcome to stay as long as you wish to also ... the more the merrier. icearia

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  • Quenkath ... Oh Oscar is priceless.

    Our cats have a healthy respect for beaks too .. though Oscar's would be bigger (and scarier) than Bob's ... galahs are kind of softer native birds ... must be all that PINK .... HA HA HA HA

    Birmans are the sticky-beaks of the cat world ... their noses are in everything and it is a genuine curiosity for it is like they are seeing things for the first time. They are mesmerized by Bob ... they actually WANT TO EAT the little birds (birdy-pie and chats about not eating family members are common here :-)) ... and want to touch his feathers. He's never bitten them but it would hurt.

    Bob NEVER bites me ... I always tell my hubby that he loves me more. You can imagine my hubby's response can't you????? Funny man. He just gives me kisses through the cage ... Bob ... not my hubby ... though ................ nah .........

    I know right ... what's with the pictutre thing????? My kids are home from martial arts training with their dad now so I can ask ... my real Leo the lioness thing will come out now and I'll get so agro that I'll make it work ... hee hee hee Stay tuned but no-one hold their breath ... just in case ... 🙂

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  • Bob ...

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  • OMG I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone ... meet Bob!!!!!! Quenkath .... note no butterfly shaped wooden things in background .... hee hee hee

    Promise not to party without ya sis!!!! Happy Dreams and catch you tomorrow.

    Justavapor ... are you sure you know what you're doing my sweet????? Ha ha ha ha ... we are quite 'left of centre' in here ... welcome, happy welcome and look forward to sharing with you also ... there are BRILLIANT women in here ... tthough most are asleep right now ... big inconvenience I know lol lol lol rofl lol

  • Quenkath ........ don't leave me .....................thanks for your kindness towards Bob ... he is a love. Would really like a pic of Oscar ... I'll show it to Bob, he likes pictures ...

    My family are watching a film with Matthew McConnaughy (spelling????) in it. I heard the name and did this quiver thing that made my hubby roll his eyes ... so funny. Love that McConnaughy man .... big YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ... make a fabulous pool boy!!!!!!!

    Make a fabulous anything really!!!!!!

    I don't mind.

  • Meet the girls ... Ariah standing up and Kira on my bed.

  • Kira ...

  • Clearly Kira does not want to be seen ... lol ... or this place is not liking my pics ... shall work on it ....

  • I Did It ... yay!!!! Here's Shadow ... all our cats are Aquarians too ...

  • Dear Justavapor,

    Thanks for the internet hug. I have one question for you. I am still going through this terrible state of grief and how am I can help someone else out? I just started to discuss with my 6 year old granddaughter how she misses her grandpa. Our granddaughter spent a lot of time at our house. It was like she became of permanent part of our household. So when my husband passed she needed to be comforted. It was hard because I was going through so many changes and I am still in that phase. It is very hard not to cry when my granddaughter asks where and how is grandpa is doing.

    I just do not think I am ready to give quite yet.


  • Dear Quenkath,

    I always had animals in our house such as dogs, cats and fishes. So when I went away to college I wanted to be a vet. Well my parents could not afford to pay the astronomical bills because they were still raising other children at home. So I just settle to get a degree in animal husbandry known as animal science and that is where I learned how to milk cows, shoe horses, use a candle to look at hen's eggs, and shave pigs for the farm shows. I guess a city girl became a country girl.


  • Dear rooster5,

    I was very tired last night after reading all the posts I always seem to miss when I'm asleep -- I had just read your posts and wanted so badly to respond. Just saw this post, naturally I am rushing out - but had to stop.

    I am so amazed at the courage and prescence of mind you had with your dear husband -- Your Soul Mate --- when you kicked in to try & revive him.. For the majority of my life, I have spent caring for others. I know what it takes. I extend my heartfelt sympathy to you.

    Please, please do not hide your pain. We have always been taught not to let our children or grandchildren in on this pain. This is to be shared as a natural cycle of life --- try the explanation of the leaves in Spring to Leaves in Fall to what happens in Winter. Your granddaughter is 6 more than ready to understand ( age of reason is 7 ) You, and all those around you need time to heal. ( just went thru various explanations with 3yr.old grandson -- that one seemed to help. )

    Children learn from us --- if we can talk and deal with the most awful things --- they learn how to also. Yes, no one wants to walk around like a sobbing mess all the time .... And for me it seemed to be a pride thing also, : ( I hid when the tears really flowed But, kids do say the most, amazingly helpful things in response to our openess.

    I really am amazed by you! Everyone always says it will take time ... I don't like to hear that but time does eventually show some tissues still in the Kleenex box when you need one. : > ) You know your needs best ... private counseling works for many. Sometimes, hypnosis is used to assist in healing also.

    Peace & Love, Laie

  • Dear Laie4,

    Thanks for the internet hug, I also have taken care of people all my life mostly dealing with transplant issues. So I would see a lot of patients in the ICU. But it is different when you are treating patients oppose to your love ones. I think at the time I found my husband slumped over I just automatically went into performing critical care and really did not think it was my husband.After it was over I then realized that my husband, my best friend and soul mate had slipped from this earthy life to the spiritual one without me. I was left behind with a broken heart and spirit.

    I come from a culture that does not express emotions. It took me a long time to even hold my husband's hands in public let alone give him a peck on his lips.

    I have been going to grief counseling but I am not sure if it is helping my situation. I know that it has been a very tough journey. As days go by my granddaughter and I have become able to talk about her feelings about her grandpa ( my husband ). She is getting more help through her Catholic school. We go together to musicals that my husband once accompanied me.

    Thanks for caring about me.


  • OH!! I could just steal Ariah away from you Icearia.

    She looks like she has quite a personality.

  • Welcome to you pilot007!!!! I think they're pretty cute. Ariah, in particular, is the baby ... she has adopted the thou must tell me I'm beautiful every day, many times a day ... and keep doing it human!!! She lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrvs her cuddles and loves to be held, like ababy, on her back with you rubbing her tummy. So uncat like isn't it???? Hope you'll stick around and share with us, you'll love this space ... we're all very friendly. icearia

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