Soul Mates

  • wow, just read that, i am tired. : )

  • Good night then Laie4.

    Glad dinner was good and the company even better. Boys and food are a given are they not? 🙂 I call mine 'cows' for they graze allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day and night long!!!!!!!

    Wow ... you lived in a really busy place. Are you still in DC? My daughter is going to Vegas and California next year ... for her 21st birthday. I often joke that she'll cross over to the dark side once there and never come back. 🙂 🙂 🙂 She has already been to Russia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. She wants to live in Sweden and Finland.

    Fear not, we have sooooooooooooooo many nunoriginal and uninspired names for places here, too. Most of Australia is but a mini England anyway.

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  • Big cheery hi to you quenkath,

    I tried to say the word that is opposite heaven in my last post and it got censored. I was really surprised but hey ... ok ... let's go with the flow huh??? It made me laugh ... and, you'll LURRRRRRRRRRRRRV this ... as a Catholic, I laughed even harder.

    History is but the word used to describe every parent's nightmare ... trying to explain something that is ancient as ... (the opposite of Heaven) and as irrelevant as the same word to a teenage boy is a form of masterful torture ... for anyone. So not my thing. You ought to hear me about Australian History ... by golly gosh that subject sucks!!!!!!!! Had to teach it too just before my daughter was born .... yukky stuff. Poor you!

    Alcohol is the best invention of the modern world I think ... LOL LOL LOL!!! I like the where you live philosophy. Might pop over before retirement?

    Huge thanks for the thumbs up on the pen name ... it is unbelievable fun. I have a few names but liked the way that one rolled. Suits my writing subjects too really. I have a manuscript in with publishers over here (it's been 5 months now ... long wait but good sign they tell me) for a book about living your dreams and living an authentic life. A pen name is cool. If you would like any meanings to names, let me know ... these books are good.

    My Oma is a hoot ... she laughs at everything. Her philosophy on worry is that we shouldn't do it ... she thinks it's a waste of time. Hmmm??? And this from someone who had 9 children (only 7 survived), lived in the war and then changed countries ... they were amazing weren't they????

    Kids and phones are a reality here ... they text whilst driving all the time here. Youth and cars, drink, anything really???? Very scary my friend.

    Hey, are you like near New Orleans?????

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  • Poor quenkath ... first things first ... you NEED protection. I like to call on those I call The BIg M's ... (did you have that flavoured milk over there???) ... Michael, Mary, Metatron and Melchizadek. Nothing gets through them for they serve only the light and the protection of good.

    May the BIG M's surround you first and most importantly.

    Your sharing of heart is really precious my friend ... I LOVE your son's connection to your Dad and I am saddened for both of you that he has had to move on and away from you. Beautiful life you all had ... now you get to go on and keep creating the magic he taught you with your son. Your Dad wiull always be there for no soul connected to another ever goes away from within. Light a candle and call him near whenever you need to.

    You could NEVER be asking too much so, ask away ... any time.

    Ya know ... we do enter into agreements BEFORE we come here ... this changes everything. Those souls you mention like this ... ummm ... let's call her ... Cruella. Well, when we agree to share experiences with them, we do so as souls thereby operating from our highest spiritual self. But lordy, lordy this is NOT how they then appear down here ... uh-ho no way. What they appear like is 'Cruella' ... bitter, twisted and evil to the core. And yet (she says shaking her head), we agreed to learn something from them.

    I always say that I sucked at reading the fine print on my earthly contract ... I must've been doing lunch when that was discussed ... or staring at pool boys ... lol!!!!!

    Treat her like the learning experience she is. Keep all dealings with her civil and business like and give her NOT an ounce of your time and energy beyond that. Take as much control as you can by dictating the terms of your interaction ... be short, sharp and to the point and then bless her on her way.

    Selling houses in your climate must be a tall order. We have friends in the U.S. and before my daughter was born, I was teaching an exchange student from Idaho who ended up living with us for the year she was in Australia. Beautiful child that one ... wonder where she is???

    So ... here's our plan ... together we pray ... Dear Universe, I love my enemies as I love myself ... now make her go away!!!!!"

    Oh ... Amen

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  • Aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ... you're most welcome dear one!!!!

    I like that ... that you were imbibing when your contract was read. Hmmmmm ... oh how we are going to get along .... lol, lol, lol!!! A friend of mine back home and I have this whole imbibing thing down pat ... do you know Patrick Hernandez's Born To Be Alive song from like the 70's or was that 80's???? Either way, we made our own version of this song and called it ... are you ready??? Hold on now ... "Born To Be Imbibed!!!!!" Really and trullllllllllllllllllly .... it is!!!!!

    Yeah, I know ... sucky things we go and do when we're all full of love and light isn't it? Nobody said how hard it was going to be to do though. Can't think why ... ummmm .... duh .... I would've said 'no' then.

    Cruella cannot hurt you if you do not allow it. Get your hubby to call her bluff of mean-ness if she won't go away. Don't answer any of her emails either ... wait till YOU FEEL LIKE your energy can deal with her and then ... be quick.

    The less energy we give the Cruellas of our planet ... the less Cruellas we'll have.

    Happy to be there for you. As I said ... anytime my U.S. sis!!!!!

  • My dad and I had a love/hate thing going on really ... he was a very (in capitals VERY) difficult man to live with and I really believe he didn't know how to love. I understand so much more about him now that I have age and experience on my side. I am more empathic about how hard his life was ... he fled his country at age 15 when the Nazi's moved in and took over his family's farm and village (he was Slovenian). He never saw his family again ... except for his younger sister who lived in the far North-West of Australia.

    As someone who has also moved their family to the furthest place in our country, I have such respect for the man he was and what he had to do. Being him cannot have been easy.

    I know he loved us in his own way and I never think ill of him despite the harshness of our upbringings. His life wasn't about that ... it was about how he tried.

    As for mothers ... best left alone I say ... even with a counsellor, lots of adult drinkies and Christmas!!!!!!

    Thank you for your genuine kindness ... I simply did what I had to do. I know you know what that's like. My Dad's needs were far greater than my own.

    Forgot to add that before ... sorry.

    I do truly appreciate your lovely self across the pond.

    WooHoo to the strength of women in your family. No wonder you are who you are ... so much grand energy to learn from.

  • The new censored piece was about german soldiers in the war ... obviously another word I can't say ... lol. I could end up with pages of ****** soon!!!!! LOL!

  • Goodmorning Everyone...

    Icearia, I read your post page 3, (1/27, 21:19) paragraphs 5&6 and truly Had to lol...Thank You!

    Now I know that I am not the only one that experiences this type of communication..

    I have Never broached the subject with another living soul,.. for fear of coming off as a complete looney..Sounds crazy at least I'm sure it does to those tht haven't had the experience..How do you start that conversation.. (Well no I haven't actually spoken with or seen him in years, but last night he told me he was doing well).. your post was a lil confirmation for my Sanity..I'd like to share one experience that personally was phenomenal..

    Several years ago, on a Saturday morning, I found myself having a very intense conversation with him..I was angry, crying beggin that the hauntings end, telling him that this was All his fault, and that I needed it to Stop, (all or nothing).. He replied that he knew, and that he understood...I had fallen back to sleep, and the telephone woke me..I answered and it was Him, I hadn't spoken with him in about two or three years.. we spoke on different occasions within that month..but Never meeting each other..Life can be sooo difficult..

    I can proudly say that I have Healed, I am continuing to Heal while on this forum. Like yourself I had never posted to a forum of any type before coming here...and with the help of some really caring souls..I'm now able to manage the agony, the yearning, the torture of knowing, while maintaining my current life..with my Husband of 14 years..

    Icearia, wanted to let you know Cstarr77 is not the author of that post fact because she didn't have any experience or knowledge of Soul Mates, she said that she found the writing on the net, from an Author Unknown, and wanted to share it with me..

    Have a Great Day Ladies


  • HealingWater --- I can't even imagine going through that experience. It does sound like you are learning to see beyond and heal. I wish you all the best of love with your husband. May you each fill a place of emptiness within each other.

  • 1. What people believe a soul-mate is? Hmm I do believe there is someone for everybody, that one person whom you'll love them regardless of their worst flaws, because you learn to like them for bad and good, and that they some how become the only person you'd love to be with, as a lover and friend, teacher on many things intellect, fun activties sharing a thought of the future and many dreams. When theres slience holding a hand is words enough a touch of the lips is the affection of showing how they feel, a grip and huging hoping that minds can read, that they'll never leave, a soul is someone who would want to live with after here on earth and where ever you believe that would be an after life after death. A soul mate wouldnt always hurt you, but if they do you'll both hurt together and make a pack that it would be a lesson to never turn to again, a soul mate is when you leave your own dreams you had for the years, but just a little change to fit that person to your dreams and future. A soul mate is always there who wants to help you and achive your dreams, support you and care for you too, soul mates should be the two a fitted picture a lovely image mirror which is hard to break to pieces. a soul mates words should be the words that never turn out to be annoying, but the words that should be kept and terasured be the words that you'll keep in mind as quotes you'll take forever to remember and learn from. soul mate should be someone where its still fun life gets better onwards in life with them...ect.... ( I've never had a proper relationship and I've yet to find a soul mate, wish I did cos I want to be loved, I feel so sorry for myself weather I'm desperate I would want someone who would finally want me)

    4. Have you had more than one ... or do you think there is only one? I dont think theres just one for everyone, you can share your love with more than one being, yes it would be hard to believe (because you cant bare the thought to start over again, or to share and start this long road to love once more), but think of your life as a book your own novel, and when you lose someone, the pages of memories come to mind, you learn from mistakes, and you remember the good moments and words that were said within each of the time you spent with each other, all though it would be hard to burn these pages delete,of your past history with the person whom may have died, left you, or that it couldnt work. the next chapter would be a new start new story a new love to begin with once again, maybe the new soul would be the better the healer of your own soul and how about if it would work, the better of the relationship you had back then.

    5. What it feels like to have met the one or to still feel as though you are searching? Its hard to find the one, cos no one cant read your mind on what you want, and how about the guy in your dreams is hard to be the one in reality, maybe we should cut the standards in what we want in a person and give alittle chance. we keep creating a person who we wish to be real. and the person cant be the one we are sereaching for, cos the more we look the more we deny the creation form of whom we know will never exist. No one should expect so much from a person, maybe the ideal guy you keep wondering should be left aside, let the future be the mystery it self. let your soul mate be the surprise gift in your life.

    7. Why do we seek a soul-mate? to be complet to be better within our selevs knowning you have something to trun to, something that you know that wants you, makes life way better to live, knowing you have something else to share with your Dreams, goals, the future and also to share pasts secrets and history. the company of another is better then living alone with your own company who wants that.

  • quenkath --- down on the levee ... LOL ! I just had a converstaion with a friend about Mardi Gras. I have never been but have been to the amazing Jazz Fest. Its something I want to do again!

    From this forum, I have chatted with wonderful females under the sign of Libra. What an eye opener ! Warmth,responsiveness and caring, radiate!! You sound the same; I adore the joie de vivre!

    So ... R the Saints goin a take it???

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  • I'm back ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I feel like I missed out on such a grand connection ... you are ALL SO BEAUTIFUL ya know! I had to sleep ... this time zone bizzo is a killer. New plan ... you all fly to Australia and we'll sit by the ocean and imbibe!!!! There's bound to be a cute life guard (consider them the daddy of all pool boys quenkath) or two for our enjoyment also!!!!!

    Back to the here and now ........ but ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh .... the dreams!!!!!!!

    Greetings Dear Friends and Welcome our new ones ... LOVE that YOU are here ... thank you for entrusting us with your hearts. We hold them very safely on this post I promise.

    HealingWater ... WELL ... I KNEW I liked your energy the minute you posted. Glad I made you smile, too ... we're good for that on this post as you'll see!!!! Above all else, let me send you a huge welcome back and an even bigger thank you for opening your heart to us. Ya know; I did post this topic to gain some research for my book but I have been blessed with so much more than that. The book (whilst important) is nowhere near as significant as the learning and care I have discovered here. To all of you ... thank you for blessing me with you ... this is the greatest gift of all. You are ALL so intelligent and so heart-felt and my life is the better for having discovered folks like you. Now you all really do need to fly to Oz to keep me company for real!!!! LOL LOL No, really .... fly over!!!! I'll send broomsticks!!!!! 🙂

    I like how your name matches your inner life HealingWater ... as you have seen on this post, I am doing the name thing as we speak and to be able to match what lives within us is not only a difficult task but something we avoid because dealing with / confronting who we are (which means all parts ... the pleasant and the not so) is tough. I admire your courage to face the tough time. Know that I, and all here, are holding you in our hearts as you walk this part of your path. Now ... you can do what I do???????????????? OMG I love you! Well ... you know what I mean!!!! LOL My heart is not only singing but doing a pretty good imitation of a cheerleader ... my real self never could do that ... way too inflexible now .... imagine the muscles I'd pull .... we'll leave that one alone hey???

    I have always been a visual person ... it is what started me on the road to the esoteric ... for along with the gorgeous visions are the ones that make me feel like I am screaming my soul out and no-one can hear me. Nothing we do in life is all a bed of dethorned roses ... we need (our soul does anyway) to experience the opposites to appreciate that which we learn. To understand love, we need to have not felt it ... to learn from spirit, we are in contact with all energy. I am so happy I could cry that both you and quenkath do not think I'm a weirdo (well, too much of one anyway ... we're all a little kooky ... aren't we Laie4???? DC Beltway with a teenager .... I ask you LOL LOL ROFL even!!!!!) I will listen to you for as long as you wish to speak on this ... please know that.

    Your experience made me cry because the 'all or nothing' is exactly what it's about. You know you love me so why don't we? How we end up denying what is sooooooooooo real and soooooooooo right is soooooooooooooo sad. I also dislike how the timing sucks so badly ... being married to such wonderful people ... and we all are ladies for none of us would have been with them for this long if they weren't ............ complicates everything. I, like all of you, could never hurt my hubby. Just the other day, we had a huge fight (one of the biggest we've ever had ... stress does that to people) and he said, with tears in his eyes, if you ever leave, you'll kill me for my heart will be ripped out from my chest and life will have no purpose .... what's the point if I'm here and you're not? And when we are old (well, older than now ladies LOL), I want to die first because living for one day without you would kill me. I guess soul-mates really are the all or nothing, aren't they???? And, how could I possibly hurt someone who truly believes that ... as in what he said.

    For you HealingWater ... I feel this is not over ... just yet. I feel many more "communications" with him as he needs to acknowledge the depth of his connection with you. Denial does not work when it comes to the soul ... it doesn't know how to do that! It simply responds to that which it is aligned with ... that which is the same. Whilst there is so much to say between the two of you, your souls will continue to seek eachother ... they really NEED eachother. Sometimes, we just need to acknowledge things ourselves ... your yearning is real for you (and it is for him too) and we can't sweep that from our hearts so, don't try. LOVE is one thing we don't push away ... hang in there Dear One ... you are loved a lot and we think you're special too.

    Angel Hugs ..... icearia

  • icearia ~ This is for you > Special Cyber Delivery, LOL or as your kids say ROFL heehee, had to ask my son last night what that meant - I thought someone's sick??? Too funny!!

    Any discussion of soul mates starts with the topics of reincarnation and karma. Often people look to the Jerry Maguire way of "you complete me' without delving beyond the surface. It begins with the evolution of the soul. The genesis of which is a topic beyond our reason, although throughout history humans have tried, unsuccessfully.

    We've sought the answers because of an inner knowing. We retain a part of the whole that gives us a glimpse, however small, of the pure love from whence we sprang. Love, especially unrequited love,gives us the earthly experience of longing. We experience longing here on this plane so that we strive for the ultimate connection. Longing connects us to our Divine Source.

    We repeatedly try to make connections with others to learn. We want to repeat that glimpse of pure love; to have it fill us so completely that we see, hear, feel nothing else. The senses don't exist in One-ness. We travel in groups or mates connected by an invisible thread of love to each other. The thread always giving an receiving lessons connects each of us back to Source.

    The above is my very simplistic version --- such a small portion of what is my Truth. The what ifs of love I do not ponder. I truly believe that I am exactly where I am suppose to be and have gone through the lessons I have asked for. Like many, I too forget that when in the midst of turmoil. I may forget That, but I've never forgotten the Purity of Love from Source. The first time I felt it fill me I was just a kid. Just writing that brings back the joy of that moment!

    You've asked how I've recognized a soul mate. I gave you a small piece of my feeling on the topic, but I'd like to answer your question in the spirit it was asked. I must start by saying how humbled by the blessings in my life I am. I say I've been blessed in my life, but … Haven't we all?? Let's just say I've Always been lucky in love.

    I met my first husband while trying to fix him up with a girl friend that liked him. I only spoke to him (high school, : ) to pass a message along from him. One morning he walked by me and I heard, " The sun rises and sets on that man. " We were in high school, lol ! , the word "man" wasn't even in my vocabulary as far as a peer went! We married, had children and divorced. There was never any outside issues with us ( drugs, drink, whatever) in my heart I believe that he wasn't ready for whatever his lessons were. My lessons I've worked at carrying forward. I have no doubt about our love then or now! We are still friends, love Has changed and evolved. Twenty years of growing together doesn't cause love to evaporate! We connect about every 2 weeks or so because we are truly interested in the well-being of the other. Plus, the kids / grandkids. ( He has also remarried. ) I think he would answer that we were soul-mates. Guessing at the past tense : )

    I've the gift of precognition and so I had advanced warning the second time. Well, guess you could say the first time also : ) Before divorce was even discussed, I dreamt (easiest word) of my second husband fifteen years before we met. One dream had my 1st husband and myself looking as we did at the time of the dream. I had to assume this man would look the same also. In the dream, I left (current)husband # 2 for husband # 1. So, in this life my marriages were in reverse!

    We met on a flight out of Frankfort, Germany. The flight attendant changed my seat, saying this one was better for me & I could kiss her! I ended up in the seat next to him. t was the flight & seat from h e double hockey sticks!! ( u got a kick out of that And it is exactly what he & I have called it --- the flight from H E - - ! I did not recognize him as the man I had dreamt of years before. It was a long distance relationship of 8 yrs. for various reasons. I'm a newlywed, Love saying that and seeing the surprise on peoples faces, LOL ! We've been married for a year and a half.

    On New Years Eve we had a discussion about " the one" --- your question No# 4. Hubby 2 feels I am. I can not answer with all the certainty that he expresses. And yes, I told him that --- poor thing! I realize this may contradict my statement of 4 soul mates with 100% certainty but that is not so. My certainty comes from knowing some of my past lives ---- hubby 1, hubby2, my oldest son (child#3 in birth order) and my father were with certainty a part of my life/ lives.

    It is in the Interpretation of soul mates that my certainty wavers. Was Hubby 1 More my Soul Mate than Hubby 2? Or vice versa ?? Your thread leans towards soul mates as half of a whole in this plane of love --- the death do us part bit that we all desire. Your questions seek these answers and from the wonderful conversation here I see how you've searched within yourself for answers. I wish I could give a definitive answer, but that all heads back to the beginning of this writing, lol ! Where all of us are a piece of the whole.

    K, such big thoughts to condense! I've picked up all the small ways you have shared thoughts on this subject from your writing here and we have many of the same concepts. Anyway, its a little bit for you to look at. Oh yeah,

    Hubby 1 = Aries, Hubby 2 = Pisces, Me = Aquarius. Don't know how that helps ( chuckle) Hope it does! Enjoy!

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