I desperately need some guidance...

  • Hi everyone! I'm familiar with the aspects of tarot and have had many readings in the past.

    Let me give you a little background before I give my question. I am a Scorpio woman, born 11/11/1978, I have been with my husband for 10 years (married for 3 years). We have had a tumultuous relationship for many years. I have showed true loyalty in that I have stayed with him despite the many affairs he has had and one indiscretion that ended in an illegitimate child. Within the last few weeks, I've had sort of a revelation (if you will). I've decided that I'm not happy, even though I dearly love this man, and that I think I want something new.

    Ok, the second part of this is that I have met a man that truly is my match. He is a Capricorn. I'm having a hard time reading him, even though I know that I need to have patience with him. However, our friendship was only supposed to be that... just friends. I am extremely attracted to this man, intellectually and physically. I'm afraid that if I continue to pursue this relationship that it will end up being more than just friends and that I may be happy for the rest of my life. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but I will have to make some very big sacrifices in order for this to happen. On the other hand, he is not completely opening up to me, so I can't tell what he is feeling.

    I did the relationship celtic cross to try to decide if I should continue to pursue this relationship with the new guy, or stop it all together. I need help interpreting the results. And to get a little insight into my next step. Any help would be appreciated! I will gladly answer any questions that anyone has.

    Just in case anyone needs to know what the resulting spread was, here is what my cards were....

    Love & Me: The Emperor

    Love Situation: Three of Swords

    Love Challenges: Six of Swords

    Foundation: King of Cups

    Recent Past: Ace of Swords

    Higher Power: Ten of Wands

    Near Future: Death

    Blocks & Inhibitions: Three of Wands

    Significant Other: Nine of Cups

    Advice: Ten of Coins

    Long-Term Potential: Five of Swords

    Thank you in advance for helping me!

  • Can anyone interpret this reading for me???? Thanks!!!

  • gotnot

    maybe you can give dobs? yours and the caps.

    may be I can pull out something tomorrow

  • Sorry... my dob is 11/11/78 and his is 1/18/72. I hope this helps!

  • Does anyone have any thoughts or interpretations of this reading?

  • Finally got time to pull out something for you

    In the beginning, he is attracted of your strong character and you are attracted of his gentle nature. You both are independent, but he has close ties with his family and can at times put their interests above his own. You are expressive and he finds it hard to express his feelings or sentiments. He constantly needs affection and warmth, that he may find you only care for yourself and then he becomes anxious or reserved. You both have strong desire, but yours is raw while his is of deep sentiments.

    You both can work out financial matters well, he has a good financial flair and your intuition is usually reliable in this matter. Both of you despise restrictions in the relationship, but he is more willing to give in for the sake of harmony. He prefers quiet and comfort home life with you, while you enjoy going out with him and socializing.

    For this relationship to last, you both will need to find middle ground, or misunderstanding could arise and you end up hurting each other.

    This is all I can see for now. Maybe someone else can do another reading for you for a closer look.

  • Thank you so much leoscorpio for taking the time to interpret this. I'm struggling with this one. I thought I knew what the reading said, but I seem to be blinded by my own selfish desires to read this the way it's suppose to be read. I am a Scorpio through and through and like Captain said in another thread, I see things through "rose-colored glasses" and I tend to fantasize everything.

    Thank you again!!!

  • This is an interesting spread, and it dovetails quite nicely with the scenario you've described. This is my take on it, for what it's worth...

    There are two basic themes here: the first is logic and reason ruling over emotion, and the second is that the majority of cards in your reading are swords, which generally indicate lessons to be learned, crisis, and pain.

    That being said, please keep in mind that transformation often involves changing from a negative to a positive, whether that be a state of mind, a situation, etc.

    I think your foundation card signifies someone, probably your husband, who is often secretive, adept at deceiving you, is unfaithful, and a player. That doesn't mean this individual is a bad person; it's just that this person gives into his/her baser instincts more often than not, and then perhaps feels bad about it later on. But feeling bad about hurting you won't stop him from doing it - it's as though he just can't help himself because it's just in his nature to give in to temptation when it comes his way. The problem is that there's no guarantee that this individual will ever change, even if he genuinely wants to.

    There is much pain in your relationship with your husband, signified by both the three and six of swords. Your heart is torn between loyalty and love for your husband, and logic that tells you it's a toxic relationship that most likely will never get better. You want to be happy, you want peace, you want a monogamous relationship where your love interest feels the same about you as you feel about him. Unfortunately, this probably isn't going to happen in your current relationship.

    Your love situation signifies betrayal and pain; your challenge is to logically review your situation without letting your emotions rule. Although you feel sadness when you think of ending your relationship and maybe guilt over the thought of being disloyal and ending your marriage, your challenge is to put those emotions aside and truly think about what will make you happy and most importantly, what you really want out of life and from a love relationship, regardless of whom it is with.

    Your recent past, signified by the ace of swords, again depicts circumstances in which you may have had an insight or been able to think clearly about your situation and your future. There is a warning here that may indicate that even if you decide to leave your husband for this other man, that relationship has no guarantee of succeeding, either. You could be going from the frying pan into the fire, as there is no guarantee that the grass may be greener on the other side, so to speak. Keep in mind that it always takes two; which means that you have contributed to the pain in your marriage in your own way, and so you need to really think about these things in order to make sure that your next relationship will be better - if you decide to leave your marriage. In other words, you have your own house to get in order, your own healing to undertake. Think about how you contribute to the relationship and see if there are changes that you would like to make. Just keep in mind that whether you stay or whether you leave, you will need to look inside yourself to make necessary changes in order to grow.

    The ten of wands is basically an auspicious card in this placement, I think. Don't be afraid to ask for help; realizing you need help and asking for it is actually a sign of strength. You may feel the weight of the world is on your shoulders and that you will surely break under the burden of your situation, but rely on your inner strength, and if you are spiritual, rely on whatever higher power you believe in for strength and guidance. Make sure that whatever you do is for the right reason/s.

    I think the handwriting really is on the wall with Death as your Near Future card. You know this means a big change, a transformation, an end to an old situation so that something new can begin. This situation may not be of your own making - it may be forced upon you, but in the greater scheme of things, it is probably for the best. Better not to hang on too tightly, and to reflect on what and who is holding you back from your true happiness and desires. It may just be you that stands in your way. It hurts to let go of our past, but we all face this at some point or another in our lives, whether it is a lost love, our youth, health, etc. We just simply have to let go and embrace the new, regardless of how painful it is to do it. I think this card in this placement means exactly that. Whether that means letting go of your husband or the new guy, I don't know. Only you know that. Listen to your inner voice. But again, I see this more as a forced situation, so you may not have a choice in the physical sense.

    I see the Three of Wands as signifying that you have the strength and willpower to get through whatever is coming your way. You are more resilient than you think, and you will need to rely on this. Again, asking for help is favorable, whether that be family, friends, or professional help to see you through what is most likely to be a painful transformation or change. You will most likely find qualities in yourself that will serve you in good stead in the years to come. Also, even though things may appear difficult or impossible in the beginning, you can persevere and your success in getting through this difficult emotional time will gain for you life skills and knowledge that you can pass on to others, as well as keep for yourself.

    The Nine of Cups as your Significant Other is a good card that signifies happiness in love, whether that means with your husband or this new guy or some other guy altogether. There is the potential for lasting happiness with someone who will love you as you deserve to be loved. There is a caution to be careful that you don't mistake physical attraction or sex for the whole enchilada - for a relationship to be successful, there must be a balance of physical, emotional, and spiritual energies. In other words, don't settle for great sex, but a rotten relationship in every other way. You CAN have it all, and should strive for that. Don't settle for anything less.

    In conjunction with the Ten of Pentacles as your advice card, I think this means that you are a person that values the marriage relationship and are looking for something of lasting value that you can pass on, so to speak, to your children. You want a stable home life, respect, companionship, passion, financial security, etc. These are the things that make you a rich person - not just material wealth, but the richness of family and friends. This is the legacy that you value. This is the kind of life you should strive to attain, because it's what completes you and it's what you have to give to your children, grandchildren, etc. - love and family. Having a meaningful marriage and family life is important to you, and it's time you stop trying to ignore that.

    Your last card is perhaps the toughest to interpret. Traditionally, the Five of Swords generally means defeat. Even if you give something your best effort, you could still be defeated. Or maybe you defeat someone in an unethical way. I think the best interpretation I could give is that regardless of what happens in your marriage or with this other guy, even if you end up leaving your husband and the other relationship comes to naught, the important thing is that you learn from the experience and don't allow yourself to feel depressed, or defeated. Just get back up and keep going. And if you do leave your relationship, whether this one or a future one, just be sure that you do it gracefully, without revenge, without shame. In other words, whatever you do, make sure it's for the right reason/s.

    Also, learn from your mistakes so that you don't make the same mistake again. As I said earlier, it takes two to make a couple, so no one person is all to blame. Each of us contributes to every relationship we have. If your marriage does end, take the time to reflect on how your contributed to both the positives and the negatives of the relationship, and take that with you into your future relationship/s. Learn to pick your battles and let the rest go. That being said, it's much easier to overlook dirty socks and underwear thrown on the floor than it is to overlook an illicit affair.

    Overall, I would venture to say that this reading signifies that you need to do alot of reflecting and thinking about your situation. Be truthful with yourself and make sure that you don't have an affair just because you think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Think about your relationship with your husband. You're obviously loyal to him and commitment obviously means a great deal to you; but is he really the person you need? Do you love him because of his generosity, sense of humor, and the way he loves you - or are you just used to him? Does he fulfill you? Is he your soulmate? Your best friend? Can you trust him with your life? Are his philandering days over now? Does he appreciate you? Now, flip the questions and ask the same of yourself - do you consider yourself his soulmate? Are you his best friend? Can he trust you with his life? Do you want to be all that to him, still?

    Whatever you decide, your cards definitely indicate the need for careful thought and contemplation. Don't do anything in haste. Make sure of your own motives. Question your own feelings. Are you thinking of leaving because it's what YOU need to do, even if it means you'll be alone? There's a big difference in leaving a relationship because it is not satisfying, or because it's toxic or bad for you - and leaving because you want to be with someone else.

    Again, it's dealing with one relationship at a time. Deal with the old before you deal with the new. Decide if you still want a relationship with your husband, but base that on just you and your husband, without the other guy. You should make a clean break before you think of starting something new, regardless of when or with whom that might be.

    I'd say that if you want to see how compatible you are with either your husband or the new guy, try a compatibility reading with either astrology or numerology. If you do astrology, you'll need the birth times of the parties involved....

    Good luck and stay strong!

  • In above post, I guess they edit for the "bad" words, haha. I didn't know that sex was a bad word, but they took it out. So, in essence, **** = s e x.

  • kentucky woman , wow i was so impressed with this reading are you a professional reader? if yoy would have the emergy to give me one it would be wonderful past present and future...i do have find my self in a confused state at this time as a lot here do!im coming along nicely but any insight would be great to, if you are busy or tired thats ok i understand that to.........have a great weekend!

  • WOW kentuckywoman!!!! I think I'm at a loss for words with your reading. You got right to the core of my situation and laid everything out. Everything you said is correct! I think that I am truly torn between love and logic in regards to my husband. I've lived with his infidelities for too long and allowed our marriage to remain toxic. But the more I try to pull away and do what's best for me, the harder he tries to hold on. It's a vicious cycle that we both are responsible for. This isn't the type of marriage that I wanted. You described quite nicely my desires to be happy and wanting a loving and equally fulfilling marriage.

    I think my judgment is clouded in respect to other guy. I think I want to be happy so bad that I'm just hoping that the grass is greener on the other side. But, I think you are right that I need to work on myself and deal with my marriage before I start any new relationship with another man. I think that I will try to just remain friends with the other guy while I try to figure myself out. Who knows, he may respect me more in the end for making this decision.

    Thank you so much for doing my reading!!! Cheers!

  • gotnot

    I understand how you feel. I was betrayed too, although it wasn't marriage. I can feel that you want this Cap so much because you are disappointed with your own husband. That's why I am describing differences between you two that you need to work on, if you want the relationship to last or even to happen. I leave it to you, to decide what to do about your marital situation.

    I don't want to sound interfering. But from what I learned, happiness lies within. Therefore in everything, you have to start within. You have been loyal to your husband, but are you loyal to yourself? You forgive your husband, but do you forgive yourself? You love your husband, but do you love yourself? You need to heal from toxic relationship, before starting a new one. Healing is a work of love. If you don't love yourself, healing process will be halted.

    Turn inward and look into the past. Be proud of your rights and admit your wrongs. No one person always right, always lucky. Make amends when necessary or possible. Then you can leave the past and move forward. A clean start is necessary before healing. This is the step where you gain deeper understanding of yourself therefore accepting and loving yourself for who you really are. Only then, you can accept and love others, therefore start a new relationship that is not and will not end up toxic. Who will you start this new relationship with? I leave it to your decision. After the inner work is done, you will gain clarity, you will know the answer.

    You need to heal because you are seeing this Cap as an escape right now. The truth is, he is his own person, unless he wants to be your escape, you can not make or change him to be one. There are 2 in the relationship and both are equal. You are hurt by your husband's infidelities. If you don't heal from this hurt, you will not be able to trust anybody, including your Cap. It is true that you have strong intuition, but when past hurts cloud it, it will not serve to your benefit and it will only bring you more sorrows.

    I hope this helps.

  • Leoscorpion

    That does help a lot! I keep forgetting that if I don't heal myself now that I will end up in another bad relationship. I liked how you laid out mine and my Cap's differences. It shows the areas that may need work, beyond the work that has to be done for me.

    I think you are right, though, about me seeing the Cap as an escape. I was told by another man a couple weeks ago that it is always easier to sweep a girl off her feet when she is in a bad relationship.

    My husband, a Virgo, always made me feel weak and used my loyalty to him against me. He can't be held in total blame for our marriage being bad, I certainly helped contribute to it.

    I think I need to work on healing my heart so that when I do finally let another man in I can be free to have a healthy, happy relationship. I don't give out my trust freely, it has to be earned. But I need to learn to be more open to receiving happiness.... I shut that door awhile ago and now I have to figure out how to open it again.

    Thank you again for the help!!!

  • may the universe sends you support and protection, gotnot

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