Soul Mates

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  • Hello again one and all ...

    Dear Laie ... thanks so much for your kind words. Hope your day was a gentle one. Blessings ....

    Hey Sista Quenkath ... I know, now that we've got these Angels hooked on jelly and boilermakers, things may never be the same again ... LOL! Watch all the vanishing posts now hey? And, she says raising her Bacardi ... To the Angels ... long may you imbibe alongside us Queenie Sistas around the alcohol pond! Amen! Thanks for your generous thoughts for my Princess. It's funny but a psychic told me she would be the traveller of all travellers ... it's so uncanny how she is beginning to live her dreams ... she has massive plans for many countries; including a heritage tour to visit where my family come from ... Holland and Slovenia, coupled with her father's Irish blood and she should be rolling!!!!

    I am so glad you had a great time at Mardi Gras Quenkath ... I still haven't stopped laughing over the Fat Tuesday story ... would LOVE to have seen that one. So funny you precious soul!

    Glad you liked the Native wisdom too ... they speak straight from the soul these beings; so profound in their simplicity. Lovely.

    Hugs to you both my sistas!

    Ice xox

  • Welcome Dear Librachild,

    Firstly, thank you so much for honouring me in many ways ... by posting your story here and for the kind words you have said about me. How sweet are you? Bless you.

    I'm not sure I actually help anyone but prefer to think that through the many messages in here, they help themselves! There is an abundance of wisdom and true heart sharing in here and I believe that is the real magic ... I just offer beings a place to rest their soul for awhile. But, I do send you my thanks ... you are very kind.

    Wow! Yes, of course ... this thread IS about soul connections, always will be ... we've just been true women and diverted a little ... just a little ... LOL!!!! I was so pleased to read a snippet of your story too. Blessings for being open and willing to be heard.

    You know that I am a believer in self discovery and increasing personal awareness so, here I ask you to do the same. I felt you had already espoused many answers for self; in comments like "pushed him into it' and 'running away' and your NEED to be with him. These indicate to me that this relationship may require some 'space' in order for it to blossom. By space, I refer to alone time for each of you and not expecting the other to provide everything for the other. This makes things incredibly pressurized (much like a pressure cooker that, when it reaches capacity, has to vent / explode / release). Remember, these are only observations that I feel from your description.

    There are many Cancers and Librans within this happy space who will happily tell you characteristics and traits that they have a far better understanding of than I do. This may actually help in understanding the other. Two Books spring to mind here also ... "Personality Plus" and any book on the "Enneagrams" ... both of these explore, in very different ways, the essence of human beings. I highly recommend both, along with "Love Colours" by Pamela Oslie. These books are spooky in their ACCURACY of what it is to be human; the last book, on Love Colours rendered me speechless as it demonstrates the secretive essence of self; things that really only "WE" know about ourselves. This book explores what each love coloured being (everyone hasa unique love colour) needs from life, and others ... as well as how to understand them. Brilliant relationship books my friend ... brilliant. If you have a moment to internet or Amazon search, please do ... you will never regret it. This kind of analysis is invaluable - for others and particularly, self.

    I speak only for me here, I understand the need for privacy and alone time that your Cancer man is leaving you for. I actually need personal space to breathe ... it is what heals, recharges, aligns, centres, grounds and saves me. It takes a long time for others to 'get' that ... a long time. It is often misinterpreted for not loving someone or, them wanting to be away from you. Nothing could be further from the truth. In order for us to love anybody, we have to achieve a degree of self love and peace with self. This is not a criticism of any partner, just a necessity for the one that's soul requires it. Perhaps, some understanding that his space is for him and not because he doesn't love you could work?

    The other thing that did concern me was the 6 years you spent married and frozen to love. I found that really sad. I'm not saying there was anything wrong with any of it, I just found this uncomfortableness amongst your words that made me really feel for him, and you. Are you aware of the catalyst for this type of relationship? You need not answer me; just see it within you so as to read the signs of any return, should they. For, if we learn from our experiences, we create wisdom. If not, we tend to repeat the lesson until we do.

    I was concerned about the new guy's behaviour pattern of fleeing a lot, too, to be honest. Perhaps, if you step back a little, you may see more clearly as to what is really happening and why? I know, when we want something so much, especially something we have found that we adore, it is so tempting to consume it; and without realizing we are ... until one being acts and then highlights our insecurity, obsession, compulsion, what ever. I understand the desire and the wanting to give all of the heart and to have them respond the same ... but, if this is not what is best for both parties, then, one must honour all beings and release a little.

    I am reminded of the saying: "If you love something, set it free. If it returns to you, it is yours. If not, it never was." Perhaps letting go is part of your lesson here? Perhaps sensing a need for compassion is? Perhaps both of you need some individual freedom in order to feel the whole? Things for us to consider ... You are a Libran, balance, reason, two sides ... it is intrinsic to your nature to find harmony, to create peace and to bring two halves together as one. Work from that principle, maybe?

    I am really glad you found your way here and wanted to contribute to our discussion. I really am. Thanks for highlighting some great points and I wish you a true happily ever after with the man you feel connected by the soul to.

    May happiness be yours,

    Ice xox

  • Hello Ice: thank you so much for your great wisdom and advice. You are right. You are so right. In reading through what you wrote, I realized I keep pushing him away because I want so much more of him and he's told me many times he can't be with me all the time. He wishes he could but he has responsibilities at home. He's a divorced father and his "grown up" kids live with him and still depend on him, especially his 20 yr old daughter. I should try and back off and give him his space. Why do I feel that when he says he's tired and can't see me, why do I feel that he doesn't want to be with me. Why do I feel that he doesn't care. This is so deeply rooted in me. He even said this is where we disagree: when he says he's tired and wants to be alone, that I take it personally. I have to work on this, if it's not too late. If I haven't already lost him for good.

    I will definitely look up those books you mentioned. Thank you. I need to read those.

    With my ex-husband, what I meant was, I did love him though I wasn't in love with him. And I just didn't want to be intimate with him, I don't know why. (And he was a very good looking man.) I just hated the idea of sex with him. (Maybe this is deeply rooted, too. Maybe because I've been so unhappy in my past relationships, the very few I've had.) But with my present partner, just by looking at him I'm so turned on. But it isn't about sex. This man completes me. I just hope and pray that he'll want to see me again. And the reason he walked out on me Tuesday night (we were having a nice time, he cooked, we were having a few drinks (he was drunk though, he was drinking Tequila) and he threw it at my face that the night before he'd asked me to call him and I didn't. He said I had disrispected his wishes, and that he's going to teach me a lesson I will never forget. He kept picking on me all the time. And then all of a sudden he got up he said he was leaving. I practically begged him not to go. He said he was, he picked up his clothes (he was going to stay the night - and I hadn't even asked him to. He said he was which had made me very happy) and in that drunken state, he stormed out, at 10 pm, with no car. I honestly don't know what I did wrong. Just because I didn't call him like he had asked me to. Well I didn't call him because that day we'd gone to the racetracks and got back at 4pm, and he wanted to go to his own home as he was tired, and I wanted him to come to mine, to relax, to have coffee, and he said no. And I took that as a rejection (yet again. I wish now I hadn't). And because he didn't come up, I was hurt, that's why I didn't call him. And stupid me told him so. And another thing, he goes to bed at 8pm or thereabouts as he gets up at 5 am every day for work. So I didn't want to bother him. And I drank 2 glasses of wine so I won't feel the hurt and went to bed early. But he's punishing me just for not calling him.

    I'm sorry. I'm going on and on. All I know is I called him Sat night but he didn't pick up. He just didn't want to speak with me. So today I didn't call him. And I won't any more. I'm going to leave him alone. For a man who for the past 2 weeks always used to call me every morning from work and every evening, to suddenly do this to me. For a man who gave me a lovely Valentine Day's weekend (which was so unexpected). No man ever made me feel special on Valentine's Day. This one did. And for him to just walk out on me 2 days later - I am very, very hurt. I just hope I don't see him at work tomorrow. I will try and avoid him. The hurt is too much.

  • Hi Librachild,

    You are very welcome but, it is really you that has reached some awareness on your own ... and this is what we're really all about. I can tell you lots of things and I can psychoanalyse till the happy cows roll on home but, unless you find an a-ha moment amongst it, it doesn't mean very much. I am glad you are finding something to resonate with in my words; I'm honoured.

    Now, to continue with this, the one startling aspect of your journey here is to BECOME AWARE OF SELF. This is often the sole purpose that soul mates have ... to ignite and awaken you to yourself. This happens in many ways; books fall from shelves right into your hands, certain songs come on the radio and instantly, you just 'get' the message, you channel surf and lo and behold, something related to your very thoughts is on, your best friend rings you and tells you of something, you bump into someone you haven't seen in ages and they, too, have a message for you or ... or ... you have an encounter such as yours that shakes you up on all levels and places your being into a feeling space like no other and then they depart as quickly as they arrived. The difference now is, you have awakened to your inner self ... you can now embark on the reconnection that is the spiritual walk. Literally, they highlight something within you that is vital to your development of self.

    Perhaps this is the purpose of your encounter also?

    As a being with some knowledge of human behaviour, I have alarm bells ringing my love. I think you would be intuiting this too but are overriding it because of your deep need to be loved. We repress and avoid dealing with that which is too painful; too close to home, to the truth within. Our hardest lessons are those that are the most confronting. Here, I ask you to consider your worth and value as a being of light upon this Earth. Consider what treatment you deserve? No being has the right to dominate, guilt or bribe another; without one's consent. With all the honesty in your heart, consider the healthiness of this relationship. Soul mates are NOT necessarily love and light experiences, unfortunately; no matter how much we wish it to be. However, these encounters hold the greatest rewards for personal growth and self awareness because you are completely forced to look at yourself and life, alongside intent and purpose.

    Never apologise for 'rambling' ... it is one of the bestest things ever to do. Know why? Within the stream of words and thoughts and ideas you express, are your truths. Technically, it goes by many names ... streams of consciousness, automatic writing, free writing ... the naming is not important, the PROCESS is. WooHoo it's amazing stuff. Keep doing it and you will amaze yourself at how many answers stare you in the face. Also known as Journal Writing ... worth doing in 2 or 3 week blocks - big insights to be had. Like in here darl. You have some glaring insights here, some big alarm bells and lots of answers to your questions. Give it a try; you have everything to gain.

    It pays to make no hasty decisions and it definitely is beneficial to listen to your gut. Your convictions and beliefs are there to help guide you and give you a base to work from and this includes how you feel about yourself. Would you allow a friend to be treated this way? Then why would you accept anything less for you?

    Spend lots of time working out what you want in your life, where you want to be, how you want to feel, who you want to be with and why ... make the time to see the being you are ... one's confusion and lack of intent will perpetuate the same ... in others and in circumstances. Remember that you are a worthwhile, intelligent, self sufficient, wise being. Accept nothing less for yourself. Ever.

    Now, go be awesome!!!!!!

    Angel Hugs,

    Icey xox

  • Hi QuenKath, You know, I've seen your name a few times and was wondering how you would pronounce it. Then I accidentally capitolized the K as i wrote to you and .....duh....of course! Perfect name! Thank you!.....for the welcome and words of encouragement! So, I take it from your kind words above that the wait is most definitely worth it and that you have found your perfect soul mate or soul mates out there? x

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  • Icearia, Also, I meant to say...yes! it is totally bizarre to see former students now! I taught both 3rd and 4th grades and now a lot of former students have found me on facebook and they are young adults! The nine year old football/soccer enthusiast is now a professional playing for a team in England and the 8 year old girlwho loved her art is now studying at a fashion institute in NYC. It's so cool to see them going out there and chasing their dreams. Wow! Yes, it must be odd to see your students in their 30's!! Hmmm.... I have to go back and look at your post but it's on the other page. What did you teach again?

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  • testing

  • I just checked in and saw quenkath had posted 3 hrs. ago but it wasn't here only went up to pg. 77. I tested and mine & quenkath's came out. Maybe problems are starting because we need to start a new thread like I've seen people do. ????

  • Hey QuenKath! Hugs back to ya! According to my mom, I didn't miss much at Mardi Gras, she is pretty upset, her neighbor across the street got killed at one of the parades. The person responsible is arrested, but that really saddens me that Mardi Gras is so violent now.

  • Hi Sista Queens! Finally finished one of my research papers for math, now I have the other one for medical law coming up. Math is kicking my rear, makes me mad, a lot of this I can do in my head, but ask me to write out on paper how I got the answer..........!!! I could use some good vibes right about now, my instructor in algebra is definitely cutting me no-o-o slack!! Just wanted to drop in and send you all a hello, and get a dose of warm loving energy.Hi, Rooster, hope you are happily making your plans, Icearia, love reading your postings, all of you really make my day when I come in here.

    I love you all, have a great day, back to the grind!!


  • Dear Quenkath,

    Since you been away I was having problems with my daughter which is nothing new and she is my husband's stepdaughter

    So she had runneth mouth syndrome and Keith put his two cents in on Saturday, February 20th.

    As you can read from the post I was lucky I did not get cut or I be right up there with Keith.

    I still can not believe it happened. I keep saying OMG.

    I did not get any dreams from Keith but I sure got a message from him. I could sleep knowing that Keith is still here and he wraps his blanket of comfort and protection around me.

    Warm and snuggly,


  • Dearest Sista Queens of the Loving Winds and new friends around the pond and anyone else who finds themselves here because of their Divine Guidance,

    I have started a new thread called "Soul Mates Part 2" ... this place is hard to navigate in now and is creating problems with its sheer size. The name's the same, the wondersful sista queens are the same and all are most welcome.

    So, hop on over but please feel free to revisit here for wonderful, loving and extremely generous wisdom ... this thread is incredible and I thank each and everyone of you for co-creating the happy space.

    Hope to see you on the "other side" ... may love guide you.

    Angel Hugs and Cheers,

    Icearia xox

  • Dear Sunshine7959,

    Take it easy before you break a major circuit.So you are burning the midnight candle. You join many of us by extending your education.I can understand your Math professor because I use to tutor lots of students in Math. You see I was a chemist until I got hurt at UPMC. So I am familiar with a majority of the sciences and math.

    The reason you have to show all your work is so the teacher knows and sees how you come up with the answer. I think they give bonus points if you come up with the right answer but use a different method. So hang in there and keep a lot of scratch paper handy.

    As for medical law...I find it fascinating. You ask is almost like ethics. Some things have no certain answers and other already have precedent law ( case was heard before and verdict was given ) that has been established in other venues ( another words other courts system ).

    A hint for you is that medical law is the toughest in Pennsylvania. I do not know just is.This section is always tricky which trips up would-be-attorneys, physicians and pharmacists.

    So if you have to debate a medical law in class or even write a paper you need to be articulate and show a lot of strong point for your paper to pass the class.

    Keep up the good work because I get a high energy vibe from you.


  • Hello Ladies , Qeens, and new Sistas,

    You all know I am not long winded at all. Just wanted to stop in to hug and give everyone blessings today. Lovely pond Ice.So peaceful!!

    No wonder I love coming here, serene, and just full of love.

    Thank you for all that happens here.

    My blessing to you all is that todays journey be a smooth ride. filled with Agape love, wisdom and understanding.

    Peace and light.

  • Darling Africanqn,

    We've moved baybee ... the pond has dipped and you'll now find your loving sistas and fellow queenies on Soul Mates Part 2. Their drinks are still in hand, and Rooster brought the eclairs; hope you'll join us too!

    Angel Hugs and see you on the other side ...

    Ice xox

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