Soul Mates

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  • Dear quenkath,

    Thou art welcome also. Remember ... a compliment is a confirmation of a truth.

    Touche ... we are all curious because, as beings with hearts, we all want to know there's someone out there just for us ... someone who, in the wonderful words of the Jerry MaGuire movie, "complete us".

    I really hope more people do share but I am so fortunate already for those, like yourself, who already have.

    Look forward to more of 'you' here too ....

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  • And just as I post ... there you are.



    Our friends are the universe's symbols of assistance. You ought to try living without any ... since I moved out here 8 and 1/2 years ago, I am understanding what it means to be alone. Hold on to your soul buddies and never let them go.

    Jealousy is a funny thing and hubands are even funnier yet ... they do such odd things. It is easy to feel threatened by things you've never had and obviously, his friends are not the same connections as your friends are with you. There's no right or wrong ... only what is. He probably doesn't want you to have too good a time without him ... bless him!!! Just proves how much he loves you.

    Purity refers to the unconditional nature in which one gives to another. Not so sure any of us are 'pure' either ... LOL!!!! Or ... ROFL as one of my kids always says. I am no saint but I can see genuine love when it's there ... and this you have ... even in how you speak about your hubby.

    It's beautiful.

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  • I am laughing dear one ... my hubby drives me nuts too ... but, I guess after 25 years, this is ok?!? LOL!

    Hmmm ... I knew there was a reason why I liked you ... English degree huh? I, too. I have a Bachelor of Education in Language and Literature and a degree in Psychology. We share a path. Yes, LOVE is literature isn't it????? All the poetry, novels and plays I have ever studied are about LOVE. I guess there is no escape from that which makes us real.

    I just LOVED the way you expressed the unrequited love piece ... mind if I use that in my book??? It says soooooooo much!!!!!! Beautiful!

    I told you so springs to mind here!!! I told you you were a giving, caring, sweet and "pure" soul. I am ok thank you. I am happy to share with you so ask away.

    I have not heard how he is for a long time now and we have never had any contact since I left. Sometimes I miss him so much I cry ... a lot. Soul-mate things really are an all or nothing I have discovered. You either have each-other, or you don't ... there are no inbetweens.

    That being said, our time in my dreams (and here I must clarify dreaming ... I have visions whilst wide awake not dreams as in images when asleep ... weird I know but hey ... that's me) where we are together. I really do think that we move between time and space to be with eachother. It is as strong as that moment I met him. It is as real, too. We share such an intimate space together that I have never really felt 'without him' in some ways. This is stuff I don't ever tell anyone. It's interesting how, even after 20 years, we feel the same as we did back then; how, after all the time and now very long distance, we find each-other.

    However, I would not leave my husband and children for him ... the guilt would kill me. We have something so special (my lost soul-mate and I) that I doubt will ever go away ... it can't. I would never chase him either. I consider our meeting so cruel in many ways but so wonderful too. And, who knows what will happen one day??? I make wishes upon the stars in the sky too.

    Thanks so much for your caring ... I am really fine for I have had a long time to live with it ... not get over it ... but live with it. Besides, if I ever saw him again, the tempattion might just do me in ... reallllllllllllllly DO ME IN!!!!!!

    On the note of your friends being his friends ... we never know where we will meet those we are meant to. The fact that you can have ALL of them (friends & hubby) in your life is remarkably wonderful. I LOVE that!

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  • Ahhhh ... but we only complain so that we can then be reminded again and so the cycle goes. And, sometimes ... we do need to work through all of our feelings. What is a gem is that you actually know what to be grateful for. Most don't.

    Sorry for the wait for me ... had to do lunch ... 4 kids need feeding apparently ... can't think why??? LOL!

    There are no accidents in life my friend ... I like how we can relate to eachother because of our studies too. That's soooooo cool! You do write well ... and things are inspired that's why they come out the way they do. Thanks for the 'yes'.

    Guilt is a killer. I have become masterful at it in my long years and can spot it a mile away in others now. It is no way to live and I could not put my family through any pain. Who knows??? This man may be happily married by now and I may be but a memory??? I personally don't think he'd have forgotten anything anymore than I have but you never know.

    All wishes come true one day.

    It would suck otherwise, wouldn't it?

    Yeah, 25 years is a lonnnng time. I never know where time goes, but go it does.

    WooHoo and Congratulations to you and your hubby for next month. 19 years makes you a rare bunny ... it is infinitely more common to not get that far. Sad but true. Let me know when the day approaches so I can send you both an across the pond 'hug for happiness'. The son who says ROFL round here will be 16 next month ... funny if it's the same day??? 🙂

    I guess posting what I just did on a public forum like this makes me look a bit silly when I say I don't tell people this stuff but hey ... It's how it is. I am just able to communicate with others in this way. I do this with the Taurean man too ... and we go way back to when I was 15!!!! I think of it as a special gift ... weird by others' standards but ... it's just me and how the universe moves its energy through where I am.

    I really enjoy you being here quenkath ... you are special.

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  • HealingWater, That was so beautiful and really deep! It brought tears to my eyes. God Bless you..

  • Welcome MsScorpio79 ... lovely to have you join us.

    Just to clear up a little thing ... HealingWater didn't write that piece, someone called CStar77 did. They posted this on HealingWater's site.

    That being said ... let nothing detract from the soulful beauty that lies within that piece. It is truly profound.

    Hope you'll stay and add some thoughts. The more the merrier.

  • Hey beautiful quenkath,

    After midnight huh??? You are living the SAME life as me. I am always up beyond the magick hour!!!!!

    OK ... I shall not tell you it's the 16th! It's the 23rd. Close but??? My hubby's side has lots too ... his father the 19th, his sister's kid the 21st and a man I almost married is the 12th. Long story ... lol!!!! We share some fun in Feb then!!!!

    The legal driving age in Australia varies from state to state (would be good to see some consistency wouldn't it???). Where I am now, it's 17. My home state it's 18. I laughed at your drink and drugs comment ... like I said, I have 4 kids ... a daughter who will be 20 in June, then 3 boys in a row ... 18 in April, 16 in Feb and 15 in December. This house is hilarious as we cover half the zodiac in this family. I also have a birthday every 8 weeks in this home until August. All of my kids have 22 months between them (you'd swear I was an accountant in a past life ... lol ... rofl) ... from 1 to 2 there's 22 months, then a miscarriage but still, we have 22 months from 2 to 3 and just for something different ... 22 months between 3 and 4.

    So ... how weird is that Universe?????

    Oh! My point to this ... our daughter took her time in wanting to drive and just finished the licence process this December. There are NO WORDS for being in a car doing 100kph (miles for you) when YOU are NOT in control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No words at all. Just as well there are good places who sell Bacardi round here ... I am not often rendered speechless but boy, teaching one's kids to drive is sure one of them. Lordy it is!!!!!! Good luck to you I say ... and I still have to do this 3 more times.

    I need my head read.

    I, too, love being across the big pond from you. This is going to be a fun friendship ... our energies are quite similar.

    Oh! You might get a kick out of this ... during lunch, my daughter grabbed the post and I had some parcels lying there ... books I had ordered from The Bookdepository in the U.K. (If you've never used them, do ... free postage worldwide and great selection). I had ordered some books on 'names' ... Magickal Names to be precise. Great for character names for a story I'm writing ... a romance novel about soul-mates actually ... lol. The other reason was to look for a pen name. I thought I might use one.

    Well ... bugger me ... I flicked through a section on character analysis for my real name and I have so much to blame my parents for now. Sheesh! Hello therapy!!!!

    Chat away but if you need to sleep ... I shall miss you but wish you sweet dreams and magic moments.

  • quenkath,

    I forgot to add the bits about the where does love go section of your post ... sorry, if I tell you I'm blonde you'll understand. Well, ok ... blonde with lots of grey!!!!

    Good question? I often wonder this about people who get married and then break up. What happens to that love??? How can we completely love someone and then, just stop? Does that happen to soul-mates who never come together??? They just stop loving?

    I believe love evolves ... it begins as one thing and then weaves its way into many forms along the way. I know I love my hubby in a different way now than I did 25 years ago. Love evolves as we evolve and the depth of feeling ebbs and flows with our unconditional desire to give. What brings two people together could not disappear ... just transform.

    Very deep for midnight dear ... it's like time ... where does that go too???

    Oh ... ditzy me. Your Mum and Grandmother sound sooooooooooooooo AMAZING!!!! What a gorgeous life your Grandmother had ... and still does, now watching over you and smiling at all your insights. My Oma (Dutch mother's side) will be 88 this year and declares she will not leave here till she is at least 100. Reckon she will too. She's just so adamant and it's the only thing I have ever known her to be so fixated on. Funny hey? Sororities fascinate me ... is it anything like tv portrays it to be????

    I realllllllllllllly like how your slant on life is so filled with life. I shall learn a lot from you to be sure.

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  • Hi icearia & quenkath!

    I've just finished reading through this wonderful chat the two of you have been having. Someone else pointed out that it is rather like eaves dropping and it is, lol ! In this case, it is a pleasure! Isn't wonderful how we all can connect so quickly here with other like-minded people? You are right that things we might not say to our dearest we say here knowing it is without inflicting harm, emotional distress or even judgement.

    I do not type and so it limits what I say here. Plus, this foolish trackpad is so touchy --- it sometimes will post if my wrist just careesses it, ugh! I would like to write more but am running out of time. My daughter, June 20 also, is on her way here to cook dinner for us- Yeah! So i'll try to just connect with you both on an everyday level and leave the topic for another time.

    I too was married for 20 yrs. (lots to say in regards to love) I have 4, 2 girls( Geminis) & 2 boys ( Leo& Aquarius). I use to say if I had boys first, there wouldn't have been anymore, LOL ! Now, they are a joy! Then, I thought I'd never survive those testosterone moments!

    I taught all mine to drive and they learned, as I did, on a "stick". They weren't happy about it then, but I felt if they could drive a standard then they would be able to drive anything. The daughter that is coming here to cook still will not let me live down her first lesson. I was taking a long road trip and she came with me. Her first real shift experience took place on the Capitol Beltway!! ( DC area) If beautiful milky white Irish skin can go any whiter , hahaa, .... We pulled into a Rest Stop and she collapsed on the bathroom floor. The white turned to green & she said, " Mommy, I think I'm going to be sick! I lived in Europe and we called it klicks ---- 100kph = @ 60mph. I'm glad they didn't learn there, but an upside is the driving age.

    My then m-i-l is also Dutch so my children call her Oma. And Oma's mother ( I forget the proper term ) lived to be 86. Recently, here on the news a woman passed away at the age of 100 that hid Anna Frank. Oma's mom also hid a Jewish man from being sent to the camps in the floorboards of her home. She was raising 11 children on her own at the time -- husband disappeared. I can Not even begin to imagine the risk she took nor the amount of courage to live ones beliefs so deeply while risking everything.

    I am adding this to go along with the wonderful stories of the Aquarian females in your life, quenkath --- I too am an Aquarian and hope I even get to be half the Aquarian of my childrens Great- Oma. At the very least I want to be the older female of the poem " Warning" that briefly says "When I am an old woman I shall wear purple".... and "maybe I should start now" .... I have it somewhere in need of framing!

    I'll try to return tomorrow with 'deep thoughts' LOL ! Peace&Joy

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  • Hello Ladies!!!!

    Laie4 ... WOW ... come join us. This is fabulous. You are incredible too. And, 4 kids huh??? Didn't anybody ever tell you to sit on your hands and go do other things in the dark, too??? So much for friends hmmm ... where were they????? ROFL I can't get used to these acronyms my kids use but it does let others know you are joking and laughing I suppose. And THAT is the ONLY good thing I shall say about them ... but don't tell my kids ... for them it's all bad. LOL!

    quenkath ... my friend ... hello. How was the sleep? I stayed up really late and read some of those name books I mentioned (this forum became quite spooky as slowly, it drifted into ghost town material annnnnd ... I jokingly felt like playing mischief on all manner of sites as no-one was around but then, I thought of the karma ... ooooooooooo ... no thanks .... even if it was just for fun). I went to bed asking for some assistance in finding a pen name and woke up this morning with "DAWN" and "WINTER" stuck in my consciousness. I was born in Winter here and LOVE it ... it's soooooo special. I'm so not a morning person so was intrigued by the Dawn reference. It's so much fun looking for names ... I am leaning towards Sienna Starre ... what do you think?

    On to the topics raised ... I'm sure I will forget so much but let's begin shall we?

    Grandmothers ... talk about amazing parallels. I agree with you quenkath (one of my bestest friends from Uni is a Kath ... there are no accidents in life hey?) sometimes, be it their age and level of I just don't care anymore, they say the most flippant things. As I live on the other side of our country now, I never see my family and rarely speak either ... only on birthdays and Christmas (save that for therapy) but vividly remember her wanting a letter from the Queen. A little explanation ... as Australia is still a commonwealth country, we still have the Queen of England as our Monarch. When you turn 100, she sends you a letter. Anywho ... now that's a topic sure to enlighten the masses ... not. I haven't the heart to tell my Oma that it will probbaly be Princess Diana's son William who will send her a letter as the Queen plans to step aside. It will probably send my Oma into denial ... you watch! I find her funny on this because she's Dutch ... and like, they have their own Royal Family ... go figure. Old people can be a hoot.

    Remarkable woman your Oma Laie4 ... truly a blessing to the earth. I don't think you have anything to worry about ... everything I have read you write and all I have 'felt' indicates you are every inch as incredible. Sometimes we don't see ourselves as the beings we really are ... the beings that those who love us, see. At times we admire that which we see in others but fear we lack within ourselves ... it is to remember that what we see in others is but a reflection of self. Consider yourself special ... in 'your' time (as in the life you live now). Look at the uniqueness of your gifts and all that you bring to this Earth. You will be amazed by you.

    Quenkath ... want to hear another spooky connection we have??? I'll tell ya anyway ... lol ... my Dad is passed over too. I would have felt cheated too in your position. Mine has been gone for 18 years this year ... I can hardly believe that as I write it ... talk about time going huh? He died when my 2nd child was 7 months old. This son spent every day since he was 2 days old (I discharged myself from hospital as my mother told me the day he was born that my Dad had only days left ... like you'd stay ina hospital hey?) going to the hospitals my father was in. My Dad would just hold him all day long. I can't imagine what he must have said to him from within his mind as he refused to let him go? Interestingly, when this child was about 3 or maybe 4, he used to kick a football in the house (as in Aussie rules football which is a little bit a lot different to you guys). I was yelling at him about it (as you do) and he told me not to worry because Grandpa was catching it. I shut-up pretty quickly. Since then, he has always 'chatted' to Grandpa ... not so much now as he approaches 18 but as a kid ... phew ... it was a spin-out.

    Oh ... my grey hairs are hell obvious ... I simply glow with wisdom ... ha ha ha ha ha ha !

    I am not familiar with the DC Beltway but I shall google it. This inter-continental relationship shall teach us plenty huh? Thanks for the conversion Laie4, I forgot to add that in my brackets. You lose licences here if you drive more than 30 over the limit ... not jail. So much wrong with this place ... won't start, it's too easy not to stop. I imagine it's hell scary and likely to freak any mother out. You brave individual Laie4 ... bugger that. Many times I would sit in the passenger seat slamming ... make that ramming ... my leg on the invisible brake, stretching my entire body out in a rigid line!!!!!!! Oh yes ... as a qualified educator, I sucked at teaching driving ... ROFL! I do think my boys will be easier ... they can at least steer game console cars in a straight line, my daughter still can't do that. BIGGEST LOL!

    I, personally, think the driving age where I live now is too low ... 17 is ridiculous. It's way too young. Over in Australia, you can drink at 18 so there really is not enough time between learning and living ... bad, bad idea. You would think our road statistics and nightly news would wake up those in the know????

    Laie4 ... my daughter's birthday is June 30th ,,, she will be 20. Sorry for the confusion, I forgot you write birthdays differently than us. My boys are 27th April, 23rd February and 29th December. I love how you have the perfect pair ... 2 of each ... we hoped our last would be but hey ... we get what we need, not necessarily what we want huh? Now THERE'S a topic!!!!!!! As it is, these two are so similar it's scary and funnily, the other two are so close and so connected that the dynamics are amazing. We won't start on birth order (for that is a novel unto itself hey?) ... but I have an older brother too quenkath ... and a younger one.

    Yes ... I suffer from middle-child, only girl syndrome. EEEeewwwwwwwwwww.

    This is feeling rather long this post ... shall post so you know I am actually here LOL!!!!!

    Psst quenkath ... my Oma is a Libran!!!!!! Annnnnnnnnnnnnd, to top the spooky list .... my friend Kath .... she's a Libran too!!!!!

  • Oh quenkath ........ I am soooooooooooooooooooooo with you! Someone to mix drinks, someone to care for the necessities and someone to watch!!!!!!!! Now we're talkin'!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laie4 ... you're a fruit loop my dear LOL LOL LOL!!!! I just saw a road map of the DC Beltway and no hope I'd do it with a kid driving. You are either very brave or very nuts ... hee hee hee hee hee.

    What was funny was that place called Chevy Chase Village ... can't believe that one ... and I saw Springfield ... made me laugh. My boys like The Simpsons ... not a fan personally but didn't realize it was near DC ... or are there lots of Springfields in the U.S? I imagine so as it seems like a name that would get used a bit.

    Hope dinner was beautiful.

    Look forward to so many of your thoughts on love.

  • Icearia, LOL !!! Sucha nutty little fruit loop! I know of Chevy Chase and lived close by at one time. There are Springfields in many US states, not very original is it? lol

    Dinner is always better when someone else cooks! Three went out the door a little while ago ...My oldest son is staying here tonight; he showed up --- food always brings them in! I tired from all the activity and chatter, 3yr old grandson to boot, but secretly would love having them around constantly. Well, maybe some sort of family compound, : > ) Then I could send them off so I could re-charge!

    Its almost 11pm here so off to dreamland soon .... Chat again soon!

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