Soul Mates

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  • Ok, Ok, Ok now .... am happy for the Librans and Aquarians here ... but don't forget I'm different ..... little leo left outness here .... sob, sob ... LOL LOL LOL BIG LOL xxxx

    It is just so interesting how the 'right' energies find eachother ... I LOVE that!!!!!

    Laie4 ... for someone who does not type ... you bring such heart to your pieces. I like how you are able to pick up on the feeling in what people write ... you are a very intuitive soul I think.

    Oh HealingWater ... re the CStarr77 post ... I KNEW I had read it before. It felt so familiar. Thanks for the clarification ... it is still a magnificent piece and one we will all share as something that shaped our own hearts on this topic. So ... to whoever you are out there that wrote this ... we salute and thank you ... blessings be to you.

    Welcome MizzLibraz ... I LOVED your post. What a dear soul you are also ... you are in fine company let me tell you ... the ladies here are works of art ... 'pure' hearts hey quenkath!!!!! wink, wink πŸ™‚

    What can I say ... WOW!!!! Thanks ever so for sharing your heart with us ... and you DO write from your heart (never doubt your ability there ok?) because we feel your words. I think you have understood what a soul-mate is beautifully ... I liked the way you have developed the deep connection that exists when a love is shared and I like how you are honest enough to say that our sense of an 'ideal' individual gets in our way ... boy have you hit a truth with that one. I wrote an article on that very thing ... ideal sense of perfection making it difficult to find someone ... wish I could send it to you ... we may just have to come up with a way to communicate outside this forum my friends???? Hmmmmm?

    Love DOES find love ... and usually when we least expect it too. I met my hubby when I was just 21 and was engaged 3 months later but ... and it's a BIG BUT (ha ha ha ha ha on another level), before then I was alone (apart from 2 brief relationships ... 7 months and maybe 4 months). I watched all my friends have boyfriend after boyfriend and I was always ALONE. I thought something was wrong with me ... I agonized over why no-one loved me. I wanted someone so badly and still ... no knight in shining armour ever came.

    Guys WANTED me ... I was a blonde, blue-eyed dancer ... but no-one wanted to stay with me. I was like the trophy but not the teddy bear in someone's life. I have always ... from as early as 2 yrs of age, spent hours looking into the night sky and wishing upon stars ... I wished for someone to come get me actually ... I wanted to go home because Earth never felt like it. I felt as though someone had just dumped me here with so many mean strangers and I just wanted to leave. No-one loved me ... no-one understood me and no-one could see the white lights I saw ... no-one spoke to Angels like I did and no-one would ever find me on this dumb planet because no-one who was like me would ever be stupid enough to come here.

    I wished and wished and wished ... upon every star I could see in that inky sky.

    And alone I stayed.

    I wanted nothing more than someone who would love me despite my quirks and no Leo ever says faults ... hee hee hee ... and who would think I was beautiful in my soul and not just my face and body ... I wanted the whole deal ... but, more than anything ... I wanted acceptance. I wanted to belong with someone ... being alone sucked.

    And then ... along came the knight ... albeit a stranded one ... but a knight none-the-less (to clarify ... his friend, after I had knocked him back, left my hubby at the pub we were at and, as I had driven my friends ... I drove him home too) ... role reversal ... so new age ... ha ha ha ha!!! The point is ... I wasn't even going to go out that night, I had a cold and was rearranging my bedroom (I am an interior design junkie ... love it) but my friends convinced me. Because I was on medication, I would not drink and so ... I drove. Isn't the Universe interesting??? We really DO get what we put out MizzLibraz ... sometimes it just goes via a different galaxy to get to us ....

    You DESERVE to be LOVED. You DESERVE to feel special. You DESERVE to know that someone also is out there WISHING for you, too. You DESERVE to have the happy ever after and I am betting that this will happen soon ...

    Dear quenkath ... "coz we were born .... born .... born .... born to be imbibed!!!!!" Shake your booty, dear one. Hope the whole Cruella thing is settling down and that you have taken the control back. I continue to send you The Big M's and to wish her on her way. Actually ... before I went to sleep, I asked that this end quickly for you ... and I feel it will. Sometimes the Universe, in its infinite wisdom, speeds up our lessons and so they hit us like the proverbial tonne of bricks ... all at once and, intensely. This situation feels like that so take comfort in knowing that as quickly as it has arisen, so too, shall it leave. And on leaving ... are you moving a long, long way away?

    Wow ... spooky ... you know me well. I was the 'people pleaser' ... I have learnt to stop that merry-go-round now and will not wear a mask any longer ... I am who I am ... though i do try to become a better version of me along the way. We are all here on this planet trying to understand who we are and what we are doing here and playing pretend is just a waste of time. I learnt a lot from my Dad and I have no anger over anything ... it really is what it is. I do miss him (my whole family splintered after his death ... my older brother lives in Holland and I haven't spoken to him for nearly 18 years now ... long stories ... longer therapy sessions ... that, ha ha ha I CAN DO MYSELF ... hee hee hee hee ... oh, that IS funny ... oh how I amuse myself sometimes. LOL .... and I am really sad that my kids have never known him. Before he died, he made me promise not to have any more children because he would not see them ... I lived with this guilt for most of my life afterwards and, if truth be told, still feel a twinge or two still. But, I KNOW that he watches them grow up ... and watches over them all too and, he never really missed out because he can see them for who they really are better than I can.

    I feel for you on this one with your step-grandad. We do want our kids to discover and know what we did in them and for them to feel their particular love for no other love will be the same. What is awesome is that you can explain this love by being the wonderful being you are because of the time you had with him. LOVE that for it IS what this life is all about ... loving.

    Gosh you ladies are fantastic!!!!

    Now, this must look like bloody War & Peace right now ... shall hit send ... and shut up.

  • Wow! Just read through this whole thread. I love this discussion about soul mates and your comments to each other are all so encouraging and loving. Such a great community here! Anyway, I really have nothing terribly exciting to add right now but wanted to say "hi all!" and really enjoyed reading this thread.

  • Icearia, just read what you wrote above and it gave me hope that I'll find someone too! I feel the same way that you did. Lots of guys, lots of dates, a few long term relationships but no huge soul mate or "I want to spend the rest of my life with this person" connection with anyone yet. I've begun thinking that maybe I'm not meant to find "the one" in this lifetime. Now, I've read your story and feel better. Patience! πŸ™‚

  • laie4 ...BLESS YOU!

    I am honoured by your sharing and made richer by your thoughts. Each layer of self that is shared here becomes even more special.

    I missed your post as I was writing War and Peace as you can see ... so were YOU!!!! Hee Hee

    Oh ... I ALWAYS have to ask my kids what things are ... wouldn't know if I fell over them these days what things are. So ... good one! ROFL

    Before anything else ... I am sorry if I gave a superficial meaning to soul-mates and I am sorry if my slant has seemed one way. I do not pretend to know everything about anything ... or anything about anything ... they were but thoughts scattered out there to begin with ... and only a beginning. It is because of souls like YOU that this topic is adding such depth ... that we are all learning of the many aspects it encompasses. Thank you for enlightening us and helping us all to see other things.

    I love the H E double hockey sticks because .... that word gets deleted here ... as I discovered ... I've never been censored before ... what a new experience ... ooooooo la la.

    As for all you have said regarding hubby 1 and 2 ... my gosh how you have learnt from your life. I, too, am married to this soul because I have been given an opportunity to see a past life ... I said no to him in another life. I have watched the whole choosing at the altar ... in front of everyone. I have watched the 'me' back then absolutely break his heart and I have felt the sting that such pain causes another soul ... it is interesting how I now find myself not prepared to do it to him twice. There are no accidents are there?

    I am truly honoured that you would share your life with me and all of your esoteric ability and knowledge too ... I am moved.

    Oh ... I am wondering if particular star signs seem to pair up as soul-mates ... if we are drawn to particular energies. It is interesting to see if some star signs come together more than any other. There is no other intention to this ... just pure curiosity.

    Angel Hugs ...

    May your life with hubby 2 be one long honeymoon for you both. May LOVE always be yours.

  • Salubrious Greetings stonyeye ... welcome, welcome, welcome!!!!

    I am delighted you have found your way here and, if you have read through this entire post, then you are as crazy as the rest of us ... lol lol lol ... but really, you will really get to know the gorgeous souls that have spent time here sharing their stories and loves. They are remarkable women with remarkable vision ... and you are a part of this too, now.

    Everyone has something to add ... I believe ... every soul has experienced enough to share wisdom. I, as will everyone, welcome your thoughts on soul-mates. Share away ... you will probably surprise yourself as to how much you do know!!!

    Like, hello ... patience is crap ... lol, lol, lol ... Leos and patience are even funnier yet. Now THAT is the greatest paradox of all ... learning lessons whilst being placed in a star sign that is anti everything you have to learn .... ha ha ha ha ha πŸ™‚

    Truly though ... we never know where love will come from ... unless you are Laie4 ... I love you lady πŸ™‚ ... and, I have found (and this is just me I speak for) it is when we least expect it. I have learnt, regarding many things in my life, that the more I hang on to something, the more tightly I want something and the more desperate I am for something ... the further the Universe places it from me. In many ways, we are our own worst enemies because we get in our own way ... we want so much that we are blinded to what is already there ... and ... we stop that which we most want from even reaching us.

    I could never tell you what to do ... only offer through my own understanding of my own life ... you also deserve it and you WILL also have it.

    Hope you'll stick around ... I learnt a lot on your call to other places post. You are GREAT energy.

  • I got censored again ... this is way too funny ... I have to go sew something but, as this is my day time ... I am here ... post away and I shall be back ... baby ... famous last words those. πŸ™‚

  • Dear Icearia,

    I like to comment on your thread. I am a cancerian woman and my husband was an scorpio.

    I believe in soulmates exist because I do not think God intend us to be lonely creatures on this earth.

    I recognize the " soulmate " by one partner is able to feel the other partner's emotions, needs and sharing new horizons with each other.

    We actually met at my former house. One day right after work I was giving my neighbor which is now my sister-in-law a cup of sugar. My husband happen to stop in at their house to watch the highlights of last year superbowl.

    The relationship eventually led to a short courtship then a long marriage of 20 years. Unfortunately my husband passed away last September due to surgical complications.

    Yes I feel he was and still is the only one and is considered to be my soul mate. Because we could read each other thought patterns at any specific moment. We were sticker than tape and tighter than twine. If you saw one of us the other partner was close behind.

    My husband was the soul mate. We were always together. Since we were both water signs our emotions run very deep. Our intimate lives were breathless, passionate and very draining physically and emotionally. It would take God to search high and low for another soul mate to come even close to my husband.

    The most important trait in our relationship was love the other person like there was no tomorrow. Also we both trusted each others with our life.

    I was not looking for a soul mate God just made it part of the package.


  • Greetings All,

    Icearia... I love it...your ENERGY is flying off these pages... I get the sense that you are truly a Great Big Ball of Fire...

    Heres what I’ve read on the subject of Soul Mates from a Linda Goodmans excerpt :

    ~ It sometimes happens that a man and woman meet and instantly recognize the other half of themselves by looking into each other eyes, (The windows of the Soul) From the moment they meet and gaze upon each other their spirits rush together in recognition ignoring all convention and customs, all social rules of behavior, Driven by an inner KNOWING too overwhelming to be denied. The words in the marriage vows those which God hath joined together let no man put asunder, Not even themselves, refers to Soul Mates~....she goes on with an even Deeper explanation that gets Biblical, you can find this chapter in the (forward) in Linda Goodman’s" Love Signs"


  • There are many things I am good at ... sewing is NOT one of them .... lol lol lol lol Man I suck!

    Welcome Dear rooster5,

    Big welcome.

    I am so deeply touched by your letter here. It is so easy to become forgetful that we completely overlook that some may have lost their soul-mate differently. Please know that no-one here would ever intend to do that ... these ladies really are glorious beings of love. And so ... to your kind and gentle soul, I hold you in my heart too.

    I cannot imagine the unimaginable grief you must be living with. I am soooooooooo sorry ... with all that I am, I am sooooooooooooo very sorry for you. Please feel as though you can rest amongst us at any time ... if you need to be held in our hearts at any time, please feel as though you can. Your love is so wonderfully special that we can all be so grateful for having shared in it.

    And it IS a privilege ... let me tell you. I LOVE how you can recognize and continue to feel all that you had (and still have ... just in a transformed way) with your love. The sign of a truly remarkable individual is one who can, despite their own pain, see what was intrinsically special about another. Boy ... you are one wonderful soul.

    I know that you are still locked in so much hurt right now for your loss is so recent but the Universe does hold many surprises ... and they don't have to be all relationship based either. I wish for you to know the same joy that your life had before it was so abruptly changed on you. I wish for you to feel special because to him ... you were the sun, moon and stars. I wish for you to find peace in your quiet moments and to know that such a love as yours was truly heaven sent ... as you do know already.

    You have had more than many on this Earth have ever known when it comes to soul connections. But, just imagine the party you will both have when once again ... you hold eachother. I'd like to be a fly on that spiritual wall ... lol ... πŸ™‚ ... well, ok ... perhaps that moment should be private. But, I do imagine we'll see the rainbow sparks of your souls all the way back here.

    Thank you for adding to our world here ... hope you'll stay for as long as you want to ... and I hope you share again, and again and again ... we need lovely souls like you.

    Angel Hugs ... icearia

  • Dear HealingWater ... H E double hockey sticks and O to you!!!!!! Watch ... I'll type hell ...o and I bet there'll be lots of ******* .... hee hee

    I am so grateful for your comment about loving it here. I wanted ... really wanted ... to create a space that was safe and nurturing and loving and ... well. ... a celebration ... a sort of raise your glasses to love thing. If you are finding joy here ... then we are on the right track hey????

    Thanks sooooooooooooo much for the Linda Goodman reference. I have not read stuff of hers in like forever. It pays to be reminded to revisit things, doesn't it? I LOVE how you are soooooooo intuitive .... still waters run deep, don't they? Lots of truth there.

    What Linda wrote was EXACTLY ... almost word perfect actually ... for the soul I met 2 weeks after I was married. OMG it was like I was standing there all over again. It's all true for me ... I thought nothing of all the years I had pined and wished ... it was like I had been heard. With my hubby, it was different ... love, love, big love ... but different. We sort of eased into eachother ... this other guy was a WHAM!

    P.S. I am glad you stayed xxx

    P.P.S. If you think I'm a fire-cracker now ... you ought to see me after a slight imbibing???? Hmmm ... it's a whole constellation then!!!!

  • HI All ! I can't address all the great thoughts here because ~ Yes, stonyeye, I'm still a sissy girl ~ in need of sleep, lol !

    I did want to say quickly before I drag my tired tush off that Icearia, no apologies necessary! I was just sharing my thoughts on the topic in a general way before handling the soul mate topic as it was proposed. It was kind of an inner musing in a sense because I Don't Even Know my answer to your question fully. Who is My Soul Mate ???? Not a clue !!

    Can we all gather at quenkath's place and raise a glass or 2 or 3 --- with the amazing thoughts shared here ~~~ We Would Lick This Topic In No Time!!!

    : > ) Nite all !

  • Bless and LOVE you Laie4 ...

    Thanks for your message and yes ... I believe we are all just exploring our sense of soul-mates and in ways that are unique to us ... and I LURRRRRRRRRRRRv everyone's!!!!!

    You betcha ... love to meet at quenkath's for many raise your glasses (sounds like they do that a lot there ... lol) and create the superstar of all posts on this topic!!!!

    Dream happy.

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  • Dear stonyeye ... hope you haven't piked it and gone nigh nigh's too ... same for all of you ... it's sad and lonely down here ... no, really ... πŸ™‚

    I wanted to add just a little thing and I thought you would appreciate this because it is connected to where I first met you ... on the call to another land post. The Gemini I have been referring to ... my Wham Man (so not to be confused with any wham bam thank you ma'am things ... oh no .... no no no ... :-)) he's ... you'll love this ... CANADIAN.

    Annnnnnnnnnnnd, for all of you in here ... our happy space ... my real name is the last 4 letters in Canadian.

    The minute this man spoke to me ... my knees went weak and he had to grab me from hitting the ground ... talk about knights in shining everything!!!!

  • quenkath ... my friend ... h e double hockey sticks and o to you, too.

    Where you been baby???

    I know ... fighting eveil!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you won!!!!!

    Looks like there's a part going on at your place and we forgot to invite you ... wanna come to your own party sweetie!!!!!?????? ROFL

    Love the jet joke ... and the jello. Have yet to discover those ... man, you sure will teach me some new things hey???? LURRRRRRRRRRRRRRv it!!!!!! Jello ... for us Aussies that's jelly ... it is.

    WooooooooooooHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ... I do actually own a ridgy didge, real witchypoo (my hubby calls me this allllllllllllllllll the time) broomstick. My best friend back home gave it to me as part of my 40th birthday present. It's such a hoot.

    I have a black cat, too ... Shadow.

    I have 3 cats ... 2 pure bred Birmans called Ariah and Kira ... seal point in colour. Talk about gentle souls!!!!!!! They are supposed to be the reincarnated souls of these monks in Burma ... amazing story ... I believe it too when I look in their big blue eyes.

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